Tuesday 26 July 2016

Some note-worthy new oldschool EBM releases

Time has come to wrap up some of the more interesting oldschool and anhalt EBM releases from the last several months. I will this time only include bandcamp releases, as CD and vinyl exclusives without a digital version don't really deserve a spot anymore. Why? Some of us don't even have a CD player anymore. And it's fair to give some additional promotion to the projects that go that extra length to provide a digital version of their release. That being said, let's go!

Ratraped is a project, which was launched as an anonymous secret last year. I am very glad that it was decided to put this demo release up. Ratraped includes all sorts of references to Cat Rapes Dog (the demo is entitled Rat Rapes God), and sounds fresh, raw, punky and wicked. Also I am glad to hear EBM that is thematically more or less exclusively about rats. 

Oldschool Union is probably already known to most EBM fans as the first band exclusively singing in Finnish, which turned out to be really fitting for this style of minimalist aggressive music. You might be surprised that I am putting up their old demos from around 2009, instead of their actual newest album Perjantai that came out just some months ago (but you will still find out later in this article). The reason for that is that I still think the earliest performance by Oldschool Union was the most unique. It was something magical with straight forward aggression present back then, fast bass lines mixed with pissed-off shouting in Finnish (Lobotomia! Lobotomia!). It's a pure pleasure to listen to these old tracks in proper quality, now released under the title Vanha Koulu.

You can read all the praise I gave for this new release by White Trash Wankers in the last post on this blog. Trash From The Crypt (Incest Tape 1) quickly summed up, is somewhat unexpected, but very successful mix of punk, horror, rock'n'roll and psychobilly grinded through and made sound like EBM.

Container 90 ganged up with EkoBrottsMyndigheten to deliver more bad ass punk-EBM. This release is actually a single in the purest meaning of the word. It unfortunately includes only one track, and I say unfortunately because I think it would be fantastic to hear more from these two bands cooperating. The track "Staden Göteborg" is a cover of an old Swedish punk band Troublemakers.

And here is Verrottet, another project by Peter R. This demo should specifically appeal to fans of Stechschritt, as it has some of the same youthful aggression present in its tracks, which gives that unique anhalt EBM vibe. Additionally, it has some input from the vocalist of A.D.A.C. 8286, but I couldn't figure out whether he actually contributed on this demo, or if it was a mix-up of some older recordings made for A.D.A.C. tracks. The music is raw, dirty, and tough.

Here is the second full-length album by Oldschool Union. I think the influence of Spetsnaz is a little bit too strong here, but the band has caried over some of their unique Finnish agression to this release as well. However, I still can't help it and wish that this sounded more closer to the earliest version of this band. 

Pantser Fabriek is where you go to get your fix of straight forward oldschool EBM. The project doesn't specifically bring new sounds to this style of music, but it has a nice feel to it, and sometimes crosses over to a more punky and even melodic side of things, such as through track "EBM and Rock and Roll". Despite it being on a more generic side of EBM, Pantser Fabriek seems to bring in some unique details through for instance drumming sounds. Will appeal to anhalt EBM fans.

Finnish EBM represent! Bodykomplex is another oldschool EBM project exclusively in Finnish, and that is a great thing. There is something about that language that fits so nicely with this style of music. Bodykomplex is hard kicking, but not as tight as Oldschool Union. It's less aggressive and sometimes more melodic and tends to do things its own way.

Last, but not least, is Orange Sector with a new EP. The amount of releases this band has produced over the years is mind blowing. The Stahlwerk E.P. is Orange Sector doing their thing as they always do. Some hard stomping, some heavier and some lighter tracks. It doesn't particularly include anything you haven't heard from this band before, but if you need a fix for more Orange Sector, here it is!

Friday 17 June 2016

White Trash Wankers - Trash From The Crypt exclusive review

Something creaks, below the floorboards, in this old, so old cottage. The wooden planks shiver lightly, tiny dust particles rise up in the air, barely visible in the moonight. Some settle down, others stay, tossed lightly in all directions by a sudden chilly nightly breeze - where the hell did it come from? A crackling sound pierces the night. Crack! - the floor is penetratred from below and rusty nails fly in all directions. A hole opens from deep within the earth, revealing a long forgotten ancient crypt that has been hidden in silence below the little house for centuries. A figure climbs afront all dusty, a sixpence on its head, a bottle of something vile in its hand, clenched with rotten fingers. A ghoul! Another being crawls out behind the first, dragging something heavy from behind. No, it's not his cock. It's a wheelchair - a rusty, massive, broken thing. It's determined to take it with him. The couple leaves the cottage. What would bring them forth? What wicked mission would awake them in the middle of this night? With strict steps they leave, dragging strange old instruments behind them, in preparation for a dark ritual, a performance in the ghastly dimness of the night. They are going to tell a bad, mean, perverted tale from the crypt they just left, fittingly entitled "TRASH FROM THE CRYPT - INCEST TAPE 1".

So yep, White Trash Wankers are back. Back with a new release, which they call an EP - even though it has 12 tracks in it. This time they release it themselves, in a fancy package with a compact disc that looks and feels like an LP. It will oficially be available on the Familientreffen festival in just a few weeks, followed by a digital release on bandcamp afterwards.

We all come here for the music, so let's get on with it. Trash From The Crypt is the second chapter in their discography, and it in sound and message continues where Electrobilly Horrorshow left off. However this time it is more conceptual and varied - we have heavier and slower tracks, faster more energetic ones, and some conceptual pieces that tell a short, perverted story. There are also a bunch of special bonus tracks (a bunch actually means four).

The EP gives a sinister vibe, filled with omnious bass, and topped with wicked tones. The horror-theme is even more present than in the band's debut album. This is channeled both through the lyrics and sounds mixed into it. This is one of the most varied and alternative EBM releases - you can hear elements of anhalt EBM, punk, psychobilly and influences of industrial metal. The musical quality is very convincing and miles ahead of what I am used to in most of modern EBM - the compositions are very smart, filled with all sorts of sound details that will keep the listener interested. Most of all I am impressed by Pete's vocals - the guy has so many different voices that I actually thought some tracks had someone else performing on them (that is actually true for one of the bonus tracks, but it's a secret ;)).

My favorite track is 16 Corpses, which is a cover(or a tribute) to the classic 16 Tons song. It is an example of how to do a magnificent cover, because it takes the track and reworks it to show off how White Trash Wankers percieve it. The result is somehow really sinister and evil, while remaining catchy. My other favorite track is One Sharp Knife which features some really wicked bad ass vocal performance.

Trash From The Crypt is alternative, different and true to its own style. It's very refreshing to hear something so different in the world of electronic body music, and I urge everyone looking for something interesting and new to check this one out. Hell, do it even if you don't like EBM to begin with.

As for the four bonus tracks, they are a special surprise. I wanted to tell the world. The Wankers would have none of that and jumped me one night while I was on my way home, slightly intoxicated from a local pub. Scared the hell out of me - I passed out and woke up with flies buzzing around what turned out to be my shitty pants. OK!

Oh, and here is an official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzaiV1OAdAY

Saturday 13 February 2016

New load with new and free hardcore electropunk & anhalt EBM

Since Eine Tasse Jäger hasn't been able to report or review anything recent because of reasons, here we give you a gift of some prime and fresh hardcore electropunk, otherwise known as anhalt EBM. Or actually we aren't giving gifts here, the bands are. We just a messenger. Behold new releases from Stechschritt, Werksfront, and Zweite Jugend. All of them EP's with new material, with free downloads.

Werksfront - The Max Stahl Chronicles.
A recently emerging project with a frisky mix of anhalt EBM, punk, and even some roots in rock and metal. Werksfront draws some influence from Container 90. This here is a free release, while we await the finalizing of their debut album (which should be very soon!). This free EP is hosted on zippyshare right here.

Zweite Jugend - Hoch Die Tassen!
Another recent project, on the more minimalist old school EBM side. With an insanly tasty cover art. This is a side project from Combat Company, and this time sounds quite much like Jäger 90's less heavy stuff. And since we aren't hearing anything new from the latter, Zweite Jugend do just fine for that catchy minimalist feel. Their EP "Hoch Die Tassen!" is freely downloadable from their official site here.

Stechschritt - Kulturgut Vol. 1
Last but not least, always very difficult to spell, Stechschritt releases a free EP called "Kulturgut Vol. 1". Does this mean that there will be Vol. 2? I hope so, because this is some prime stuff. All tracks are covers of various old german classics, remade with true Stechschritt spirit. They are not just covers, they are interpretations of old songs, the way mister Peter sees and hears them. As always, this is some harsh, raw, quality hardcore electropunk and anhalt EBM. Enjoy the free download of this EP on Bandcamp.

Friday 14 August 2015

Recent releases from Electro Arc and Sham Recordings + Container 90

Underground and obscure music right here!

Electro Arc has during the last couple of months released two noteworthy CDs. One spikes a particular interest in the anhalt EBM genre, because it takes yet another different approach to EBM punk. It's La Santé, a Swedish-Polish collaboration. What's different with this release is that it doesn't go the usual energy-filled and fast musical path. Instead La Santé's music is slower, a little bit laid back, but dark and serious. It's doesn't sound like it is intended for partying, but it still has a catchy beat most of the time. We have heard some of the tracks before as the music has existed in demo version for a year or two, so this new album is a collection of both newer and older tracks. Album is called "Punk Body Music" and is available in various digital formats as well as a physical CD, which can be bought directly from Electro Arc (http://electro-arc.jimdo.com/releases/la-sant%C3%A9/).

The other release from Electro Arc is one of their always exciting and varied compilations: Net Ware Honeybox. This time it has a very wide range of musical genres, and a few concentrated around anhalt EBM. It includes to a varying extent known acts as Rebel Empire (Mexican EBM punk), La Santé, a very wickedly happy track from Invasion of Female Logic, and a track from Werksfront (German anhalt EBM punk) , which you certainly will be hearing more from very soon. The best track on Net Ware Honeybox is a AD:KeY Remix of Robotiko Rejekto and their "Control Your Robot" track. This one gets a truly epic remix, which has a good deal of legendary Armageddon Dildos feeling. New Ware Honeybox is available online all over the world through various digital distributors and streamers: http://electro-arc.jimdo.com/releases/net-ware-compilations/net-ware-honeybox/

Next up from independent alternative labels are three releases from Sham Recordings, better known as the label from Ronny from Container 90.

The most exciting release from this package is an EP from Container 90 - Roller Derby Girls. Dedicated to local Swedish Roller Derby Girls, it contains (yes, it contains) six versions of the same track, but which all are outstandingly different, except for the lyrics. There is the mandatory EBM punk version in proper Container 90 style. Then we have a catchy 80s electro version, a rocked-up '79 version, some sort of reggae '69 version, and the punchy 909 version which is mainly electro-house music. The last track is an unplugged accoustic version. Now, I don't know if Container 90 collaborated with other musicians on this EP, but in any case it shows a very wide range of musical styles and is simply put very impressive. You can get this release from Container shop (http://container90.com/shop.html) or stream on Spotify. It's available both as CD and vinyl.

Earlier this year Sham Recordings also released two more obscure releases, only available as vinyl: Claus Fovea and Kardinaljävel. Both are 7 inchers. Claus Fovea is pure old school industrial electronics, monotonic and minimalist, with late 70's and early 80's influences. According to the label, it should appeal to fans of Snowy Red, Absolute Body Control and early recordings by Neon Judgement and Vomito Negro. You can check out track samples from the Sham Recordings page.

The other vinyl release of Kardinaljävel turns to a more EBM-oriented sound. The band name means "bastard cardinal". The music is raw and messy, fronting a typical early industrial EBM sound, which might remind of S.P.K and Throbbing Gistle, as well as DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses. It is definetly unique material in modern industrial scene. You can check out sound samples from Kardinaljävel on Sham Recordings page. 

Sunday 1 March 2015

Global EBM releases in 2015 overview

Here's what to look forward to in 2015!

Sturm Café - Europa!
Date: March
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Label: Private release

It's ten years since their last release, and the time has finally come for the new album. This is definently one of the biggest highlights of 2015. Fans have been craving new music from this Swedish duo for a very long time. Europa is a full length album which will come in both CD and LP format and will feature a ton of new tracks, as well as previously known songs, which were sporadically released digitally some time after their debut, and which have become huge hits. These tracks are remastered, so even there will be some fresh blood, so to speak! Music is mastered by a person who usually deals with an entirely different style of music, which also adds a fresh perspective. You will be able to take café sometime around March.

Equitant - Operative
Date: late 2015
Format: digital
Label: Black Montanas

Equitant is always very active, and we at least get a new hard hitting remix every once in a while. This year however the time has come for a fresh release, and Equitant is taking a somewhat different approach to the musical style this time. According to Ray, the man behind the project, he will return to the 80's inspired theme, where you will hear a synthesis of cold, raw, and analogue body music. Operative EP will also feature one track with vocal performance with Pascal from ELITE! (our beloved bad ass bodypunk guy). This EP is also a sign of things to come: a full album release with the same title will follow in 2016 on Italian synth/EBM label EK Product.

Stockholm Wrecking Crew - 
Date: Mid/Late 2015
Format: CD and digital
Label: Eine Tasse Jäger Records

SWC is among the first bodypunk bands to be released on Eine Tasse Jäger Records. Before the birth of the label, we have been following Stockholm Wrecking Crew closely, not the least because of their hardcore approach to EBM, which both in vocals and musical compositions always stood out from the scene, and did their own thing. Now this thing is getting a full album release, including a few remixes from some bad ass names in the EBM scene. Stockholm Wrecking Crew have had many years of experience and now are sounding more professional and one-of-the-kind than ever before.

Spark! - Spektrum
Date: February 2015
Format: CD and limited 2CD
Label: Progress Productions

Spark! has been sort of away from the EBM scene for a couple of years, concentrating on other musical styles. A recent change in the band's line-up left it to be a one-man band, but this wouldn't bring it to a halt. Instead we have a big album containing music from the same man, but featuring a huge variety of vocalists from electro and EBM scene, some of which are people from Spetsnaz, NordarR, NZ, Pouppée Fabrikk, Dupont, and so on. The release is very varied (in a positive way) and very exciting.

A.D.A.C. 8286 -
Date: Rumoured 2015
Format: CD
Label: Eine Tasse Jäger Records

This already legendary band has been making new music since their last release in 2009. Material is ready, growling vocals are ready, black painted car is wrecked and ready, and only some minor adjustments remain. If all goes according to plan, this should be another of the first releases on Eine Tasse Jäger Records. Expect some unexpected(!) music combos like anhalt ebm, bodypunk, boogie (bodyboogie!), and of course psychobilly. Fans have been craving a new release from this band ever since their last one, and even though we have a few of the upcoming tracks released on youtube, the remaining material seems secret and exciting, considering the unusual and unexpected mixes and approaches taken in the last album.

Werksfront -
Date: first half 2015

Little is known about Werksfront, except that it is a new German old school EBM project, and by the sound of their demos released on soundcloud, there are people behind it, who know what they are doing. We have heard stuff that has been explicitly made to sound like music from the early 80's, a track called Stahlwerk, that is not a cover of Volt's original with the same name, and a generally old school somewhat punky attitude. We don't know much more, but it seems like their debut release should be a treat for those who are looking for anhalt EBM with its own sound. The debut release is going to be a full length album.

La Santé -
Date: first half 2015

Now this is something entirely different. It's punk with clean vocals, entirely in Polish, and sounds dark and grim. Their demo release a few years back had track titles such as "bread and cocaine" (translated), and that sounds pretty grim. This is a very promissing project, with a very different approach, and by the judge of their recent demos, it is a slower kind of bodypunk music.

Orange Sector - Glasmensch
Date: February 2015
Format: CD and Digital
Label: Infacted Recordings

It's almost impossible to count all the releases from Orange Sector, of which some are pretty good and some have been a little bit too similar to tell the difference. But when the band makes something good, it truly shines. This new release is an EP and it is actually already released. It only contains two unique tracks, in addition to a bunch of remixes.

White Trash Wankers - secret
Date: secret
Format: secret
Label: secret

Wankers keep wankin'. Although not confirmed, but rumoured, there is some sort of ultra-mega-secret collaboration going on with another band. If all goes according to plan, this should lead to an EP release sometime this year, but any other details are lacking/secret at the moment.

Container 90 -
Date: first half 2015
Format: EP, possibly CD and vinyl
Label: Sham Recordings

The legendary Swedish electropunks and oldschoolers never rest. This spring should see a release of a new EP, and we can expect some new electropunk chants. Their facebook page is spawning lots of images of do-it-yourself process, so it will have a personal touch, as other releases by Sham Recordings.

Astma -
Date: May/June 2015
Format: CD
Label: Electro Agression Records

A new release from this famous Swedish band has been in the works for quite a while now. We are talking a big double album here, CD format. The first features new material (and possibly previously unreleased tracks), while the second includes a long list of remixes from a huge selection of varying (in terms of style) EBM artsits. The release has been pulled back a few times earlier, but the label seems confident that it should see day of light approximately around May this time.

VA - double CD with various artists from Eine Tasse Jäger Records
Date: Mid/Late 2015
Format: Digital, 2CD
Label: Eine Tasse Jäger Records

This release is still at an early administrative planning stage, but what is sure so far is that it will be a double CD compilation. The first CD will feature entirely new tracks from various bands, and the second will feature tracks of the same artists, but within a specific theme. No more can be revealed, but one thing can be said: the second CD is something that hasn't been done in anhalt/oldschool EBM before.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Interview with Sturm Café [english]

Among things that haven't happened for last 8 years is colonization of Mars where everything is built of Eastern German asphalt and anhalt EBM concert stages on every corner of a new booming Martian metropolis. Another thing that hasn't happened is news or word from Sturm Café. So it is something special when Gustav from the band gives a long talk on the Swedish blog Invisible Guy/Repartiseraren. Gustav talks about Sturm Café and his side projects Kommando XY and Working Puppets, about his musical journey, the past and the future.

The interview is available on soundcloud, in Swedish. Here in this post you can read a shorter approximate English translation. The interview also includes a ton of great music: an exclusive remix of Sturm Café's Koka Kola Freihet and some other unreleased material. You can also hear lots of great music from Jäger 90, DAF, Kommando XY, Working Puppets, and an old unreleased track by our all favorite KROPP!, and others. See the track list here, as well as a blog post about the interview (in Swedish).

The interview:

What are you guys up to at the moment? You haven't been very active lately?
-Well, we have been active in that sense that we have been playing some live concerts, and we released a compilation album last autumn. But it is true, we haven't released a new album for, what is it? Almost ten years now? The last album came in 2005. We have made some tracks, but there has always been something to slow down the process.. a hard disk with new material that got corrupted. We also have difficulties finding time to work on new music. We live in different towns with some travelling distance, me and Jonathan. We are also using analogue instruments, so we can't do what many other bands do, like sending data files to eachother. So we must find time to meet. Jonathan works in public transport, trains, and is often busy there on weekends. I too work in public transport and unfortunately it feels like work eats up most of our time.

But still we try to find time to make new stuff sometimes. We have to release something good. People often say that the 2nd album is the most difficult one to make..and it has been ten years, so obviously it is true.

But how do you play live now? You have lots of old tracks. Are they still popular?
-Absolutely! And we have released some tracks on various compilations and online after our debut album which have become big hits. So when we play live we play a mix of old tracks and newer ones. We are pretty satisfied when playing live. I think we have a good set-list, and people like it.

You mentioned a compilation album earlier?
-Yes, it's the one called "Rarities". I uploaded this album on Spotify and Itunes already in 2011. Lots of tracks on this album that have been released on other compilations, our own demos (like tape recordings from 2001).  "Rarities" has been avaible online for some time, but our German fans prefer something more specific when it comes to music releases, like CD or LP. We met a guy in Germany, Frank, who wanted to release a double CD of "Rarities", including some bonus material, which was an older live recording. So this CD was released in September 2013 when we played live in Kassel in Germany. The release was of course limited to 242 units.

Which is related to Front 242..
-Well it is a good number in a way... But of course, the number is a tribute to Front 242.

How come you are so popular in Germany?
-It has to with EBM as a genre I think. I think Swedish bands perform EBM in a generally different way than Germans. We often play at the festival Familientreffen on the Eastern Germany countryside, and usually one third of the bands performing there are Swedish.

How are other Swedish bands doing there? 
-We have Spetsnaz, who sing in English, and who probably are the biggest Swedish EBM band in general. Then we have Pouppée Fabrikk who have been away for a long time, but are back now. Pouppée Fabrikk are especially popular in Eastern Germany, it's as if they have some roots there.

Sturm Café has been active for a really long time, when do you think anhalt ebm, as it is called now, became popular in Sweden?
-I think it always has in a way been popular, as there always has been some form for tribute to 80's electro, which anhalt EBM (or old school EBM, or whatever you want to call it) is. When we started there was also another band called Dupont who had released some material. In Sweden we use the name "synth" to define various electronic genres, which also includes EBM. We have always liked a mix of different genres. In Germany, I think, it is more divided where except Depeche Mode, which everybody likes, people tend to differ more. They either like synthpop or aggrotech or industrial or EBM. They divide it more, while in Sweden we tend to listen to several genres. But anyway, EBM in Sweden has become more and more popular. We have gotten more new bands, and there have been more music events, for example in Stockhom, like Bodytåget and Bodyfest. The EBM scene is alive there and feels pretty stable.

What do you think about bands like EkoBrottsMyndigheten, SPARK! - as it can appear that EBM took a different turn with them?
-I think they are great bands, good friends of mine. I also want to mention a band called KROPP. They visited me recently, we drank some beers and they bought some of my synths. I think KROPP is particularly good, great production. It's great when bands sing in Swedish, there have been many others who do this.

Through all these years, what you learned from Sturm Café?
-Great question. Generally it has tought me music production, work with synths, but also marketing and management. Jonathan has always been the one more responsible for the show, while I have been responsible for organising the traveling, contact with record labels. So I have leared a lot about management, which also is a great experience to have in daily work life. We also have experienced and visited many places in Europe, from Trondheim in Norway (the most Northern part) to Napoli in Italy (the most Southern).

What are your best and worst concert memories?
-The best one is definetly when we for the first time went to play in Dessau in Germany. This was in 2004, the first time we travelled alone to another country. We just had finished school. We were one of the first Swedish bands to play there, I think Spetsnaz and Dupont did it before us in that club. All the Germans there were big bad ass EBM guys who looked like commando solders, while we were two small youngsters. We have played there four or five times after that.

The worst experience was when we played in Poland at Collapsed City Festival, because we lost all the money we had invested to traveling there. We were promised we would get it back. They also had Spetsnaz and Jäger 90 as part of a line-up. It seemed sort of risky, and it wasn't like we wanted to earn any money on the performance, but at least get back what we paid for for plain tickets and gas. I think the same thing happened with many other bands who played that night. The concert performance wasn't bad itself, but loosing so much money makes a bad memory.

Besides working out, training, working in factories, there is also a very big focus on Jäger in EBM. Why?
- I am not sure, I think this goes beyond my time. When I went to synth clubs, all the older guys would drink Jägermeister. It is not a very manly drink, it's a sweet liquor kind of drink, so it is strange, hahaha. They also drink it in Germany, and even a sweeter kind of drink called Pfeiffi. They always sell it during EBM events in Germany and everyones drinks it and are happy. It's fun! But I don't have any better explanation for why it has become so popular.

It seems there is some irony in EBM?
-Absolutely. Even though some of the first bands were more serious, we have been more light in our approach. And you have EkoBrottsMyndigheten who don't take themselves very seriously. So irony is definetly a part of it, and you can also hear it in old DAF songs, stuff like sweaty leather. Later came Nitzer Ebb with various symbols. There are of course some who don't get the irony and those who make too much of the irony, but generally it has always been a part of it.

What was it that lead you to EBM in the beginning?
-I think it was when were around 14-15, when we started listening to this kind of music. My father had some recordings by Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb as well as Cabaret Voltaire. When you are that old and become a fan of a certain style, it can seriously stick to you. We did some music then, inspired by these bands, and sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn't. In the end, I don't think we are making the most original music in the world, but at least we have found our own sound within the genre.

How would you describe an "own sound"?
-Minimalistic, yet epic in a way, and catchy. We don't limit ourselves. We use lots of melodies. I think we differ to some degree because we use old analogue synths, and create music with an old black and white atari.

But you haven't made any new music recently?
-Actually no..But I have made some enhancements to the studio with new equipment (a replica of an old KORG synth) and I think things will become a little bit more productive from now on.

You worked with Progress Productions on some of your releases. How was it?
-It was good! We released our first album there, plus some compilations and an EP called "Tot" through them. We parted ways in 2009, we got tired from the music for some time and took a break from the band. We got back together some time later, and that was when we made "Koka Kola Freiheit". We then realised we want to have a different sound, a little bit more poppy, yet minimalistic. We then also thought it was more fitting to release our music ourselves. We released Koka Kola Freiheit single on LP, limited to 400 copies, and it felt good! We felt we could do whatever we wanted, even though it is great to have economic support from a label when you are releasing stuff. We later have had help from Frank, as I mentioned earlier, who has an organization called Frankhadafi Records, who released "Rarities" CD last year. But I don't know what will happen for our next release yet, not sure if it will be a single, EP, or a full album. We will see. I think it is great to keep all the doors open and see where it leads us.

You have several unreleased tracks?
-Well, we actually have an album ready, which we have been working on for several years, which we call "Europa", and we have 10-12 tracks ready. But we feel we want to be 100% satisfied with it. We also want to release an LP, but it is expensive. And it also costs more to ship LP's to people once they buy it. It is cheaper with a CD. I love vinyl myself, but I know that for example many German fans prefer CD's. So the question is whether we release both LP and CD, or just one of the formats? But generally we feel we are 90% satisfied with the material we have so far, and we want to reach 100.

What is the message or lyrical content of your tracks?
-Some of our older tracks are about going to the gym and stuff like that. It is Jonathan who writes the lyrics, and we work together around the concepts. We also love reading books and enjoy history a lot, so some of our recent tracks represent that, like Der Löwe Ist Zurück, and 1632.

You released a whole bunch of tracks on various compilations. How did that happen?
-Well, it differs. Often you get an e-mail from someone somewhere, who wants to release a compilation. Some of those are double CD's with around 40 tracks, which is more typical in Germany. We also released a track through Ronny, from Container 90, a release called "3D pop" on vinyl, with four tracks from four different bands. The cover of the release was in 3D which you could only see with 3D glasses. We also did a track called "Schweiss Bier und Stahl" on a compilation called Hymns of Steel, which was a tribute to steel, where all the tracks on it were supposed to be about steel. We have taken part on many compilations, and we sometimes decline such invitations if the compilations don't appear very interesting.

You worked with Electric Tremor Dessau when releasing Kommando XY?
-They are the same people who arranged events on the previously mentioned club in Dessau (Beatclub), and they after some time wanted to release music. They asked us if we wanted to release Kommando XY through them as a label. We released first en EP called "From Gävle With Love" and the debut album some time after that. It's organised by a guy called Goldi who also is behind the Familientreffen festival in Eastern Germany, which I by the way recommend a lot. It is not very big, there is only room for 1000 people there, but it is very nice and fun, with people from all over the world, like Russia, France, even USA. I think it is funny that our band that sings in Swedish is on a German label, and our band that sings in German was released by a Swedish label.

What do you have in your Sturm studio?
-Lots of equipment, ATARI, microphones, synths. I think it is great to have it all at home. Lots of bands in other genres often have to use a "real" studio, which can be expensive. Actually we have recorded some tracks in a professional studio before. But we have invested in better equipment gradually, and it is great to be able to do quality recordings at home.

Do you have any stories to share from your experiences with Kommando XY, Sturm Café, and Working Puppets?
-One funny story is from when we played at Familientreffen in 2009, which was supposed to be our last concert. We hired a mini buss to travel there (Eastern Germany), and we had KROPP, Mathias from Spark!, and Ronny Larson from Container 90 with us. We drank a ton of beer in that bus, and in the end we drove to a place not far from the festival locale where we were supposed to stay. We opened the bus door and all these empty beer cans rolled out, and Goldi, the festival arranger who was there said "Oh, this must be a Swedish bus!".

Sunday 5 October 2014

New music from NZ and NordarR

New EBM releases incoming from Emmo.biz Records:

NZ - Aggressions: NZ came out with a debut release earlier this year, which sometimes sounded more Nitzer Ebb than Nitzer Ebb themselves. We can now see if this fresh project keeps it up. Once again it is an EP release with just 5 tracks. If it is anything like the previous release Raw and Pure, it will definetly be worth a listen. The CD can be bought directly from the label or digitally from bandcamp. Eine Tasse Jäger is waiting for the CD in mail at the moment before an eventual review can show up.

NordarR - Ein Mann Mehr: Another EP from Emmo.biz. NordarR as always sounds really bad ass, and with this release (as you can hear in the trailer) continues in the same fashion of old school EBM. NordarR is different from the majority of electronic body music by choosing different composions and rhythms. For that reason it can sometimes take a little bit longer time to get to know and like the music, but once you do, there is no way back. Ein Mann Mehr EP is out on 7th of November this year, and can be pre-ordered directly from the label. Will probably show up on bandcamp too.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Catching up on latest EBM releases

EBM has had a boom in quality and original releases lately. Due to label-activity (look to the banner to the right..), it has been difficult to cover each release in its own post, so this time a post covering many of the newest releases at the same time will have to do. (it will still be the same, except the pictures will be smaller).

Let's go! First up is Angst! 

Some of you music nerds already know that there has been an EBM band (or project) called Angst, old school style. This new Angst is something else and actually is a side project from Henrik Nordvargr (known from ..I don't know.... Pouppée Fabrikk maybe!?). Their release on Progress Productions is called "Tar Ner Skylten" and is entirely in Swedish. You can hear the old school sound right away, and the first track even reminds of "Bring Back The Ways of Old" by Pouppée Fabrikk, but that is the only similarity you will find between the two bands. This new album from Angst is different: slower, calmer, and to some extent even more old school. Some of the tracks go really far back in time and reach the electropunk quality that DAF had: somewhat laid back compositions with experimental sounds filling out the monotonic bass and rhythms. The drums on this release are especially nice, as they are live drums. Even though this has happened on several EBM releases the past years, it still puts a unique touch on "Tar Ner Skylten". The album has professional quality written all over it, and is a very interesting release musically: it's well produced, experimental, and fresh. Not the first thing you would dance to, but who ever said that EBM was only about dancing? This CD can be purchased at Progress Productions. And if you do, you also will get a small promo CD with 3 tracks form Wulf Band, which is the new hit on the street of electropunk and EBM.

Sort of hidden and underground, there has been a release by a band that many have been waiting for, but didn't notice. Hell yeah, it's KROPP, but it is not entirely a new CD. Taken over by Frankahdafi Recods, this is a double CD, where the first one is a re-release of the old debut CD from 2008, which showed the world of EBM how to professionally mix punk and EBM, and which actually is considered a classic by now. The 2nd CD consists of one track that has appeared on a compilation (Swedish EBM - The Collection), and the rest are 3 new tracks. The new ones are the same good old KROPP, energetic, lyrics are about love, and they still kick so much ass. The CD can only be ordered through direct contact, so send an e-mail to info@frankahdafi-records.de or see the release info here.

Next up is Invasion of Female Logic. Now, let's try to figure out the band name first: it has been bothering me for a while. Is it an invasion where female logic takes over the world? Or is it an invasion where something else invades female logic itself? Maybe it's a riddle and the answer lies within the CD. In that case, I think it is the former solution: entirely based on the track "Frontfrau" on the CD: it is strong, pretty bad ass and uncompromizing. Maybe that is what female logic is in this case. Anyway... "Alternativlos" is the name of the album and it is a mix of many things: some old school electro, some Depeche Mode, some And One, and some anhalt EBM. Most of the tracks are on the more melodic and synth-pop side. Frontfrau is the one track that stood out for me, as it is purely heavy EBM, and done really well, and to be honest I miss that sort of punch in the rest of the tracks, but I understand that creating only old school/anhalt EBM was never the intention of this artist. I still wish there were more tracks like these, and they do exist on certain compilations from Electro Arc: look them up on Spotify! (Net.Ware Etronics and Net Ware Delight). They include remixes and collaborations with Invasion of Female Logic. As far as I know the physical CD was promotional only, and the CD should be available in places like Itunes. 

And that leads us to D-F-O-W. This project has existed for ages, but always stayed self-released. The new EP is no exception. It's called "Die Freundschaft" and is good standard old school German EBM. As far as I can tell, this is also the first release featuring another vocalist, and I think he does well. The music is fun and catchy, especially the track "EBM Kaffee" (watch the charming super-serious video). D-F-O-W here presents four new tracks, and four remixes of some of them, by bands like Muscles on The Move, Akalotz, and some others. This release is also sort of underground, as you have to get in touch with someone to get it. I think a good idea would be to use Facebook, unless you know how to go back in time and buy at the Tremor stand during Familientreffen in July. If you do that, please find me and remind me to drink more beer and less of that weird green stuff. 

Sunday 22 June 2014

Introducing White Trash Wankers - Electrobilly Horrorshow and Eine Tasse Jäger Records

Eine Tasse Jäger was born as a humble blog, trying to promote old school and anhalt EBM. Most of the scene and community in this music was either Swedish or German, so Eine Tasse Jäger took on the task of becoming an international source. Closely following all releases and demo bands for years, it was obvious that too much good and unique music was never seeing the daylight. And hence Eine Tasse Jäger Records took shape: to support original, attitude-filled music, with punk attitude: because punk energy has always been a part of bands from the old times. Now we want to hear more of it!

With this Eine Tasse Jäger presents the first release: White Trash Wankers - Electrobilly Horrorshow. As you can interpret from the title, the debut release for both the new born label and the entirely new band (which otherwise consists of forces met fom A.D.A.C 8286 and Stechschritt) is going beyond boundaries of typical EBM. You will hear a heavy dose of psychobilly and some rockabilly mixed with raw sound of Electronic Body Music. White Trash Wankers call it No School EBM. The album is filled with energetic craziness and bad-ass attitude, and there is a whole lot of wanking-related material in the lyrics. And it's all catchy as hell! Check out the teaser for the album above!

Electrobilly Horrorshow receives special artwork from horror-art master Rainer F. Engel, putting the final mark on the well-thought out album. It is unjust for me to make reviews of releases from my own label, but let this be said: Electrobilly Horrorshow is one of the most thought out and composed albums of professional quality in the recent years. Obviously that is what happens when you put together masterminds from Stechschritt and A.D.A.C 8286. For a new-born label, a better first release couldn't be dreamt of!

Among the 13 tracks there are a few tributes or interpretations of old musical legends like Demented Are Go! and Reverend Beat Man. Additionally there is a hard hitting cover of "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen. 

The album (limited edition) will be available for sale during Familientreffen festival from 2. July, where White Trash Wankers will officially perform live for the first time on Thursday. Save your wank for that day! Simultaneously Electrobilly Horrorshow will be available on Eine Tasse Jägers web-shop, which will see day of light during the same time.

Tracklist of Electrobilly Horrorshow:

1. Introduction
2. T.R.A.S.H.13 (Killbot Blues)
3. Sick Summertime
4. Return of Stuntman Mike
5. The Hate Train
6. Don't Stop to Wank
7. Red Light Queen
8. Rock Around My Cock
9. Shizophren
10. Straight to Hell
11. Ballad of The Ripper
12. Another One Bites The Dust
13. The Maniac

And, finally some words about Eine Tasse Jäger Records.

After the release of White Trash Wankers' debut album there will be two more releases in 2014. The bands will be announced after Familientreffen, so you guys have something to look forward to.. The releases will follow in the same direction: new, original, bad-ass material with attitude, leaning towards the punk-style of EBM. 

The final version of etj-records.com is being worked on and will go live around the 1. July. The new label web-page will feature a web-shop for Eine Tasse Jäger releases, a history about EBM, artist pages, and eventually if time allows it, a mail-order for old school and anhalt EBM releases, plus more.

See you all on Familientreffen!

Saturday 14 June 2014

NEW EBM! Fleisch&Waffeln - Sej Ebm review

Sometimes an artist or a band comes along with a new release, where you realize that they kind of got fed-up with standard and typical generic lyrical themes in their music genre. You think, maybe they were sitting and thinking "man, i am so tired of war, tanks, homoeroticism, slightly politically charged music themes, that also almost always are about muscles. Let's make something different this time". And so they did.

Fleisch&Waffeln's debut album release entitled "Sej Ebm" is almost exclusively about food. (notice how I said "fed up" earlier?)

Fleisch&Waffeln has been around since at least 2009, and now is here officially with a self-released debut album called Sej Ebm. The old school oriented band is from Denmark (which is kind of exclusive for this style of music). This release is first and foremost meant for the most serious of EBM fans, because there is nothing serious about it: it is an EBM parody. There is lots of fun involved in lyrics (I think I heard something about leather pants, waffles, broccoli, and a highway)

Sej Ebm was released yesterday, June 13th, on bandcamp. (Bandcamp is great for releasing both self-financed and label-related stuff), and is available in insanely limited batch of 50 CDs (now 49, because I just bought one), in addition to insanely unlimited digital files download in format of your choice. Go clicky here.

Musically Sej Ebm is heavy, bass-filled, hard hitting with growly vocals. It can sometimes remind of Lokomotiv for those of you who remember this band, and other times it made me think of EkoBrottsMyndigheten (which is probably most related to the parody and funny attitude).

Fleisch&Waffeln particularly shines in tracks like Kaelderdrengen and Laderbukserne where the growly vocals aren't distored and appear closer to grindcore/death metal style. I actually wish the remaining tracks were done in the same style, as this kind of vocal gives the music a unique and more raw touch, and which is very rare in EBM.

Oh, and this is also the only EBM band I can think of that has a track with church organs in it.

So yeah, go to their bandcamp to have a ...eh.. a taste.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Stechschritt - Die Neue Jugend review

What is Stechschritt? Stechschritt is one of the more recent anhalt EBM bands/projects, and one that everyone who has a taste for something different and with a touch of its own originality, should pay some attention to! March(!) in here, and give it a listen through the links below!

The second album from one-man-band, ran and maintained by Peter,  is called Die Neue Jugend and was released for the masses in March by Electric Tremor.

It is not what one would call typical anhalt ebm, but at the same time seems to be as anhalt as ebm can get. The sound is straight forward, aggressive and loud. The music is raw and reminds of early Pouppée Fabrikk releases, particularly because of the vocals, which could as well work in a old school death metal band. The voice on the album is strong, growly, and with a personal identity, which is another quality mark of Stechschritt. Also, the Pouppée Fabrikk association gets even stronger once one learns that the album was mastered by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk himself.

Stechschritt uses sounds never heard in EBM before, which is exactly why it becomes original. By this, I mean, in addition to standard EBM bass and synth lines as well as drumming. There is another layer of music here, which will surprise you when you least expect it. It may be a tinier sound hidden somewhere in the background among percussion, or a straight forward industrial synth that defines the melody of a track. Simply put: Die Neue Jugend is refreshing to listen to. It is not just very good quality anhalt EBM, it is very good quality NEW anhalt EBM.

Stechschritt also got help from Christoph from A.D.A.C. 8286 on this album for drumming, and also some contribution on vocals on a certain track. Maybe for this reason, Die Neue Jugend may remind of A.D.A.C. 8286 in its raw sound of bad-assery, and should also appeal to all fans of this band. There is additionally a contribution from Rummelsnuff on vocals on one of the tracks.

In addition to some old school german punk covers (Schleim-Keim and Ton Steine Scherben), there is also a tribute cover to ELITE!'s "Harte Liebe" track. Here it is interesting to note that Stechschritt is more or less the only EBM band that has tried and succeeded in making covers of old energy-filled punk tracks, and which have worked out insanely well.

Stechschritt may seem very militaristic at a first glance, not the least because of the band name. However, despite various shouts like "marschieren!!!" in some of the tracks, the lyric themes are what identifies the standard of anhalt EBM where militarism meets dancing, drinking, love (hard or not), and even a general sense of some irony.

The CD comes packed in a standard jewel case, but the layout and graphic content here is superb. The CD looks like an LP, and it is clear that Peter has some serious skill in graphic presentation here.

Last year Pouppée Fabrikk asked for EBM that doesn't sound like a copy of everything else with generic programming and vocals that might as well be recorded while sitting on a toilet after having way too much Jäger and white loaf bread with some gone bad sausage the day before. Well, Pouppée Fabrikk, Die Neue Jugend is what you asked for, but I guess you already know since you mastered the CD!

Here is to hoping that Stechschritt will continue making more music in this fashion and style, as it indeed is a fresh breath of old school EBM!

Here is a taste for your ears from youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vel__vhLmRQ

And the album can be purchased from Electric Tremor Working Class Store: http://shop.electric-tremor.de/new/stechschritt-die-neue-jugend.html

Monday 31 March 2014

Gabi Delgado - Eins review

..need some lipstick? Yeah? Come'n'git it.

Anyway, Gabi Delgado is an old EBM legend gone in a different electronic direction. As most into this kind of music know, Gabi Delgado was (and still is) a part of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), a band that has given us the roots of what we nowadays call EBM, but with a healthy punk attitude.

If you are looking for pure EBM or anhalt EBM, you won't get it from Gabi Delgado's new album "Eins". What you will get, however, is house music and techno. And yes, there is feeling of DAF there.

When listening to this ultra long album (20 tracks! and no, they are not fast quick tracks!), the first thing one notices is the especially good vocals by Gabi. The master of underground electro has a superb voice, deep and dark, yet melodic and clean. This is professional stuff. And this is what makes the album "Eins" good. Musically it ranges from heavy to light, always charming and sometimes pretty bad-ass. The tracks are filled with interesting rhythms and monotonic tempos, but the sounds chosen by Gabi are unique and sometimes weird, making this alternative and special electronic music.

So back to the lipstick. Lippenstift is one of the heaviest songs on this album, and also includes an even more bouncy and heavy bass-filled remix by Eisbrecher. This one is without a doubt a dance floor hit, and closest to straigth forward heavy EBM. Similarly heavier tracks are Laut and Langweilig.

A special notice goes to Sciene Fiction Liebe, which uses strange weird sounds that one wouldn't expect in either techno, house, or EBM, but rather atmospheric material(maybe dark ambient or witch house styles?). These blend in with the beats and add a personal unexpected touch, and this can also be heard in several other tracks on the album.

It is a very strong album, especially if you are into these styles of music, but generally should be appreciated by anyone into electronic (dance) music and EBM, mainly for what it is: unique, personal and simply quality filled ultra long album release.

Saturday 8 March 2014

EBM releases in 2014 (so far)

Watch out! Beware! EBM is stomping to a town near you. Concrete will be drank and asphalt will be eaten. In a good way.

There is some good music coming in 2014. Some of it is already released, and some is coming your way soon. So let's get on with it.

No Sleep By The Machine releases a new album called Splice. This band has always been sort of like a secret, a new track surfaces here, another surfaces there, and suddenly there is a new album out of nowhere. NSBTM is constantly growing new fans, and it is a very well deserved attention. This new album sounds like it always does: harsh, sharp, intelligent and slightly weird-in-a-good-way old school ebm. Not all tracks are 100% new, as some older versions of some can be heard on their earlier released album last autumn. However with this release No Sleep By The Machine mark their spot across all industrial and EBM genres as something special and unique.

White Trash Wankers are also finally put on a release map. In fact, their debut album is coming on Eine Tasse Jäger Records which this blog has grown to transform into. More on this in a later post. White Trash Wankers will release their debut album during this summer, featuring a heavy and fun mix of EBM and psychobilly. They are also lined up among one of the openers of Familientreffen festival this summer, and we have no doubts that it will be a bad ass fun experience. Save your wank for that day..

Invasion of Female Logic is another project that stands out, as it mixes its way through a ton of electronic and industrial subgenres, but luckily for us ends up mixing it into old school EBM. What Eine Tasse Jäger likes about it specifically, is that it sounds so uncompromising: bass filled and very defined, with strict yet very masculine female vocals. Some of the tracks deliver a proper punch (not the drink). It seems the first album from this artist will be released by Electro Arc and will be a mix of EBM, synthpop and elctro. No specific date for that yet.

Then there is DAF. Or more correctly, mister Gabi, and he releases a new album called "1". There is techno there, as well as house music, pluss hard EBM beats and bass in addition to a dosage of DAF-atmosphere. There is also sex. In any case, this album should satisfy the needs of most people into alternative electronica and its many subgenres.

Stockholm Wrecking Crew are finally ready with their first official release, which is an EP with four new tracks and a remix, which is a truly bad-ass piece done by Nordarr. No date for release yet, but it seems everything is ready, so it should be any day now. Rumour has it Stockholm Wrecking Crew will release a full length album during autumn this year. And it's about time!

And this leads us to NZ, which appears to be a somewhat anonymous act from Austria. Mastered by singer from Spetsnaz, it in every possible way screams That Total Age and Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works eras by Nitzer Ebb. In fact, this can be seen and heard as a true old school Nitzer Ebb tribute. So far Eine Tasse Jäger has only heard KROPP pull of a proper old school Nitzer Ebb style, but NZ goes even farther. Sound, vocals, lyrics, even the layout for the EP CD cover is strictly true to that style. It isn't always very interesting to hear a copy of another band, but NZ does it so well that Eine Tasse Jäger was immediately convinced. NZ debut EP "Raw and Pure" is released 15. March.

Struma! (no excalamtion mark in band's actual name, I am just excited. About the band, not the desease..). Struma is a project from Sweden that is a fresh breath of old school/anhalt EBM. We got a great track from one of Electro Ark's compilations in autumn 2013, which reminded us of the already legendary KROPP in its energy. But Struma doesn't stop there, Struma delivers varying music with lots of energy. On its newly released EP "Septic Rust" on bandcamp you can hear for yourself: there is a mix of typical anhalt EBM, with some more atmospheric "lighter" tracks.

Aditionally, as mentioned in a post below, Stechschritt is out with a new album "Die Neue Jugend" on 22. March. Expect a full anhalt EBM spirit, a cover of ELITE!'s "Harte Liebe", and an input from Rummelsnuff on guest vocals.

There is also a new album from Frontal coming 15. March, but we haven't heard any sounds from it anywhere yet. Thus it is hard to say before its release.

Word on the street is also that A.D.A.C. 8286 are finally giving us what we have been waiting for five long years: a new album later in 2014..

Sunday 23 February 2014

New music from Stechschritt

Among all the strong EBM releases last year, there was a new band that showed truly energetic and insane attitude both on stage and on album: Stechschritt.

Now Stechschritt returns with both on 22. March. An appearance on stage at "12 Jahre Electric Tremor" event. The album is called Die Neue Jugend and is released by Electric Tremor. It is mastered by Pouppée Fabrikk themselves.

See the track list:

1. Seid Bereit
2. Die neue Jugend
3. Auf dem ersten Blick
4. Die Arbeit
5. Macht kaputt (featuring Rummelsnuff)
6. Ein letztes Mal
7. Wir Sind Die Elite
8. Meine Jugend
9. Harte Liebe
10. Soldaten von morgen

It will probably appear on Electric Tremor shop soon. Stechschritt will no doubt feature some of the most raw and hardcore anhalt EBM that we have been exposed to. Let's at the same time cross fingers that Stechschritt will appear live on Familientreffen this year (in addition to White Trash Wankers).

The artwork for CD below is not yet official and may change before release. 

(and you thought Eine Tasse Jäger didn't know how to make a text post with different italic font! HA!! It's not all just muscles and jäger..or is it?)

Monday 9 December 2013

Two new releases from Sham Recordings!

Sham Recordings go straight old school this time, and even more so than one would expect. First and foremost, the two releases are 7 inch LP only. Second, the music goes beyond what we are used in hearing when it comes to anhalt EBM. In what way, you ask? The OLD school way! Read on for details..

Swedish Old School EBM 7” ep features four previously unreleased tracks from Sturm Café, Turnbull A.C’s, Container 90, and The Pain Machinery. Sturm Café’s Koka Kola Freiheit is here mixed back to old school monotony and hardness. Turnbull A.C’s came as a big surprise with a track called Boy’s. It sounds like something taken from a later Nitzer Ebb album, but recorded with old school sound and energy, that Spetsnaz (and Turnbull A.C’s) are so good at. Previously Turnbull A.C’s sounded very close to Spetsnaz, but this track shows a direction that is fresher and different, and which I hope they will continue in!

Container 90 continue in their punk styled ebm fashion with a new track De-Evolution. It is not as fast as we got used to from their latest album, but the punk attitude is more present than ever, especially through the backing vocals. The Pain Machinery contribute with a more straight forward old school ebm track Surface.

Next up is Presto Fervant 7”, that returns after many years of silence. Did you know that this band existed late in 1980s, thus qualifying as one of the real veterans of old school EBM? This can also be confirmed by their two remastered tracks Banzai and Zymotic, which have never been released, but have existed for many years. The two tracks belong to a different time in history of EBM, but still emerge as a fresh breath of air, for those of us who keep looking for variety in the gerne. Musically Presto Fervant is closer to the 80s EBM in sound and composition, but as mentioned is is very refreshing to hear: both tracks have tons of energy and drive, and simply kick ass. Maybe this is a sign that Presto Fervant should do more digging in their archives and release more music for the old school thirsty?

Where to order you ask? Here!: http://www.lillasensveterinarpraktik.se/con90/