Monday 23 February 2009

Here are some of the new unreleased songs from Sturm Café..

Sturm Café put up their newest unreleased tracks for free download (now that the second album won't be released after the split-up of the band), and I got the "OK" to publish them on this blog.

Download them here (rapidshare)
Here (sendspace) (in case rapidshare is too busy..)

These are five songs:
1. Tot (not the remixed version on Tot EP)
2. Der Löwe Ist Zurück
3. Morgen Kommt Der Schwede
4. 360 (instrumental)
5. Fegefeuer

Otherwise, another EP "Scheissnormal" from Sturm Café might eventually be released as the last from Sturm Café - here is to hoping that it comes true!

RIP Sturm Café 2001-2009

This blog is sad to bring you very disappointing news.

Sturm Café have split up, as announced by the band itself:

"From this day, 22st of February 2009, Sturm Café no longer exist as a band.
This decision was taken today by Gustav and Jonatan who both leaves the band without bad blood."

Sturm Café was one of the most known and popular bands in EBM since their successful debut album "So Seelisch So Schön". Largely influenced by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and early Nitzer Ebb, but also drawing influence from NDW, this band was different, funny, original, playful, catchy, pop, but always hard punching old school EBM. Therefore it is very sad to see one of the veterans of the revival of old school EBM disappear.

It is even more disappointing to see them go, considering all the live concerts that were lined up this spring and summer, as well as the planned new releases.

I will post an update soon about their newer tracks which were made for the new album.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

New album from Jäger 90

Carying the vision of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and early Nitzer Ebb farther, one of the most important and skilled bands in recent ten years of old school ebm, Jäger 90 announce that they are working with their fourth album.

The announcement only says the band is working with composing new tracks, and any potential recording and release date is impossible to define yet. However, the title for the new album is decided upon, and will be "Drischne Skasal".

Jäger 90 are otherwise lined up for several concerts this spring, so let's hope the album comes before then, although that doesn't seem likely. They will appear live in Sweden: Klubb Kalabalik in Växjo on 1. May, and on Bodytåget Club on 2. May. Farther, you can also see them in Germany during summer - 18. July on Amphi-Festival, 24. July on Familientreffen 5, and 4. September on Nocturnal Culture Night.

Monday 16 February 2009

News stream: T.W.A.T., Angstfabrikk, Batch ID, Guerrilla, Judge: Dred or The Blister Exists

Time has come for another load of old school ebm news, keeping up the news-channel image for this blog. *Insert commercial here: have a sip of Eine Tasse Jäger every day!*

T.W.A.T. continue their Oi! Body Music trend with another two new quality tracks, which you can now listen to on their myspace: "Gaza" and "The Barricades". Let's hope that T.W.A.T. get all the attention they deserve when they play at WGT warm-up on 28. May in Leipzig. The unique and different catchy style of this band is definetly worth everything.

Angstabrikk have released their album "Daneben heißt richtig liegen" and you can buy it and view the track list here. It includes many of the songs you can hear on their space, and interestingly a cover of Dead Kennedys old hit "California Über Alles". This album doesn't entirely present the style Eine Tasse Jäger is about, but some songs like S.W.G.A.C.D.S. will definetly appeal to old school ebm fans. You can see them live in Leipzig, 21. February (that's next weekend).

Guerrilla are preparing for their appearance on Familientreffen 5 this summer, with new tracks on their Myspace. Go there for a taste of more new minimalist old school ebm!

Batch ID are keeping it up with more new material as well: "EBM Girl" is their newest song and you can hear it on Myspace. The band has plans to release an album on their own label soon. While waiting for that to happen, you can download their song "Charterfront" for free here.

Judge: Dred has changed band name to The Blister Exists, and all older material and new album to come will be under this name. "Judge: Dred" had to be dropped because of potential copy right problems, when officially releasing an album on a label. Which should mean that this old school ebm band with their heavy Pouppée Fabrikk worshipping style, should release a debute soon. All hail The Blister Exists!

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Another good old school ebm compilation is coming: Electro Bosom.Buddies Music

Electro Arc and the "independent music maniac" Intrendent is releasing another old school ebm compilation this March 20th: Electro Bosom.Buddies Music.

Featuring mostly newer anhalt ebm and new old school ebm bands, this 1 CD compilation is a great introduction to this genre of music for those who aren't familiar with it. It holds a great variety of bands, so it should appeal to ebm veterans as well, making sure everyone is updated about the newest acts in this scene. In addition, some of the tracks appear to be exclusive.

The list:

AD:KeY - Agro's Baby
Guerrilla - What Are You
Darkmen - Accept The Pain(Cachin mix)
Dupont - Run For Protection(E-Arc edit)
Severe Illusion - Lost (Electro Arx mix)
A.D.A.C. 8286 - Sport Frei (Gymnastic Version)
Kraft - Stampfe
Ionic Vision - She Is (Masturbation Mix)
ELITE! - Mein Maedchen
Hagen's Brut - Angst
SPARK! - Boots
Body Pleasure - Dictatorship
Equitant - Koerperwaerme
UGH...! - Hauptsache Laut
Digital Factor - Dopamin
Struck 9 - Gunmaster
Judge: Dred - Wrong Respect(Slow Mix)
Standgericht - Totalitaer
Frontal - Aus Und Vorbei

The title Electro Bosom.Buddies Music certainly won't make EBM seem less gay, but it's all in the good fun. This compilation is a nice "warm-up" to the 4 CD Old School Electrology that will be released this June.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Here is some old school EBM for free download: Void Kampf and Lokomotiv

Void Kampf, the French old school EBM act have just been signed on Sigsaly Transmissions and have announced to release their new album this June. The title: "Sévère Mais Juste". They are also lined up for our beloved Familientreffen V festival in July.

Void Kampf are different in their music, expanding their tracks to techno and more noisy composition from time to time, yet always remaining EBM. There is also some humour involved - such as the marvellous EBM cover of an old 80s hit: Boys (Summertime Love) by Sabrina, which appears under the name "Hidden Track" in one of their demos.

Speaking of which, Void Kampf have been very generous and put up their three demos for download, entirely for free on their official homepage. Go there for download and view other general info about Void Kampf, or just follow these links directly:
Void Kampf - First Assault.
Void Kampf - Suck My Beat.
Void Kampf - Non Stop Sucking Beats.

Some won't admit it, but Eine Tasse Jäger blog knows you wonder about the Sabrina cover! It can be found in First Assault release.

Another band that deserves a mention is Lokomotiv. Once announced dead, and now returning with their hard beats and fast and heavy old school EBM, they are playing in Dessau, Germany on 14. February. (That's next Saturday).

They also put up their EP "Steam" for free download here.

Eine Tasse Jäger blog wishes many other bands would consider this sort of promotion. It is a pity some of the artists are almost impossible to find, their albums either being sold out or their demos existing only on Myspace as a preview. Spread it!

Thursday 5 February 2009

Incoming: new albums from Sturm Café, A.D.A.C. 8286, Darkmen, Sequenz-E

The year 2009 is already looking very promising. So here goes another stream of news and album announcements:

A.D.A.C. 8286 announced a new album this March. It will be released on Electric Tremor and promises more pure old school ebm. The factory boys are back! The album bears the title "Love, Hate 'n' Rage" - which also sounds as a good description of their previous material, so one can expect the same hardcore old school ebm style.

Sturm Café are promising a new album this spring. The band is already lined up for several concerts in late spring and rest of the summer in Sweden, Germany (Familientreffen V), and more. It will follow the same style their previous full lenght album did (So Seelisch So Schön): which means a mix of harder ebm tracks like Mozart Ideal and Stiefelfabrik, and tracks closer to synth-pop in style, yet remaining old school ebm. Sounds like another classic from Sturm Café in other words! There is also a mention of an EP to be released sometime soon. Eine Tasse Jäger will keep you posted once the more detailed dates are known!

Darkmen are also building up their discography with a new release. It is being made as we speak, and should come out this month. Produced by Ionic Vision and released on their label Machineries of Joy. Darkmen is a relatively new band with several EPs and one full-length album, but the minds behind it have been working with music for many years. You can expect maximum old school ebm experience with a good dose of Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 infuence. Follow the link to their Myspace to have a taste.

And last, but not least: a new releaze from Sequenz-E is coming this spring, also released on Electric Tremor.