Thursday 23 December 2010

SWEDISH EBM - The Collection: a review

Look what the cat brought in! Look what the cat brought in! A mighty pleasant and hard-hitting Christmas present, that's what. Otherwise, those words are a chant in the new ultra fast and extra punk Container 90 song "Copycat" on the great release from Fist Fight Records - a various artists CD with some of the best Swedish anhalt EBM bands.

Fist Fight Records is a new label featuring new Swedish bands, such as No Sleep By The Machine and Stockholm Wrecking Crew, and three other bands which will soon release their debute albums. One of their first releases is Swedish EBM - The Collection featuring known Swedish oldschool EBM bands, as well as some up and runners. Click on their myspace link to see the details as well as the ordering options. The release includes 14 new tracks.

Musically, this collection is a mix of most subgenres oldschool EBM has to offer. The pure elctropunk part is covered by Container 90 with their fastest, most energetic (and thus shortest, in good punk tradition) track so far. The other punky parts which keep appearing in Swedish anhalt EBM are presented by T.W.A.T and their oi-punk influenced style, and Stockholm Wrecking Crew show off their unique and well developed, particularly hardcore and strong style.

The more general anhalt/oldschool EBM style is covered by Turnbull A.C's and Spetsnaz, which continue in their well know musical footsteps. There is also energy-filled as always Kropp and bass-filled Astma. Amongst the most old school sounding tracks is No Sleep By The Machine with its unique and catchy style, and Projekt Tanz which seem to be influenced in part by old school techno, as always presenting extremely catchy beats with a good dose of humour.

Autodafeh follow in their footsteps as well, the new track fitting well into the style of their latest album release. SPARK! present a very anhalt-ebm sounding and hard-beating track at first, which then explodes into more melodic style, what they have increasingly become known for. And in the end there is Dupont with an earlier version of one of their harder songs, Batch ID with a synth-pop track influenced by harder EBM style; and another masterpeice from Sturm Café and their recently developed style that is a mix of everything that is good: anhalt ebm, old school electro, Madonna-bass, italo disco, neue deutsche welle, and their own fresh catchyness.

Swedish EBM - The Collection is not only a very varied and great collection of anhalt and old school EBM, which for that reason will be an album that will be listened to on repeat for a loooong time. But it also does a great job at representing Swedish EBM, what it has done in the past and what it has to offer in the future, across the growing variety of bands and subgenres of anhalt EBM. There is only one thing that it lacks and that is EkoBrottsMyndigheten!

The track list is as follows:
1. Spetsnaz - Satiric Strokes
2. Autodafeh - Camp Intel
3. Kropp - Avreagera
4. Turnbull A.C's - Unique
5. No Sleep By The Machine - Yellow Mica
6. SPARK! - Singelolycka
7. Stockholm Wrecking Crew - Barnsoldat
8. Dupont - Behave (2009)
9. T.W.A.T. - The Barricades
10. Batch ID - Ifred
11. Sturm Café - Scheissnormal
12. Projekt Tanz - Not The King of Body
13. Astma - The Directors Cut
14. Container 90 - Copycat - order the physical copy of it here.

The king of swedish body!

Sunday 28 November 2010

New albums from Escalator and Karbu38

Incoming new production message from Elektro Kommando! E | K Product is the title of the new Italian label, which is also a part of Elektro Kommando, creating live anhalt EBM events (which they have been doing for soon 3 years) and a webshop. They have now signed two new bands and both will release new albums in January 2011: Escalator and Karbu38. View all English information here:

Escalator is an old legendary Hungarian band, always following in true old school EBM footsteps, and sharing some similarities with Front 242, especially in their old releases. However, Escalator has taken its own personal and independent path within hard beating electronics genre. The new album is called "Out of my Ego".

Karbu38 is a French anhalt EBM newcommer to the scene. Only one song "Ready Steady Go" from this band exists so far (and you can find it as a demo on downloads on the right side here), and it has received many good responses. As a result, Karbu38 will release their debut album in January on Elektro Kommando. The title is "Tour De Chauffe" and will have 12 new tracks, with 4 additional remixes from the elite of anhalt EBM.. - Spark!, Autodafeh, Darkmen and Tech Nomader. Are you ready!? To be STEADY!?


Friday 12 November 2010

Info about new Jäger 90 and A.D.A.C. 8286 albums

Achtung! Neues album!

Both magnificent bands, Jäger 90 and A.D.A.C. 8286 have announced new albums just recently. So Eine Tasse Jäger asked for inside information about those..

The new album from Jäger 90 will follow the same old school ebm direction the band has always been true to, no new experiments, and straight to the point as it always has been. The working title for the album is "Fleisch Macht Böse", but the final title for the new album is not set yet. No release date yet, but lets hope for 2011.

The new album from A.D.A.C. 8286 will be released in the beginning of 2011, hopefully early! The style remains similar to their previous album, with some more brutal and intense songs, and others more experimental. Fear not, however, the experimental part is slower and more catchy and raw than ever.. A.D.A.C. 8286 has uploaded two of their new such songs on youtube: Down on your Knees (this one is a whole video) and Do The Ratwalk. Boodyboogie! Enjoy! AUGH!

Also watch out for some fresh news about Altmark Electros (Projekt A:E), as soon as 1TJ gets the good-to-go-sign-with-some-links.

Sunday 26 September 2010

Rise of the underground: new bands and projects

It's time to do a little sum-up of the recent additions to the band list and events. There have been many new anhalt ebm bands and projects from last six months.

If you are planning to attendt Bodyfest, keep in mind that the tickets magically increase in price on 1. October. Also, Bodyfesters are reporting that they are close to having a full house (which is kind of big, so heard Eine Tasse Jäger..), so keep in mind that the tickets may run out.

First of all, let's do Poland! Bodyfest (see the post below) is a particularly huge event in Sweden with a legendary line-up, but it turns out the Collapsed City Festival three weeks later on 31. October in Poland (Szczecin) is a great follow-up. The line-up is entirely old school: AD:keY, K-Bereit, Spark!, Spetsnaz, Sturm Café, and Jäger 90 as the well-deserved headliner. Apparently Eastern Europe is growing on anhalt EBM, which two new bands from Poland also show: Human Steel (an industrial electro band with a touch of anhalt ebm sound), and Butaprendisko which is purely hard stomping anhalt ebm (you can download free promo tracks from this project here).

Underground, as Electric Tremor always is, their release from more than a half year ago, presents many new bands which deserve more attention. The release "Der Arbeitende Mensch/ The Working Man" was a mix of 32 different tracks, remixes and exclusive unreleased material. It brought many new bands to the scene, such as EBM Stompers - a purely anhalt ebm project with a heavy attitude and various speech recordings instead of vocals, Volkszorn - more straight forward anhalt EBM with growly vocals (and not in a harsh-electro way!), Legionaire - which do the legionare themed warrior anhalt ebm very well, or Endzustand - melodic, but tough anhalt ebm. And other new bands from Der Arbeitende Mensch: Frontschweine, Operation Korsakoff, E-norm, IBang Elektronika, Front Syndrome, Schlagkraft, D-F-O-W, Neukampf, L Szenario, Neuro Rhythm, Low Tech Front, Kälteidiotie, and NordarR - which by now have released their first album on Electric Tremor. Electric Tremor also have released an exclusive various artists album dedicated to Familientreffen VI, with mostly new tracks from several bands - such as DBS, A.D.A.C. 8286, T.W.A.T., and Container 90.

Otherwise, there is Sturm Café with a few new tracks on their myspace and a new release sometime soon. Another addition to the French anhalt EBM scene with Karbu38 (with their fantastic song Ready Steady Go, which you can download for free on the links to the right). A more unique project called Mineshaft - which does covers of old pop songs in a hard beating and catchy old school EBM way. Fritz' Kotze is another new German anhalt band with particularly nice tracks "Wir fahren jetzt nach Dessau" and "Gehirncontrolle" and its remixes.

There is also a new old school EBM band from Chille, called Dr. Body, with many references to old EBM bands. Rhesus Factor has an insane amount of new songs and a new release, their style a mix of old school EBM and techno. Blood Shot Eyes is a pioneering Italian anhalt EBM band with straight forward energy, and they have uploaded their first EP for freeMachineSoldier is a Danish old school EBM band which has always been closer to Front 242 in its style, but their most recent track "We Are Back" seems almost as a truly fantastic tribute to Nitzer Ebb's "Let Your Body Learn". Unfortunately you can't hear it on their Myspace, but it can be found on 14. Elektrisch Festival sampler. AWIlum is another old school ebm band with unique vocals filled with energy. Electroparia is a tough, very heavy music with lots of bass and awesome catchy melodies. And Tech Nomader are working on their new album, which will be released on the new Elektro Kommando label.

And, with pride, it's a pleasure to announce the first ever Norwegian anhalt EBM project: Overformynderiet, which will perfrom live as support for Ionic Vision in Trondheim, 3. December, which we are arranging. Overformynderiet would upload promo tracks on myspace, but apparently bands from Dessau stole all the microphone cables. If you see one, please steal it back(microphone cable, not a band from Dessau) and return to Overformynderiet, who are at the moment living in an abandoned factory. The address is: PAUGH!! & Overformynderiet, abandoned factory, Trondheim, Norway.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Bodyfest in Stockholm! The oldschool EBM festival with legendary line-up

We were told that Bodyfest, the new festival in Stockholm on 9. October, would have something big as the headliner band. It turned out to be 242 tons big, because Front 242, one of the legendary creators of EBM, was announced as the headliner just recently!

You are probably sad because Familientreffen is already over, or maybe you only remember the trip to Sandersleben and back, and the rest is blank and smells of alcohol. Here is your second chance! Bodyfest is only 1 day, but in return it makes up for it with probably the most legendary line-up that has ever existed!

No Sleep By The Machine gets the honour of opening the festival. Expect slightly harsh, Klinik-sounding, oldschool EBM with a great deal of catchy beats and synth and lots of energy! This band certainly stands out from the scene with unique sound and song compositions.

Stockholm Wrecking Crew is the second band, the crew of Swedish electropunks with a mix of anhalt ebm and pure punk in their music. Tons of energy and fun!

SPARK! brings the night farther with their growing popularity through more melodic and even "poppy" approach towards old school EBM. Expect a performance with lots of energy and scottish skirt, maybe blue and yellow socks!

AutoDaFeh provides specifically great support for the headliner this night. One of the few bands that have managed to perfectly draw influence from Front 242, they have grown to be professional performers which you can always see when they are on stage. Fuel! Of Fire!

Tyske Ludder is the fourth band, the legendary German oldschool EBM with a militaristic theme and insane energy on stage - which anyone who has seen them live in the past will acknowledge. Panzer! (the name translates into German Slut(s) )

Pouppée Fabrikk is the second big surprise in the line-up. The old school EBM legends, that have never been forgotten while they were "dead", which shaped much of modern anhalt EBM, and now are extremely welcome when they have resurrected, this is their first live performance in many years. Their new album may or may not be out before this festival, or maybe it will be released on Bodyfest itself? Oh, one can dream.. Expect 100% old school EBM with their own defined and unique heavy attitude. Plus, they promised performing their new tracks!

Front 242 is the big headliner that was just announced, and probably doesn't need an introduction. In any case, it's one of the bands that shaped EBM back in the good old 80s, and has a very varied discography, but one should probably expect tons of old school hits on a festival like this? It's perfect headliner for this night.

It is extremely well done by the arrangers to achieve such a line-up!

Bodyfest is 9th October in Stockholm, costs 40€ (or 395 Swedish money), and you can find all the information regarding where it is, what hotels to book in case you come from far far away, on their official web-site .


Wednesday 14 July 2010

Familientreffen 6: Videos and pictures

Thanks to Electric Tremor for another fantastic festival! As usual, it was flawless, and this time without the heavy rain and following goo. Goo-stomp is hardcore.

All bands were great, but it was especially good to see the official festival opener T.W.A.T. with their unique oi punk influence, the heavy vocals of A.D.A.C. 8286, Eine Tasse Jäger chanting EkoBrottsMyndigheten (which by the way didn't bring their new album afterall, since it got stuck somewhere in Asia (of all places), energetic and unfortunately too short performance from electropunk masters Container 90, pleasingly endless East West old school hit from legendary Armageddon Dildos..and the list can go on almost forever. There is no point to write a review when there is video to show, so here are my videos of one song from each band, as many as I managed:

EkoBrottsMyndigheten - Eine Tasse Jäger
T.W.A.T. - Battleground
EkoBrottsMyndigheten - Jimmy
DBS - Cabaret
Container 90 - Richard Is A Racist
Container 90 - Barcrawler
A.D.A.C. 8286 - Fightnight
The Eurofightaz - Diese Eine Melodie
Astma - Sleepless
Groupe T - Strange Days
SPARK - Genom Stormen
DBS/Strong Product - Russian EBM
Armageddon Dildos - East West

And a few pictures (for additional festival photography look at friend-blog aussagen[b]logik):

Wednesday 30 June 2010

Familientreffen VI: It's time!

See you there! Bring left boot, right boot, and eine tasse Jäger + viele tasses beer!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Mega-secret info about new EkoBrottsMyndigheten album

Jäger! Jäger! Shout it from the rooftops!

And I did. From the roof of a building with this logo on it. In Sweden, of course. I was drunk (guess on what), so I fell through the chimney and landed on a box with this logo on it. It said "dangerous materials inside, do not open". As good electro hooligan that I am, of course I opened it.

On the inside I found an envelope, with confidential information. I stole the whole SHEBANG and later when I opened it, I found secrets about the new EkoBrottsMyndigheten album.

The album is called "Alla Tiders Bodykalas" and will be released on Familientreffen in July. 18 new tracks, including fresh material and newer versions of older songs! Professional artwork and press, and all that! It looks like it's going to be a EBM classic even before we have heard it. EkoBrottsMyndigheten will play on Saturday on Familientreffen. Be there! Drink Jäger/beer! Do pushups! Buy album!

Tracklist is as follows:

001 - ...och köper öl
002 - Extremsport
003 - Kängdans (feat. B.B) [3-edit]
004 - Jimmy
005 - Eine Tasse Jäger
006 - Noch ein Tasse jäger [3-edit]
007 - Dolph
008 - Lördag
009 - Nu blåser vi snuten
010 - Steam & Heat
011 - Get your fists up [3-edit]
012 - Sminkad som en idiot
and also...
013 - Män av stål [3-edit]
014 - Marines
015 - Totally EJBEÄM
016 - Ung rebell [3-edit]
017 - Du rör och du dör (feat DJ Lassie)
018 - Vårkänslor

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Releases May 2010: AD:keY, Bodystyler, Frontal and Hymns of Sex

Spring fuels love and apparently endless energy for more anhalt ebm! Or, for a combination of both, see Hymns of Sex compilation below. The four albums mentioned here are about to be released this month (May), but many other bands have been working on new noteworthy individual tracks - watch out for a post about these very soon!

Electric Tremor brings two new releases. AD:keY are back with their second official album, which promises a mix of the old school Armageddon Dildos sound and anhalt EBM, which we have come to expect from this band. Those who long for more female vocals in this kind of music, watch out! The album is titled "That's It!" and will be released on 17. May. It features a remix by some entirely unknown very-underground band called Agonoize (maybe it plays polka influenced future pop? We really do not know), which Electric Tremor suggests you should give a cold shoulder to. If you are a "die-hard old school Tremorian" that is! (Which you are. If you are not, do more push-ups while blasting anhalt ebm! And drink Jäger!). AD:keY are also a part of the hard-stomping concert night in Rome 15. May, organized by Elektro Kommando. Spetsnaz and Klonavenus will also play at this event. 

The other release from ET is the Bodystyler box, which includes tons of new remixes of their older songs (by Tech Nomader, U.M.M., Bodylink, and Lokomotiv), as well as three new Bodystyler tracks. Strictly limited to only 50 copies, this even has a magnetic casette with exclusive tracks and remixes on it. For those who don't have the possibility to play this kind of historical item, there is an EP (separate to the box, that is: a different release) which includes all the material from the casette. Additionally, remember that Bodystyler is a part of the WGT warm-up in Leipzig on 20. May, a concert which also will include performances from Coinside and Camping Im Keller. Bodystylah!

Another anhalt ebm band Frontal has been silent for a couple of years, but they apparently have been busy creating new material - the new album "Alles Lüge" will be released on 28. May, and can already be pre-ordered. It has 10 new tracks, of which only one has been released before on a sampler from Electro Arc. Also, Frontal will be opening the third day of the magnificent (really) Familientreffen VI festival this July.

Last, but not least, the ebm-perverts have created a new old school/anhalt EBM compilation, which is a follow up to the few-years old Hymns of Steel compilation, by Machineries of Joy label. The new one is called Hymns of Sex, and all tracks have filthy dirty titles. That is 19 new exclusive songs about sleezy things. This will be released 24. May, and it better not have moaning in all of the songs - because some of us have a family to consider when we listen to this! In any case, this compilation is very promising, including a variety of new and old EBM bands, the cream (dirty pun?) of the scene. The track list is as follows:

      01. kant kino - what's your porn
      02. leaether strip - invade my body
      03. club amour - pain and pleasure
      04. ekobrottsmyndigheten - mina villkor
      05. darkmen - bodytalk (sm mix)
      06. lokomotiv - do it
      07. tet - damn body deception (cyber uplink remix)
      08. a.d.a.c. 8286 - fuck for future
      09. autodafeh - sex on the dancefloor
      10. umm - pay for sex
      11. pentagon - sklave (orange sector remix)
      12. oldschool union - too mellow for me
      13. the horrorist - blow the kiss
      14. ad:key - pornokratie
      15. plastic noise experience - sexuality
      16. guerilla - sensory devotion
      17. ionic vision - she is (my favourite pornstar) (masturbation mix)
      18. millimetric - porno anguish
      19. armageddon dildos - big tits (ionic size d mix)

Sunday 9 May 2010

Out Of Line release "EBM" (old school compilation)

Simply titled "EBM", this newly released compilation is the ultimate collection of old school EBM tracks. It features all the legendary pioneers (Front 242, DAF, although there is no Nitzer Ebb), and some of newer most skilled and unique bands that had recently revived old school EBM: Jäger 90, Spetsnaz, Pouppée Fabrikk, etc.

For someone familiar with this genre of music, only tracks from Jäger 90, Pouppée Fabrikk, Nordarr, Container 90, and Rummelsnuff (remixed by Leæther Strip) will be new. The remaining ones are old legendary hits, which is in a way slightly disappointing: new tracks from these bands would definitely be a treat! However, if this compilation is meant to draw more attention to old school ebm and its newer still very underground bands, by using the popularity of Front 242 and DAF, it can be justified. If anything, this 17-track collection is the ultimate choice for a old school ebm drink-beer-Jäger-and-dance/stomp fest! Uh..!

Especially noteworthy and entirely new tracks are Jäger 90 "Wir Brauchen Kein Feuer (Flagge Zeigen)", which continues to show off their skill at creating their own sound and a great catchy track, although staying entirely minimal through the whole process. Pouppée Fabrikk "SYMPTOM (Hard Cut Mix)" is another one, which does justice to old tracks by this band, as well as Volt, CAP, Menticide, and so on. Probably, this is a taste of their new album that is going to be released sometime in the near future, in which case we are in for a hard-beating treat (100% guitar free too!). "Straight Jacket" from Container 90 is another great and fast electropunk track, and "Pumper (Leæther Strip Remix)" from Rummelsnuff is very bass-filled and hard beating track with distinctive clean vocals that we have come to expect from this muscular man.

The complete tracklist:
01. Front 242 “Operating Tracks”
02. Container 90 “Straight Jacket”
03. Rummelsnuff “Pumper (Leather Strip Remix)"
04. A Split Second “Mambo Witch (Single Cut)” 
05. Spetsnaz "Apathy“
06. DAF “Alle gegen Alle”
07. Dupont “Run For Protection”
08. Vomito Negro “Stay Alive V.2K9"
09. Leæther Strip “Japanese Bodies”
10. The Klinik “Quiet In The Room”
11. Cabaret Voltaire “I want you”
12. Jäger 90 "Wir brauchen Kein Feuer (Flaggge zeigen)“
13. Pankow “Me and my ding dong”
14. NordarR "Craving"
15. Pouppee Fabrikk “Symptom (Hard Cut Mix)”

16. Signal Aout 42 “My Dream”
17. Turnbull A.C's “We can drink without having fun”

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Interview with Equitant

For many, Equitant is known through outstandingly great, monotonic, hard beating EBM tracks "Körperwärme" and "Mekanik". Last year Equitant created a new project, a collaboration with Yasmin Gate, which presented tracks of the same quality. This time with great female vocals, which being a rare thing in old school EBM, Yasmin fits this music extremely well. In both Equitant and Equitant & Yasmin Gate projects you can hear what is some of the hardest beats in old school EBM genre, with a touch of old school techno, and a great deal of hard energy stemming from Nitzer Ebb's "That Total Age" album. Being the only old school EBM artist from the US, Equitant stands out in modern EBM scene with its own well-developed sound, and receives an additional amount of Eine Tasse Jäger worship! It is in order with an interview - and while you read it, listen to Equitant's myspace player - and, oh great Jägerbottle forbid!, try to resist go on looking for a sledgehammer to smash things with, in rhythm. Or (stomp)dance, if that is more your thing. Or just nod your head in accordance to the beats, if you are shamefully lazy.

1TJ: Equitant has existed for a long time, going as far back as 1993. Can you shortly tell the history of this project?

Equitant: Equitant was formed around the same time I was doing another side project band called “Equimanthorn” in 1993. This was very dark ritual style synth music, and very experimental. I wanted to do something on my own with no other members, something that was just a synthesizer and myself. So I set out to write and record a few was nothing like my music today. It was more or less synth music in the style of Tangerine Dream or Mort Garson, a dark Tangerine Dream with some vocal narrations over the sounds. It was all very “movie sound track” oriented. After 1994 nothing was done with my solo work. It was not until 1999 that I started making electronic music with drum machines, and beats…techno oriented.

1TJ: You were in thrash metal band Absu, which is musically different from Equitant. Did your experience in Absu influence Equitant musically?

Equitant: Not really. Though it did give me the experience of the whole "writing music process”, working with members and the music business in general. Doing extreme Speed Metal/Black Metal is far from doing electronic music. But, the 2 do have some similarities, the heaviness and the aggression; and both are darker forms of music. Those are 2 things very much in common with these forms of music.

1TJ: What music do you listen to, in general?

Equitant: I started out listening to Punk Rock in the 80’s, then discovered metal, then 70's progressive rock/art rock etc. In the early 90's the two that really opened the doors to electronic music for me were Kraftwerk and Laibach. These days it is mainly electronic music that I listen to, electro, EBM, techno, italodisco etc. Any electronic music from the 80’s is always great!

1TJ: What influences the music you create for Equitant?

Equitant: Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode...the earlier material of these three I prefer the most.

1TJ: You run Black Montanas label entirely alone? Can you tell us about this label in general in a few words? What is its vision?

Equitant: I do run the label alone, and it’s very hard work, but totally worth it. Black Montanas originally started as a magazine in the early 90's, and then became my label for early Equitant demos in 2002. In 2007 it became strictly a digital Internet label. The label provides worldwide digital distribution and representation for independent artists of an electro, techno, EBM and experimental variety. We are distributed worldwide through: Black Montanas Mp3 Shop, The Reliquary and Black Leather Records. You can find all the releases on itunes, amazon, emusic, rhapsody, junodownload + many more. The vision is just to expose people to some very good underground electronic music!

1TJ: How did you come up with the collaboration project between Equitant and Yasmin Gate?

Equitant: Of course I was a fan of her past project "Dirty Princess". I first got in contact with Yasmin through "Red Industrie" (Mexico). They wanted me to do a remix of "Electro Body" that featured Yasmin on vocals. So ELITE! and myself both did remixes for this track and released it on Black Montanas. We wrote the songs from the ground up, since Red Industrie did not send us any samples for the remix, only Yasmin's vocal track. So we gave the song a nice EBM feel. After this Yasmin and I became good friends. I had been working on demos for some new tracks, just a few loops. So I sent these to her and she did the vocals, lyrics and named the song "That's All". I then re-worked and re-wrote the song from these few loops and her voice. We then decided to release it as "Equitant & Yasmin Gate", and not just "Equitant". I also produced a song "You Know What I Want" for her debut album that will be out on Space Factory Records (France). Along with other collaborators: T Raumschmiere, Ikki, Douglas McCarthy, Migue Garcia and Petra Flur. Look out for it!

1TJ: Do you have more future plans for Equitant & Yasmin Gate?

Equitant: We plan to do a new EP maybe this summer, if we are not too busy. Time will tell I guess. We did just release a remix release of artists remixing "That's All" on Black Montanas called “That’s All The Remixes”. Some very good remixes by Adriano Canzian, Mini, The Crime, The Crime & Yan Sizov, Kaball, Salamander, Darank, Fabrique, Cute Heels, Ciudad 70, Strange Connection, C. Denza, Jonathann Cast, Lethargy, Ruben Montesco, The Blisters Boyz, Struck 9, Jauzas The Shining and Heko.

1TJ: And general future plans for Equitant?

Equitant: Right now I am working on a few new remixes. After this I will stop work on remixes and the label to start my 4th full-length album. It will be a long process, at least 8 months to write. So I am looking forward to it.

1TJ: Equitant is more or less the only old school EBM band from the US, that we are familiar with here in Europe. How is old school EBM scene in the US?

Equitant: Heh, I don't know of any good old school EBM from the states. Europe is the capital of this style of music! Texas does have a great EBM label about an hour from my city, in Austin Texas, "Sigsaly Transmissions". A very good label with: AUTODAFEH, K-BEREIT, IMPULSE CONTROL, NTRSN, PORTION CONTROL, RED FLAG, VOID KAMPF, XP8.

1TJ: Are you going to come to Europe to perform live someday? 

Equitant: I do hope to come to Europe one day again...the last time I was in Europe was 1997, its been too long.!! Maybe this year I will return once again. I hope so. I have had some offers, but noting for sure yet. Thanks for the interview!

So here's a few cups of Jäger in hope of seeing Equitant bring his hard beats to let's say, Familientreffen!

Monday 22 March 2010

New releases: Void Kampf, Autodafeh, and Guerrilla

Void Kampf have been making oldschool EBM with a techno influence since 1999, and after three self-released albums (which by the way can be downloaded for free from their official page, see the link to the right!), their first official album "Severe Mais Juste" is a few days out on Sigsally Transmissions. The video trailer for this release promises fat basslines and panzer beats, which is exactly what you get! This album is perfect for synchronized push-ups. It is extremely masculine, heavy, r e a l l y hard-beating and definitely worth the long wait it took to finally hear it! It can be purchased as a CD with a LEGO-influence, or as a digital download on various sites. Rock the club!

Autodafeh is another band coming from Sigsally Transmissions and the new album "Identity Unknown" has been out for more or less one month. This release continues in the fashion of Front 242, this time to some extent it seems less old school and closer to their later releases. It also very fittingly includes a remix from Front's Daniel B, which might make you think of their Up Evil sound. With all this talk about F242, it is important to remind that Autodafeh are not copying, but rather are influenced. Identity Unknown shows a professional band which without a single doubt knows what it's doing, and which has developed its own sound in the old school ebm and general electronic music scene. This release can be found on various sites for digital and real-world purchase on tons of sites on the internet - google is your friend (really)! Crash and burn!

Guerrilla has been teasing us with promises of a new album for quite some time, and without any huge announcements, it apparently has been out for a month or two already. Entitled "Industrialisation" and presenting nine entirely old school EBM tracks with clean vocals, it can be purchased for digital and cheap download, or as hard copies for the hard elite. All the hard information regarding the hard debute of the Dutch Guerrilla can be found here. To have a listen, check out their Myspace. Hör Opp!

Fun old school EBM fact! The name Void Kampf is influenced by a science fiction novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep".

Fun old school EBM fact #2, otherwise known as the Dolph-syndrome! EkoBrottsMyndigheten is about to release a new album! Jäger!

Monday 15 March 2010

New EP from Spark! - Genom Stormen

The Swedish duo Spark! are back with a new EP release - "Genom Stormen", this time released through Progress Productions. It will be available on April 14th this year, and can otherwise be pre-ordered any time right here. It may also be available for digital purchase.

This new EP includes four new tracks, of which two are remixes by old EBM veterans Leæther Strip and Project-X. The new songs are "Genom Stormen" and "Tankens Mirakel". You can preview one of those on their Myspace, where it seems Spark! are continuing farther in their fashion of making hard beating old school EBM with a stronger presence of melody.

For more Spark! experience - make sure not to miss them on this year's Familientreffen! They can otherwise be seen performing on 23. April and 29. May in Sweden. Wear a blue sock on your left foot, and a yellow one on your right.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Old school and anhalt EBM on Spotify

Old school and anhalt EBM has made its entrance into Spotify, so it is naturally about time to sum it all up and present the links here. I will update this post as new albums appear there, and you can always access it on the list of "downloads" to the right. ---->

A little thanks to A.D.A.C. 8286 for the nice stomping logo!

For those who are not familiar with it, Spotify is a free and legal program that lets you listen to music, but has some harmless commercial breaks from time to time (that after a while make you want to bash your bottle into your monitor). It is unfortunately only available in some countries, so not everyone can use it yet. In case you don't have Spotify, search google for "spotify invites" and you should find it for free.

With a little help of Afront's old school EBM playlist, here are all the old school EBM and anhalt EBM albums in alphabetical order on Spotify (this link is a collective playlist of all oldschool and anhalt EBM by clonn):

New Oldschool EBM and Anhalt EBM:

Oldschool EBM:

In case I missed something, or something new came up, write a comment, and I will cheer and drink eine tasse jäger for your help! Stompify!

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Happy 24/2!

The international EBM day, for obvious reasons! A good day to drink beer and Jäger (many tasses!), do pushups, drink more Jäger, and stomp around till the floor starts making unhealthy little noises. Or, if you are lucky, there may be an event going on in your city. Destroy the floor of their locale instead!

In case you lack music for your celebration, check out the Vox Insana blog, which does a great job in promoting old school EBM, including downloads of many very underground and rare bands and releases.

And last, but not least, this day is perfectly fitting to present the final line-up for Electric Tremor's Familientreffen VI (all, except one yet unknown band which will open the festival on Thursday). So you can stomp and dance on eastern German asphalt! There is only one thing to say in relation to this: if you like the music that this blog promotes, you simply have to be there. There is no other choice! Familientreffen this year is going even more old school than ever before, with several bands brought back from the 80s and early 90s, as well as a great dose of newer anhalt EBM! If you desire, you can show your attending devotion in RSVP (whatever that means) on Facebook page we created for this.

Behold the legendary line-up, or go to the original festival page to view various information.

22:00-22:30 TBA
22:30-23:00 The Eurofightaz (a Jäger 90 related project)
plus DJ activity for the rest of the night

18:30-18:50 T.W.A.T.
19:00-19:20 Hatbrott
19:30-19:50 A.D.A.C. 8286
20:00-20:35 Octoberland
20:45-21:30 SPARK!
21:40-22:25 DBS
22:35-23:20 C.C.C.P.
23:30-... Armageddon Dildos
00:30 DJs

16:30-16:50 Frontal
17:00-17:20 EkoBrottsMyndigheten
17:30-17:50 Astma
18:00-18:35 Combat Company
18:45-19:20 Turnbull A.C.s
19:30-20:15 Groupe T
20:25-21:10 AAAK
21:20-22:05 Schwefelgelb
22:15-22:05 Container 90
23:15-... Pankow
00:30 DJs

Friday 19 February 2010

Body Slam and Familientreffen 6

Body Slam is a newly released EP consisting of three Swedish old school ebm bands, each of their own style: Batch ID - (mixing old school EBM, a touch of punk, and synthpop), Stockholm Wrecking Crew (pure energy of old school EBM and electropunk), and No Sleep By The Machine (old school EBM with a unique slightly grim energy). Each band presents two tracks for this EP, making a total of six - in case you are too drunk to count (drink more Jäger!). More information can be gathered here (on the left side of the page, below band info, in case you are still too drunk to find it), and in relation to this EP there will be an event on 10th of April in Göteborg, naturally featuring all three bands.

And, Familientreffen 6, the best festival around in July (1-4) for fans of oldschool and anhalt EBM, already has a handful of bands confirmed: AAAK, Armageddon Dildos, Astma, C.C.C.P., EkoBrottsMyndigheten, Groupe T, Hatbrott, Octoberland, Schwefelgelb, SPARK!, T.W.A.T., and Turnbull A.C.s. Electric Tremor will publish the remaining line-up sometime during this weekend, so keep an eye out on the festival page! Notice the nifty countdown clock! (and drink more Jäger!)

Thursday 4 February 2010

EkoBrottsMyndigheten in Italy this Saturday

This is a recorded message coming directly from EkoBrottsMyndigheten. *Beep* "EVERYONE READY TO STOMP?! See you guys in Naples on saturday! Boots on and beer in hand!" *beep*

Add at least one "eine tasse Jäger" to boots and beer, and you will be 100% ready. The event is this Saturday, February 7th, at Club House Europa, Naples. The opening band is Blood Shot Eyes, which is Italian anhalt EBM. If you do shamefully miss this event, you will get another chance to see EkoBrottsMyndigheten on Familientreffen this year.

Go to their Myspace to check out some of the new songs that haven't been released yet, like "Jimmy" or "Extremsport".

Remember to do push-ups if they play "Dolph Lundgren" song!! Jäger! Jäger!

Monday 18 January 2010

Oi meets old school EBM - interview with T.W.A.T.

T.W.A.T. emerged as one of the most unique projects last year, mixing oi and oldschool ebm styles, which led to very catchy and fresh results! EBM has always been to some level influenced by punk music through origins of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb, and this influence is present in most modern bands as well. However, T.W.A.T. is an entirely different case, because the Oi influence (which is unique from typical punk) stands out very strongly in their music - which results in an entirely outstanding mix. T.W.A.T. is the very first band to go in this direction, and is doing so with great success: listen for yourself on their Myspace. Their first full-length album is coming up soon, and they are one of the first bands to be confirmed for the legendary Familientreffen festival this summer, so for that occasion it dawned on us that it would be fitting with an interview..
1TJ: How did T.W.A.T start, what motivated you, and how did you come up with this unique mix of oi and ebm styles?
Martin: T.W.A.T. started with me (Martin Sax) wanting to bring together the best of my two favourite genres, EBM and Oi Punk, and make melodic EBM with some twists and in-your-face lyrics. My own views in different political and social questions often shine through in T.W.A.T.s lyrics as well.
I was already involved with the projects EkoBrottsMyndigheten and PROTOTYP, but none of those projects were right for the music-style I was after.
I made the song “Battleground” and uploaded it to Myspace. The response was fantastic and I knew I had found a style that was something a little different and that appealed to people.
1TJ: What music do you listen to in general?
Martin: I listen to a lot! Punk, Rock and different electronic genres, but I mainly listen to EBM and Oi. Lyrics-wise I have always been impressed with the storytelling of Nick Cave and I think that sometimes shows in my lyrics as well. The ability to write good refrains is what makes most of my favourite bands special.
1TJ: What are the lyrical themes in your music?

Martin: Everything and anything! Everything that passes through my brain and anything that pisses me off makes for good lyrics-material. Often it’s about the life and situation of the working class and the problems and troubles we have to live through every day.
1TJ: There is a new album coming soon: tell about it?
Martin: It will be great! I’m sure that everyone who liked what we’ve done so far will be more than satisfied. It will contain the best of the demo tracks in new versions and some new songs as well. We are wrapping it up right now and hopefully it will be ready for you to enjoy in spring 2010. It will be titled “Blood, Sweat & Teargas”.
1TJ: How was the live experience in Leipzig earlier last year?
Martin: It was the best welcome ever! Mary S. Sax (musician and back vocalist) joined up with T.W.A.T. before the Leipzig-concert and is now a constant member of the band. We weren’t expecting anything as it was our first gig, but the place was packed with people and everyone was dancing like crazy and knew the lyrics and sang along. It was just great! Both Mary and I were totally ecstatic afterwards.
1TJ: What are your general future plans for T.W.A.T.?
Martin: I just want to continue writing good songs and keep getting better and better at doing that. Hopefully we will also get to play live a lot more! That’s perhaps the best part of making music and having a band. The feeling is amazing.
1TJ: You have released all your music for free download for everyone so far. Very few bands do this nowadays, so what motivated you to do it?
Martin: I’m not doing this for the money. I think our music should be for everyone to enjoy, not just people who can afford to buy it. So the full album will be available for free download for everyone and on CD as a collectors-item.
1TJ: Do the letters in T.W.A.T. stand for something in particular?
Martin: Yes, but that is a huge secret, and if I told you - I would have to kill you!

As Eine Tasse Jäger dispatches spies to interrogate T.W.A.T. for the meaning of these letters, look out for future updates on the details about the new album! Check their official homepage for discography, lyrics, videos and free song downloads!

Thursday 14 January 2010

New releases from Ionic Vision, Sturm Café, and live events in Italy

Elektro Kommando presents two events this winter and spring, both taking place in Italy.

Ionic Vision (accompanied by Halo Effect) will perform this Saturday (January 16th) in Club House Europe in Napoli. This event will also present the newest release from Ionic Vision, entitled "Complete Isolation". Exclusive to this occasion, the band will bring the special very limited version of the album, including an additional 8 track EP. Details about the event can be viewed here.

Some months later (April 3rd) will present another old school EBM event in Rome, at Traffic Club. Headlined by Sturm Café and KROPP, this will be a great opportunity for those who missed those two "last" concerts by Sturm Café last year. The band was announced dead last February, and after 1 year's silence it has reborn with a new energy and is here to stay (hopefully forever this time!). The fresh and optimistic announcement from Sturm Café themselves can be read here.

Expect the release of 7" vinyl single "Koka Kola Freiheit" during January or February. The band otherwise promises more gigs and releases in the future, which will be spawned from their own label "Sturm Café Records". Take Café!

Watch this blog during the next few days for T.W.A.T. interview and a review of the magnificent old school EBM compilation "Der Arbeitende Mensch".