Sunday 31 May 2009

A few more updates: The Blister Exists, Tech Nomader, Stockholm Wrecking Crew

The Blister Exists (previously known as Judge: Dred) have announced their first full length album "RAW". You can hear short demos of some of the new songs on their myspace. One of the tracks feature the vocals of Johan Damm (Dupont, Volt, newer Poupée Fabrikk, Menticide), which fit this type of music really well. From the sound of myspace The Blister Exists continue their unique style of raw, slow, crushing heavy old school EBM. The new album will be released on 22. June. Additionally, a new exclusive song from this band will appear on Old School Electrology later this summer.

Tech Nomader are also finally stepping up with their debute album "New Seed", which will be released on Electric Tremor on 12. June. Watch out for their Spanish bullfighting/bullstomping straight forward old school EBM!

And, make sure to check out the new swedish old school EBM band: Stockholm Wrecking Crew. They have a nice punkish approach, and a typical Swedish sound. Check their first three songs on Myspace, or download one of them (Revolverman): here which SWC were so kind to upload for free.

Wednesday 20 May 2009

New releases from SPARK! and T.W.A.T.

Recent days have seen two releases from two magnificent Swedish bands.

T.W.A.T. are out with their demo "Too Rude For Radio". It's entirely for free for a limited time, and can be downloaded here. (If you don't see the download link page, click on the link again, sometimes Sendspace gets lost). The demo includes five tracks in high quality mp3, including their newest peace with the same title - which just once again assures us that the music outside the radio is where the real quality is! Did I remember to say it's there for a limited time? Get it before it disappears!

SPARK! have finally released their new long awaited album "Ett
 Lejon I Dig", with 10 new tracks, and you can buy the CD from their newly launched website for a very reasonable price. A review should be up on Eine Tasse Jäger sometime in the future! Otherwise, as SPARK! say: you can expect the same sound as from their previous releases. 

Sunday 10 May 2009

Some new updates from EBM scene

Sturm Café. The band is returning for two last concerts, so make sure not to miss them! One is for the Swedes in Göteborg on 16th of May. The other should be on Familientreffen V, but it hasn't been confirmed by Electric-Tremor yet. I asked, but they are somewhat slow with replies. However I see the band name is back on the list on their festival page, so it should be a good sign.

A.D.A.C. 8286. Their second album "Love, Hate n Rage" has been released for soon two months, and Eine Tasse Jäger has been enjoying it equally long. It's strong, powerful, and filled with quality tracks from beginning to end. It's also fresh in the old school EBM scene: the mix of electro punk, hardcore EBM, and very old school style. Make sure to check out their Hidden Track (number 14), it has a very nice DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses feel to it! "Love, Hate n Rage" will be the album of 2009. It can be bought from Electric Tremor shop, although it would be very nice if it could be purchased digitally.

SPARK! are releasing their new and long awaited album on May 18th. This is how the cover looks like: (click for larger picture).

T.W.A.T. Are filling up their track list with yet another nice song "Policestate", which you can check out on their Myspace. Eine Tasse Jäger blog will do an interview with this project, make sure to come back for it in the nearest future. 

Bodyfarm are now to be found on Electric Tremor shop with whole three albums. This band is unique in its own sound, and a slightly different take on old school EBM. You can listen to some songs on Bodyfarm Myspace.

Bomb Likör! is yet another project from Thoralf from Jäger 90. Does anyone have count on how many projects he has? Bomb Likör! is more like DAF than any other band and is very strongly suggested. And while we are on the subject of Jäger 90, check out the videos from their Swedish tour - where they apparently played a song from Bomb Likör! as well.