Saturday 23 March 2013

What's new in our world of EBM

This is going to be an informative post. Eine Tasse Jäger (1TJ) doesn't get much time to write, because of enormous amount of push-ups and pull-ups that must be done everyday, lifting bricks and pipes, and free-climbing industrial factories during weekends. Set aside a cup of Jägerrrrrr and get reading.

March 25: Update regarding Apocalypse Don't Come....We Are Still Stomping Vol. III - get the free versions in every possible quality format from bandcamp: here (remaining volumes to the right side)

The Juggernauts have released their first official release! It's Belgian EBM at its finest. The EP is called Phoenix and has three tracks, plus several additional remixes of them. The quality of Phoenix is so good, that it keeps us salivating Jäger waiting for a full-length album.

Electric Tremor has relaunched their working class store, which now has several bad-ass items like the new Pouppée Fabrikk t-shirt, and of even more legendary quality: tickets to Familientreffen, the festival where all you need and will get is beer, boots, and EBM. This year the festival runs for four total days, Wednesday-Saturday (03.07-07.07). Make sure to book your holiday from the coal mine now. The highlights of the festival this year are Dupont featuring Johan Damn (arrrrrrrr!) on vocals, Sturm Café with their additional side-project Working Puppets (which is disco-EBM). Also Jäger 90 (fingers crossed for new album as soon as possible!), and Nexus Kenosis, which is a side project from Pouppée Fabrikk. For full line-up see the link, don't be lazy.

Spetsnaz have released another hard-beating anhalt EBM album, still following in the steps of old school Nitzer Ebb. It has some more melody and is less angry than earlier releases, but still has a great punch. The album is called For Generations To Come.

Radio EBM Unidos Y Fuertes! has done a magnificent amount of work on the newest free anhalt EBM compilation. It is called Apocalypse Don't Come....We Are Still Stomping Vol. III, and has an outstanding amount of artists. There has been a small delay in the release of this collection, but the first volume is out and ready for download: here.

Container 90 have announced their newest full-length album which will be called "Working Class League". It's out on 24th of April this year, naturally. But wait, there is more! It can be purchased in limited Partykit edition. 1TJ usually doesn't like special editions, because they tend to be boring. But when it offers a bottle opener, beer coaster, 1 condom, 1 aspirin, and 1 actual Working Class Beer bottle with Working Class Beer inside (all with related Container 90 art and taste), it's something else. Note that the beer can only be claimed during wave gotic treffen (whatever that is, 1TJ had no idea there were other festivals than Familientreffen in this otherwise music-starved world).

Combat Company has released a single called Monochromaniac and an LP full-length The Minimal Us. Both are out on BRANDSATZ records, which apparently is home of electropunk (and that is a home that we like and would love to visit for bisquits and Jäger). See the link for Combat Company sounds on soundcloud!

EkoBrottsMyndigheten has a new T-shirt, and its entirely white! 1TJ found a picture of it, among other visual input of Jäger and cuttting sausages with scissors (never change!) on their facebook page. You can order this lovely t-shirt here.

Also some rumours that 1TJ has managed to fish up on facebook: Pouppée Fabrikk are often mentioning more or less finnished recording of new album with confirmed remixes from several other noteworthy band-names from anhalt EBM scene. A.D.A.C. 8286 are also offering rumours about something new coming soon (and haven't we waited long enough for more music from them??). Stechschritt is a new promising German anhalt EBM project with a release "An Die Front" coming up on Electric Tremor.