Thursday 14 August 2008


More good stuff from Germany!

Also a new band with one debut album released on Electric Tremor: here goes FRONTAL! The album is called EBM Freundschaft and presents proper old school inspired EBM with a tiny bit of more modern sound (naturally). Don't misunderstand "modern sound", this is by no means similar to modern EBM bands. FRONTAL stays true to the old school and should appeal to all fans of such.

FRONTAL is German, minimal but very strong, often catchy, and expressive. The vocals are unique (instead of describing I will let you listen for yourself - look for the link below). The band is as superb live as it is on the album - the performance on Familientreffen IV was great and charismatic (with Franz Riss).

"Beweg dich" !!!

The album EBM Freundschaft (which in addition to ten great tracks also includes a cover from Jäger 90 and Zentrum Der Arbeit) can be purchased from Electric Tremor or Zero01one.

Listen to FRONTAL songs on their Myspace page. I also borrowed all images in this post from there!

The band is as mentioned new and truly promising and I hope to hear much more in the future!

- EBM Freundschaft; EBM Musik!!