Friday 14 August 2015

Recent releases from Electro Arc and Sham Recordings + Container 90

Underground and obscure music right here!

Electro Arc has during the last couple of months released two noteworthy CDs. One spikes a particular interest in the anhalt EBM genre, because it takes yet another different approach to EBM punk. It's La Santé, a Swedish-Polish collaboration. What's different with this release is that it doesn't go the usual energy-filled and fast musical path. Instead La Santé's music is slower, a little bit laid back, but dark and serious. It's doesn't sound like it is intended for partying, but it still has a catchy beat most of the time. We have heard some of the tracks before as the music has existed in demo version for a year or two, so this new album is a collection of both newer and older tracks. Album is called "Punk Body Music" and is available in various digital formats as well as a physical CD, which can be bought directly from Electro Arc (

The other release from Electro Arc is one of their always exciting and varied compilations: Net Ware Honeybox. This time it has a very wide range of musical genres, and a few concentrated around anhalt EBM. It includes to a varying extent known acts as Rebel Empire (Mexican EBM punk), La Santé, a very wickedly happy track from Invasion of Female Logic, and a track from Werksfront (German anhalt EBM punk) , which you certainly will be hearing more from very soon. The best track on Net Ware Honeybox is a AD:KeY Remix of Robotiko Rejekto and their "Control Your Robot" track. This one gets a truly epic remix, which has a good deal of legendary Armageddon Dildos feeling. New Ware Honeybox is available online all over the world through various digital distributors and streamers:

Next up from independent alternative labels are three releases from Sham Recordings, better known as the label from Ronny from Container 90.

The most exciting release from this package is an EP from Container 90 - Roller Derby Girls. Dedicated to local Swedish Roller Derby Girls, it contains (yes, it contains) six versions of the same track, but which all are outstandingly different, except for the lyrics. There is the mandatory EBM punk version in proper Container 90 style. Then we have a catchy 80s electro version, a rocked-up '79 version, some sort of reggae '69 version, and the punchy 909 version which is mainly electro-house music. The last track is an unplugged accoustic version. Now, I don't know if Container 90 collaborated with other musicians on this EP, but in any case it shows a very wide range of musical styles and is simply put very impressive. You can get this release from Container shop ( or stream on Spotify. It's available both as CD and vinyl.

Earlier this year Sham Recordings also released two more obscure releases, only available as vinyl: Claus Fovea and Kardinaljävel. Both are 7 inchers. Claus Fovea is pure old school industrial electronics, monotonic and minimalist, with late 70's and early 80's influences. According to the label, it should appeal to fans of Snowy Red, Absolute Body Control and early recordings by Neon Judgement and Vomito Negro. You can check out track samples from the Sham Recordings page.

The other vinyl release of Kardinaljävel turns to a more EBM-oriented sound. The band name means "bastard cardinal". The music is raw and messy, fronting a typical early industrial EBM sound, which might remind of S.P.K and Throbbing Gistle, as well as DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses. It is definetly unique material in modern industrial scene. You can check out sound samples from Kardinaljävel on Sham Recordings page.