Monday 22 March 2010

New releases: Void Kampf, Autodafeh, and Guerrilla

Void Kampf have been making oldschool EBM with a techno influence since 1999, and after three self-released albums (which by the way can be downloaded for free from their official page, see the link to the right!), their first official album "Severe Mais Juste" is a few days out on Sigsally Transmissions. The video trailer for this release promises fat basslines and panzer beats, which is exactly what you get! This album is perfect for synchronized push-ups. It is extremely masculine, heavy, r e a l l y hard-beating and definitely worth the long wait it took to finally hear it! It can be purchased as a CD with a LEGO-influence, or as a digital download on various sites. Rock the club!

Autodafeh is another band coming from Sigsally Transmissions and the new album "Identity Unknown" has been out for more or less one month. This release continues in the fashion of Front 242, this time to some extent it seems less old school and closer to their later releases. It also very fittingly includes a remix from Front's Daniel B, which might make you think of their Up Evil sound. With all this talk about F242, it is important to remind that Autodafeh are not copying, but rather are influenced. Identity Unknown shows a professional band which without a single doubt knows what it's doing, and which has developed its own sound in the old school ebm and general electronic music scene. This release can be found on various sites for digital and real-world purchase on tons of sites on the internet - google is your friend (really)! Crash and burn!

Guerrilla has been teasing us with promises of a new album for quite some time, and without any huge announcements, it apparently has been out for a month or two already. Entitled "Industrialisation" and presenting nine entirely old school EBM tracks with clean vocals, it can be purchased for digital and cheap download, or as hard copies for the hard elite. All the hard information regarding the hard debute of the Dutch Guerrilla can be found here. To have a listen, check out their Myspace. Hör Opp!

Fun old school EBM fact! The name Void Kampf is influenced by a science fiction novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep".

Fun old school EBM fact #2, otherwise known as the Dolph-syndrome! EkoBrottsMyndigheten is about to release a new album! Jäger!

Monday 15 March 2010

New EP from Spark! - Genom Stormen

The Swedish duo Spark! are back with a new EP release - "Genom Stormen", this time released through Progress Productions. It will be available on April 14th this year, and can otherwise be pre-ordered any time right here. It may also be available for digital purchase.

This new EP includes four new tracks, of which two are remixes by old EBM veterans Leæther Strip and Project-X. The new songs are "Genom Stormen" and "Tankens Mirakel". You can preview one of those on their Myspace, where it seems Spark! are continuing farther in their fashion of making hard beating old school EBM with a stronger presence of melody.

For more Spark! experience - make sure not to miss them on this year's Familientreffen! They can otherwise be seen performing on 23. April and 29. May in Sweden. Wear a blue sock on your left foot, and a yellow one on your right.

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Old school and anhalt EBM on Spotify

Old school and anhalt EBM has made its entrance into Spotify, so it is naturally about time to sum it all up and present the links here. I will update this post as new albums appear there, and you can always access it on the list of "downloads" to the right. ---->

A little thanks to A.D.A.C. 8286 for the nice stomping logo!

For those who are not familiar with it, Spotify is a free and legal program that lets you listen to music, but has some harmless commercial breaks from time to time (that after a while make you want to bash your bottle into your monitor). It is unfortunately only available in some countries, so not everyone can use it yet. In case you don't have Spotify, search google for "spotify invites" and you should find it for free.

With a little help of Afront's old school EBM playlist, here are all the old school EBM and anhalt EBM albums in alphabetical order on Spotify (this link is a collective playlist of all oldschool and anhalt EBM by clonn):

New Oldschool EBM and Anhalt EBM:

Oldschool EBM:

In case I missed something, or something new came up, write a comment, and I will cheer and drink eine tasse jäger for your help! Stompify!