Wednesday 17 December 2008

Jäger 90 - Meine Angst

Eine Tasse Jäger blog had a bad power outage..also defined as being cut off from internet for more than two weeks. But Eine Tasse Jäger is back now.

In any case, during that time the new Jäger 90 song finally was released on Advanced Electronics 7. It comes from the same production period as Muskeln & Küsse album, and you can clearly hear it in the sound. Advanced Electronics compilations being quite popular and including many known names from ebm and industrial scene, this should bring more attention to Jäger 90, which they clearly deserve. Meine Angst is a great hard beating more melodic track, strongly suggested to all EBM fans. Unfortunately I couldn't find any samples on the net that I could link to. I will post them as soon as I do.

Jäger 90 are soon to appear on stage in Rome, Italy. Stomping experience on 20th December! More details can be found here. A must-see for all (oldschool) ebm fans if you are around that part of the world during this time.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

A new release from KROPP


KROPP has finally launched an official webpage, where you can listen to and buy songs in mp3 format. This includes many songs that you might have heard on Myspace, but also three new ones (at least they were new to Eine Tasse Jäger blog). You can get single songs or purchase the whole album.

For those who aren't familiar with KROPP, expect a maximal Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age experience, not the least when it comes to vocals. However, also note that the lyrics are in Swedish! Scroll down below and find the very first entry in this blog for a detailed discription of this powerful old school ebm act.

Monday 24 November 2008

Two upcoming old school and anhalt ebm events in Germany

December 5th and December 6th!

Those two events deserve a special notice as they actually reach a festival standard, especially if you are willing to travel between Berlin and Leipzig. That, and the fantastic line-up!

December 5th in Berlin: Headlined by the old timers Yelworc from many years ago, with their old school dark ebm. This is their first live concert after 15 years, so special it is. The other bands are newer, but still very old school: Blue Eyed Christ, Ad:KeY, Kommando XY, and Franz Riss.

December 6th in Leipzig: Headlined by Sturm Café and Blue Eyed Christ, and supported by Ad:KeY, Kommando XY, Franz Riss, and A.D.A.C. 8286. The event is fittingly entitled "These Boots Are Made For Stomping". Expect a dancable experience then!

If you aren't familiar with those bands, scroll below to find descriptions of some of them or follow the Myspace links. In any case, both concerts should appeal to all old school EBM fans. For those who are familiar with these acts, you know that you want to go! Kommando XY will by this time
have released their new album, so expect new material live! For those wondering about Franz Riss, the myspace page only presents ambient tracks. For a more fitting demonstration scroll below and follow the link to Stakkato.

There is only one negative side about this, that Eine Tasse Jäger blog won't be attending any of these two, due to economical reasons. It takes money to travel from Norway to Germany!

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Updates on Jäger 90, KROPP, and SPARK!

Jäger 90 have recently released their third album "Muskeln & Küsse" on Electric Tremor, although it has existed as a CDR release for quite some time. The band has been silent otherwise, except for occasional live shows and side projects such as Franz Riss and Stakkato. It is thus good to see that Jäger 90 are still releasing new stuff: a new track from them will be appearing on Advanced Electronics 7, along with material from other various ebm and electro bands. The song is called Meine Angst, and the compilation should be released on 28th November, which is not far away from here. Needless to say, this blog is hugely and "fanboy-ishly" favouriting Jäger 90, claiming that it is the best thing that has happened to EBM in last 10 years. Carying the old school german originality and vision of DAF farther, Jäger 90 have released three albums, the last one (Muskeln und Küsse) being quite original and different, this band is strongly suggested to every EBM fan, not only the old school. Look at their homepage, although it hasn't been updated for a while. Or head over to myspace for song demos.

Other recent updates regard KROPP: you can now see it live in Sweden, in Klubb Kalabalik in a town called Växjö. This will be happening on 28th November (eek). Bring knife, wine, or red lips (kniv, vin, röda läppar). For info on the location and similar, go here. Or else, you can hear a newer version of an older song Aldrig Utan Dig on KROPP Myspace.

And a quick reference to SPARK! again! Kick me! They have two new very nice songs put up on their myspace: Ett Lejon I Dig (a lion in you) and Glassbilen (ice-cream truck), both being quite fresh and nice takes on old school ebm.

Sunday 16 November 2008


The Dutch Guerrilla is hard-beating, heavy old school ebm. You may know the related projects such as DNF, the newly discovered Agrezzior, and Xolez.

The band has released quite many songs, and recently put up some new ones on their Myspace, so this blog is notifying you. Check them out for heavy and hard monotonic masculine experience! Sometimes it reminds a little of DNF for those who are familiar with it (those who aren't, watch out for an introduction in the nearest future). However, Guerrilla presents clean vocals and slightly more heavy stomping drum beats than a typical neo-old school or anhalt ebm band. Listen for yourself in the link above!

"Under The Red Star"!

Friday 14 November 2008

Kommando XY: new album!

Kommando XY are coming from the North (Sweden that is) to hunt you down, the way they hunt down moose in their own cold Swedish woods. The release date of the new album is set to 1. December, it's title will to be "Welcome to Gestrikland".

In case you are wondering what moose has to do with any of this, I urge you to go and read the interview by Electric Tremor, regarding the new release.

For the unknowing, Kommando XY is Swedish old school EBM, with a good amount of humour and a greater amount of RAW sound and vocals. Coming from Gustav, who also is a member of Sturm Café, you can recognize some similarities with the latter. They have a few releases behind them already, and you can hear a collection of their older material and stuff from the upcoming album on their Myspace. This band should appeal to any old school and anhalt ebm fan, some may experience it as a more raw version of Sturm Café (which again in turn should appeal to fans of old school Nitzer Ebb and DAF).

Tuesday 11 November 2008


New album from AD:keY, called Thema Nummer Eins is soon released on Electric Tremor (thanks to Tanzbefehl for tip). This is their first album, presenting old school ebm in the standard way everyone would prefer, but yet still being a little different. It should be out on 25.
November, and by then you should be able to find it on Electric Tremor pages. For nice old school sounds, check their Myspace. Those are a nice introduction of how the album will be.

Hoch die Hämmer!

Friday 24 October 2008

Some news about Container 90, Sturm Café, Kommando XY, SPARK!, and Franz Riss or Stakkato

Whoever thought that this new wave of old school ebm wasn't to stay, was wrong!

Today (which is 24, October), the good old stomping masters of Container 90 release a new album "
World ChampionShit". Sure, they sold themselves out to Out Of Line records, and no longer can we quote the intro to their previous album: "we are no fucking sell-out", and there being no future.. But who cares now? We have another nice album from punk-influenced Swedish EBM masters. I will follow this up with a review of World ChampionShit once I get it.

More new Swedish stuff to come. Sturm Café and Kommando XY are working on new material and have finished quite some of it apparently, and by the end of this year there should be albums released from both. There are concerts lined up for both in Germany (5th and 6th December), so one can hope for the albums to be released before that time.

SPARK! are also working. Early 2009 should be the time for their new album. So far you can hear a new song on their myspace.

And more EBM news, as if this was some nice news channel. Franz Riss has a new project called Stakkato, and has moved some of his new songs under that name, probably because of style differences between the new material and the debute album. Both those bands are side-projects from Jäger 90. Stakkato is releasing a CDR album right here.

You can also hear song samples there. Stakkato should appeal alot to fans of DAF, especially newer material. It is not as hard hitting stomping as a typical anhalt EBM band, but extremely good nonetheless. Hear for yourself!

Thursday 18 September 2008

SPARK! (a short notice)

A short notice about SPARK!, just in case someone is unaware or generally lonely this Saturday night and feel like taking a flight to Stockholm (unless they already live there) to experience nice Swedish hard beating old school EBM.

SPARK! are playing live at Bodytåget XI. Behold the flyer:

I will add an article about SPARK! sometime soon.

Thursday 14 August 2008


More good stuff from Germany!

Also a new band with one debut album released on Electric Tremor: here goes FRONTAL! The album is called EBM Freundschaft and presents proper old school inspired EBM with a tiny bit of more modern sound (naturally). Don't misunderstand "modern sound", this is by no means similar to modern EBM bands. FRONTAL stays true to the old school and should appeal to all fans of such.

FRONTAL is German, minimal but very strong, often catchy, and expressive. The vocals are unique (instead of describing I will let you listen for yourself - look for the link below). The band is as superb live as it is on the album - the performance on Familientreffen IV was great and charismatic (with Franz Riss).

"Beweg dich" !!!

The album EBM Freundschaft (which in addition to ten great tracks also includes a cover from Jäger 90 and Zentrum Der Arbeit) can be purchased from Electric Tremor or Zero01one.

Listen to FRONTAL songs on their Myspace page. I also borrowed all images in this post from there!

The band is as mentioned new and truly promising and I hope to hear much more in the future!

- EBM Freundschaft; EBM Musik!!

Thursday 31 July 2008

A.D.A.C 8286

One of the many new bands from Germany!

A.D.A.C 8286 is extra old school ebm and electropunk, with their first album release 13th June 2008 (which also was the starting date for Familientreffen IV festival - entirely 100% old school and anhalt ebm festival in Sandersleben, Germany), where the band also played live.

A.D.A.C 8286 can sometimes seem more hardcore in sound, slightly more heavy and punk than a typical electronic body music band. A little bit more straight-forward and agressive. However it remains firmly within old school and anhalt emb style. The band, with two different vocals, makes music about life, girls, work, factory, muscle, cars, and so on. One thing is that I don't know what A.D.A.C 8286 means literarily, anyone who knows feel free to comment or e-mail.

"Move your arms like a generator!"

You can listen to A.D.A.C 8286 songs here:

All the photos in this blog also come from their myspace page.

Their first album "Straight On" can be purchased on Electric Tremor shop:

Monday 21 July 2008


The first band to receive attention here shall be KROPP. Meaning "BODY" in Swedish, it is an entirely new band.

How many worship the old Nitzer Ebb? So Bright So Strong, or particularly That Total Age album ? After listening to it to death and more, one might want to hear something similar, but the truth is, nor the old nor the new ebm music inspired by the old ever managed to pull of an album filled with such energy.

KROPP sounds as a tribute to the old Nitzer Ebb, particularly in the vocals, even if it isn't equally energy-filled as That Total Age. There will be a link below to the band's Myspace page and you can hear for yourself. Many will recognize McCarthy's vocals in it. Otherwise KROPP presents proper old school ebm, which should appeal to everyone loving the old.

The band is on demo stage at this moment (summer, 2008). One demo release has been released last year, but it almost didn't have any vocals. The real thing with KROPP is the new unreleased tracks that you will find on Myspace. The bad thing is that not all songs are present there.. But they surely can be acquired in one way or another.

One special thing with KROPP is that it is entirely 100% Swedish, and the lyrics aren't about machines, factories, war and work.. In fact it often is the opposite - kissing, love, and who your heart beats for. But when that heart beat for that special someone is presented in raw old school sound, inspired by probably one of the strongest vocals of this planet (AUGH!!!!) and very hard beats..

Judge for yourself!

I will keep it up posted here in case any news or new tracks arrive.

Thursday 17 July 2008