Sunday 29 May 2011

OI mates! T.W.A.T. news!

T.W.A.T., the unique anhalt EBM project mixing the style of oi punk and oldschool EBM is finally getting the deserved release. In fact, two releases: the band has been working on lots of new material and the result is two releases on Machineries of Joy label. As the the band's webpage states, it is up to the label when these will be released, and it should be very soon, although the initial information stated the release on April, 2010. Here is a toast of eine tasse jäger that the label will hurry and release this fantastic band as soon as possible. Read on for more info on the oi! filled music coming your way!

Working Class Love is a digital EP, which will be available for download. This one has a strict Pouppée Fabrikk influence, as the band itself describes it: 3 exclusive massive electronic tracks. These are Working Class, Lovesong, and United. It also includes 3 remixes, by Darkmen and Ionic Vision.

Working Class Love is a warm-up to T.W.A.T.'s first full-length album, which will be released in the standard CD format. The title is Blood, Sweat and Teargas. The track list is not for IKEA people, but for rude boys and girls, and looks just like this:

01. func.
02. too rude for radio (punked up)
03. lazy fuckers
04. conformity
05. the barricades
06. choke
07. run the cameras
08. battleground
09. my skin
10. working class
11. born and raised
12. bow and obey
13. sverige
14. off
15. sverige (hasse code 64)

Oi! We can't wait!