Wednesday 17 December 2008

Jäger 90 - Meine Angst

Eine Tasse Jäger blog had a bad power outage..also defined as being cut off from internet for more than two weeks. But Eine Tasse Jäger is back now.

In any case, during that time the new Jäger 90 song finally was released on Advanced Electronics 7. It comes from the same production period as Muskeln & Küsse album, and you can clearly hear it in the sound. Advanced Electronics compilations being quite popular and including many known names from ebm and industrial scene, this should bring more attention to Jäger 90, which they clearly deserve. Meine Angst is a great hard beating more melodic track, strongly suggested to all EBM fans. Unfortunately I couldn't find any samples on the net that I could link to. I will post them as soon as I do.

Jäger 90 are soon to appear on stage in Rome, Italy. Stomping experience on 20th December! More details can be found here. A must-see for all (oldschool) ebm fans if you are around that part of the world during this time.