Wednesday 30 June 2010

Familientreffen VI: It's time!

See you there! Bring left boot, right boot, and eine tasse Jäger + viele tasses beer!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Mega-secret info about new EkoBrottsMyndigheten album

Jäger! Jäger! Shout it from the rooftops!

And I did. From the roof of a building with this logo on it. In Sweden, of course. I was drunk (guess on what), so I fell through the chimney and landed on a box with this logo on it. It said "dangerous materials inside, do not open". As good electro hooligan that I am, of course I opened it.

On the inside I found an envelope, with confidential information. I stole the whole SHEBANG and later when I opened it, I found secrets about the new EkoBrottsMyndigheten album.

The album is called "Alla Tiders Bodykalas" and will be released on Familientreffen in July. 18 new tracks, including fresh material and newer versions of older songs! Professional artwork and press, and all that! It looks like it's going to be a EBM classic even before we have heard it. EkoBrottsMyndigheten will play on Saturday on Familientreffen. Be there! Drink Jäger/beer! Do pushups! Buy album!

Tracklist is as follows:

001 - ...och köper öl
002 - Extremsport
003 - Kängdans (feat. B.B) [3-edit]
004 - Jimmy
005 - Eine Tasse Jäger
006 - Noch ein Tasse jäger [3-edit]
007 - Dolph
008 - Lördag
009 - Nu blåser vi snuten
010 - Steam & Heat
011 - Get your fists up [3-edit]
012 - Sminkad som en idiot
and also...
013 - Män av stål [3-edit]
014 - Marines
015 - Totally EJBEÄM
016 - Ung rebell [3-edit]
017 - Du rör och du dör (feat DJ Lassie)
018 - Vårkänslor