Thursday 30 April 2009

Jäger 90 in Sweden

Eine Tasse Jäger has been very busy lately, so there have been no updates, but they will come shortly.

In the meanwhile, Sweden has the pleasure of Jäger 90's little mini tour which will happen in the coming days. Tomorrow, 1. May, the band will appear on stage on Klubb Kalabalik in Växjo, and the day after tomorrow, which will precisely be 2. May, Jäger 90 will play on Bodytåget in Sugar Bar, Stockholm. Make sure to not miss this magnificent band if you have a chance. 

1. May: Klubb Kalabalik, with support from SPARK! and DJ-ing from mister Friherren, who is no other but the man from Sturm Café. (so now, when you all get drunk, you can collectively demand a Sturm Café reunion!) 

2. May, Sugar Bar, with support from Spetsnaz and Autodafeh. This should be a grand design in hard beating ebm.