Tuesday 26 July 2016

Some note-worthy new oldschool EBM releases

Time has come to wrap up some of the more interesting oldschool and anhalt EBM releases from the last several months. I will this time only include bandcamp releases, as CD and vinyl exclusives without a digital version don't really deserve a spot anymore. Why? Some of us don't even have a CD player anymore. And it's fair to give some additional promotion to the projects that go that extra length to provide a digital version of their release. That being said, let's go!

Ratraped is a project, which was launched as an anonymous secret last year. I am very glad that it was decided to put this demo release up. Ratraped includes all sorts of references to Cat Rapes Dog (the demo is entitled Rat Rapes God), and sounds fresh, raw, punky and wicked. Also I am glad to hear EBM that is thematically more or less exclusively about rats. 

Oldschool Union is probably already known to most EBM fans as the first band exclusively singing in Finnish, which turned out to be really fitting for this style of minimalist aggressive music. You might be surprised that I am putting up their old demos from around 2009, instead of their actual newest album Perjantai that came out just some months ago (but you will still find out later in this article). The reason for that is that I still think the earliest performance by Oldschool Union was the most unique. It was something magical with straight forward aggression present back then, fast bass lines mixed with pissed-off shouting in Finnish (Lobotomia! Lobotomia!). It's a pure pleasure to listen to these old tracks in proper quality, now released under the title Vanha Koulu.

You can read all the praise I gave for this new release by White Trash Wankers in the last post on this blog. Trash From The Crypt (Incest Tape 1) quickly summed up, is somewhat unexpected, but very successful mix of punk, horror, rock'n'roll and psychobilly grinded through and made sound like EBM.

Container 90 ganged up with EkoBrottsMyndigheten to deliver more bad ass punk-EBM. This release is actually a single in the purest meaning of the word. It unfortunately includes only one track, and I say unfortunately because I think it would be fantastic to hear more from these two bands cooperating. The track "Staden Göteborg" is a cover of an old Swedish punk band Troublemakers.

And here is Verrottet, another project by Peter R. This demo should specifically appeal to fans of Stechschritt, as it has some of the same youthful aggression present in its tracks, which gives that unique anhalt EBM vibe. Additionally, it has some input from the vocalist of A.D.A.C. 8286, but I couldn't figure out whether he actually contributed on this demo, or if it was a mix-up of some older recordings made for A.D.A.C. tracks. The music is raw, dirty, and tough.

Here is the second full-length album by Oldschool Union. I think the influence of Spetsnaz is a little bit too strong here, but the band has caried over some of their unique Finnish agression to this release as well. However, I still can't help it and wish that this sounded more closer to the earliest version of this band. 

Pantser Fabriek is where you go to get your fix of straight forward oldschool EBM. The project doesn't specifically bring new sounds to this style of music, but it has a nice feel to it, and sometimes crosses over to a more punky and even melodic side of things, such as through track "EBM and Rock and Roll". Despite it being on a more generic side of EBM, Pantser Fabriek seems to bring in some unique details through for instance drumming sounds. Will appeal to anhalt EBM fans.

Finnish EBM represent! Bodykomplex is another oldschool EBM project exclusively in Finnish, and that is a great thing. There is something about that language that fits so nicely with this style of music. Bodykomplex is hard kicking, but not as tight as Oldschool Union. It's less aggressive and sometimes more melodic and tends to do things its own way.

Last, but not least, is Orange Sector with a new EP. The amount of releases this band has produced over the years is mind blowing. The Stahlwerk E.P. is Orange Sector doing their thing as they always do. Some hard stomping, some heavier and some lighter tracks. It doesn't particularly include anything you haven't heard from this band before, but if you need a fix for more Orange Sector, here it is!

Friday 17 June 2016

White Trash Wankers - Trash From The Crypt exclusive review

Something creaks, below the floorboards, in this old, so old cottage. The wooden planks shiver lightly, tiny dust particles rise up in the air, barely visible in the moonight. Some settle down, others stay, tossed lightly in all directions by a sudden chilly nightly breeze - where the hell did it come from? A crackling sound pierces the night. Crack! - the floor is penetratred from below and rusty nails fly in all directions. A hole opens from deep within the earth, revealing a long forgotten ancient crypt that has been hidden in silence below the little house for centuries. A figure climbs afront all dusty, a sixpence on its head, a bottle of something vile in its hand, clenched with rotten fingers. A ghoul! Another being crawls out behind the first, dragging something heavy from behind. No, it's not his cock. It's a wheelchair - a rusty, massive, broken thing. It's determined to take it with him. The couple leaves the cottage. What would bring them forth? What wicked mission would awake them in the middle of this night? With strict steps they leave, dragging strange old instruments behind them, in preparation for a dark ritual, a performance in the ghastly dimness of the night. They are going to tell a bad, mean, perverted tale from the crypt they just left, fittingly entitled "TRASH FROM THE CRYPT - INCEST TAPE 1".

So yep, White Trash Wankers are back. Back with a new release, which they call an EP - even though it has 12 tracks in it. This time they release it themselves, in a fancy package with a compact disc that looks and feels like an LP. It will oficially be available on the Familientreffen festival in just a few weeks, followed by a digital release on bandcamp afterwards.

We all come here for the music, so let's get on with it. Trash From The Crypt is the second chapter in their discography, and it in sound and message continues where Electrobilly Horrorshow left off. However this time it is more conceptual and varied - we have heavier and slower tracks, faster more energetic ones, and some conceptual pieces that tell a short, perverted story. There are also a bunch of special bonus tracks (a bunch actually means four).

The EP gives a sinister vibe, filled with omnious bass, and topped with wicked tones. The horror-theme is even more present than in the band's debut album. This is channeled both through the lyrics and sounds mixed into it. This is one of the most varied and alternative EBM releases - you can hear elements of anhalt EBM, punk, psychobilly and influences of industrial metal. The musical quality is very convincing and miles ahead of what I am used to in most of modern EBM - the compositions are very smart, filled with all sorts of sound details that will keep the listener interested. Most of all I am impressed by Pete's vocals - the guy has so many different voices that I actually thought some tracks had someone else performing on them (that is actually true for one of the bonus tracks, but it's a secret ;)).

My favorite track is 16 Corpses, which is a cover(or a tribute) to the classic 16 Tons song. It is an example of how to do a magnificent cover, because it takes the track and reworks it to show off how White Trash Wankers percieve it. The result is somehow really sinister and evil, while remaining catchy. My other favorite track is One Sharp Knife which features some really wicked bad ass vocal performance.

Trash From The Crypt is alternative, different and true to its own style. It's very refreshing to hear something so different in the world of electronic body music, and I urge everyone looking for something interesting and new to check this one out. Hell, do it even if you don't like EBM to begin with.

As for the four bonus tracks, they are a special surprise. I wanted to tell the world. The Wankers would have none of that and jumped me one night while I was on my way home, slightly intoxicated from a local pub. Scared the hell out of me - I passed out and woke up with flies buzzing around what turned out to be my shitty pants. OK!

Oh, and here is an official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzaiV1OAdAY

Saturday 13 February 2016

New load with new and free hardcore electropunk & anhalt EBM

Since Eine Tasse Jäger hasn't been able to report or review anything recent because of reasons, here we give you a gift of some prime and fresh hardcore electropunk, otherwise known as anhalt EBM. Or actually we aren't giving gifts here, the bands are. We just a messenger. Behold new releases from Stechschritt, Werksfront, and Zweite Jugend. All of them EP's with new material, with free downloads.

Werksfront - The Max Stahl Chronicles.
A recently emerging project with a frisky mix of anhalt EBM, punk, and even some roots in rock and metal. Werksfront draws some influence from Container 90. This here is a free release, while we await the finalizing of their debut album (which should be very soon!). This free EP is hosted on zippyshare right here.

Zweite Jugend - Hoch Die Tassen!
Another recent project, on the more minimalist old school EBM side. With an insanly tasty cover art. This is a side project from Combat Company, and this time sounds quite much like Jäger 90's less heavy stuff. And since we aren't hearing anything new from the latter, Zweite Jugend do just fine for that catchy minimalist feel. Their EP "Hoch Die Tassen!" is freely downloadable from their official site here.

Stechschritt - Kulturgut Vol. 1
Last but not least, always very difficult to spell, Stechschritt releases a free EP called "Kulturgut Vol. 1". Does this mean that there will be Vol. 2? I hope so, because this is some prime stuff. All tracks are covers of various old german classics, remade with true Stechschritt spirit. They are not just covers, they are interpretations of old songs, the way mister Peter sees and hears them. As always, this is some harsh, raw, quality hardcore electropunk and anhalt EBM. Enjoy the free download of this EP on Bandcamp.