Thursday 31 October 2013

Did you know.. (A quick catch up on new releases)

Did you know..

..that No Sleep By The Machine just (on Bodyfest) released their newest album MMXIII? It has a mix of various tracks that have been created several years ago, as well as newer ones. With this release No Sleep By The Machine continue in their own unique musical style, but as always keeping some of that their own adapted The Klinik magic. Seems so far this album is only being sold whenever they play live, which luckily for you happens pretty often!

..that Sturm Café in all secrecy has made 242 copies of a double CD, called Rarities? This one has many of their old tracks released from 2002 and onwards, many of which so far had only been floating in the underground file sharing services. Some newer tracks like for example Beatclub Lied or Fegefeuer are included as well. You will also find older version of tracks that were later on Sturm Café’s debut album So Seelisch So Schön. The second CD is a live recording of a concert they held in 2005. You can order this CD by sending an e-mail to

..that Pouppée Fabrikk have remastered and digitally released their three old albums Portent, Rage, and We Have Come To Drop Bombs? The remaster is extremely well done and breathes live and punch (as in with a FIST, not the drink) in older recordings. These are only digitally available (at least so far) and each album includes some extra rarities, like different versions of Summon The Spirits. On the same note, Pouppée Fabrikk are working on EP releases featuring some of the tracks that appeared on The Dirt album earlier this year. Next up is H8 U, and will include various remixes by other bands, much like the EP Bring Back The Ways of Old.

..That EkoBrottsMyndigheten have made a new bouncy track about something called Bockwurst? Sounds like a food. This is their newest track and follows in the same hooligan-party EBM style that they are known for. Additionally, you can get their Alla Tiders Bodykallas album for free on bandcamp, but here you can also chose to give them some hard-earned monetary units, which hopefully will be spent on beer and making of new tracks that make fun of Norway!

..That Equitant is working on a remastered collection of his truly hard-hitting EBM classics? This time not coming out on his own label Black Montanas, but EK Product.

..That White Trash Wankers is a project made by Stechschritt and A.D.A.C. 8286? As the name implies, there is lots of humour and wanking included in their tracks, which so far have only been released online. EineTasseJäger has asked if there will be an album release (which definitely should happen: White Trash Wankers is a very unique and refreshing sound with some psychobilly included, in our world of EBM), and is awaiting reply.