Monday 18 January 2010

Oi meets old school EBM - interview with T.W.A.T.

T.W.A.T. emerged as one of the most unique projects last year, mixing oi and oldschool ebm styles, which led to very catchy and fresh results! EBM has always been to some level influenced by punk music through origins of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb, and this influence is present in most modern bands as well. However, T.W.A.T. is an entirely different case, because the Oi influence (which is unique from typical punk) stands out very strongly in their music - which results in an entirely outstanding mix. T.W.A.T. is the very first band to go in this direction, and is doing so with great success: listen for yourself on their Myspace. Their first full-length album is coming up soon, and they are one of the first bands to be confirmed for the legendary Familientreffen festival this summer, so for that occasion it dawned on us that it would be fitting with an interview..
1TJ: How did T.W.A.T start, what motivated you, and how did you come up with this unique mix of oi and ebm styles?
Martin: T.W.A.T. started with me (Martin Sax) wanting to bring together the best of my two favourite genres, EBM and Oi Punk, and make melodic EBM with some twists and in-your-face lyrics. My own views in different political and social questions often shine through in T.W.A.T.s lyrics as well.
I was already involved with the projects EkoBrottsMyndigheten and PROTOTYP, but none of those projects were right for the music-style I was after.
I made the song “Battleground” and uploaded it to Myspace. The response was fantastic and I knew I had found a style that was something a little different and that appealed to people.
1TJ: What music do you listen to in general?
Martin: I listen to a lot! Punk, Rock and different electronic genres, but I mainly listen to EBM and Oi. Lyrics-wise I have always been impressed with the storytelling of Nick Cave and I think that sometimes shows in my lyrics as well. The ability to write good refrains is what makes most of my favourite bands special.
1TJ: What are the lyrical themes in your music?

Martin: Everything and anything! Everything that passes through my brain and anything that pisses me off makes for good lyrics-material. Often it’s about the life and situation of the working class and the problems and troubles we have to live through every day.
1TJ: There is a new album coming soon: tell about it?
Martin: It will be great! I’m sure that everyone who liked what we’ve done so far will be more than satisfied. It will contain the best of the demo tracks in new versions and some new songs as well. We are wrapping it up right now and hopefully it will be ready for you to enjoy in spring 2010. It will be titled “Blood, Sweat & Teargas”.
1TJ: How was the live experience in Leipzig earlier last year?
Martin: It was the best welcome ever! Mary S. Sax (musician and back vocalist) joined up with T.W.A.T. before the Leipzig-concert and is now a constant member of the band. We weren’t expecting anything as it was our first gig, but the place was packed with people and everyone was dancing like crazy and knew the lyrics and sang along. It was just great! Both Mary and I were totally ecstatic afterwards.
1TJ: What are your general future plans for T.W.A.T.?
Martin: I just want to continue writing good songs and keep getting better and better at doing that. Hopefully we will also get to play live a lot more! That’s perhaps the best part of making music and having a band. The feeling is amazing.
1TJ: You have released all your music for free download for everyone so far. Very few bands do this nowadays, so what motivated you to do it?
Martin: I’m not doing this for the money. I think our music should be for everyone to enjoy, not just people who can afford to buy it. So the full album will be available for free download for everyone and on CD as a collectors-item.
1TJ: Do the letters in T.W.A.T. stand for something in particular?
Martin: Yes, but that is a huge secret, and if I told you - I would have to kill you!

As Eine Tasse Jäger dispatches spies to interrogate T.W.A.T. for the meaning of these letters, look out for future updates on the details about the new album! Check their official homepage for discography, lyrics, videos and free song downloads!

Thursday 14 January 2010

New releases from Ionic Vision, Sturm Café, and live events in Italy

Elektro Kommando presents two events this winter and spring, both taking place in Italy.

Ionic Vision (accompanied by Halo Effect) will perform this Saturday (January 16th) in Club House Europe in Napoli. This event will also present the newest release from Ionic Vision, entitled "Complete Isolation". Exclusive to this occasion, the band will bring the special very limited version of the album, including an additional 8 track EP. Details about the event can be viewed here.

Some months later (April 3rd) will present another old school EBM event in Rome, at Traffic Club. Headlined by Sturm Café and KROPP, this will be a great opportunity for those who missed those two "last" concerts by Sturm Café last year. The band was announced dead last February, and after 1 year's silence it has reborn with a new energy and is here to stay (hopefully forever this time!). The fresh and optimistic announcement from Sturm Café themselves can be read here.

Expect the release of 7" vinyl single "Koka Kola Freiheit" during January or February. The band otherwise promises more gigs and releases in the future, which will be spawned from their own label "Sturm Café Records". Take Café!

Watch this blog during the next few days for T.W.A.T. interview and a review of the magnificent old school EBM compilation "Der Arbeitende Mensch".

Saturday 2 January 2010

2010 brings this in oldschool EBM!

Happy new year from Eine Tasse Jäger!

Here is some of the great music that 2010 promises to bring us. There will be more, so watch out for future blog updates!

Sturm Café: Once declared dead, the band is still alive! The 7" release that was mentioned almost 1 year ago, is being finished and should be released any time now. A few live shows are planned, and one in Sweden is already lined up for 6th March, and a gig in Rome together with KROPP lined up for 3rd April. Check out the band's Myspace page for two new songs (Koka Kola Freihet and Sicherheit). They show a new sound, which remains 100% oldschool, and despite being slightly farther away from typical anhalt EBM sound, still is raw and tough as it always has been.

AutoDaFeh: The one band that brought back the original sound of Front 242 last year is back with a new full-length album "Identity Unknown", that will be released in late February. Expect more of the same magnificent sound, this time very fittingly including a remix from Front 242.

Agrezzior: This project now features Johan Damm (stahlwerk! stahlwerk!), adding to the powerful sound of the band. Expect a new album "Domination" sometime soon, as the band has found their label and have been presenting new songs on their Myspace recently.

Guerrilla: The word of a debute-album has been floating around since last autumn, and it has been apparent for a while that it is delayed. However it is clear that the band is more than ready for a release as they have been continuously presenting new tracks on their Myspace. The outstanding quality of their take on oldschool EBM is very clear in these tracks, listen for yourself!

Signal Aout 42: One of the real legends of oldschool EBM already returned with a new album a few years back. This February promises another new full-length release, which apparently will be closer to their musical roots.

T.W.A.T.: They have launched a new web-page with a few free downloads and other interesting info. The new album is going to be released any time now! Oi!

Void Kampf: The new album has been promised from their label for quite a while now, and it seems the definite date is January 2010. "Severe Mais Juste" will have a whole ton of new tracks, including remixes from both old legendary and newer EBM bands.

Pouppée Fabrikk: Another truly legendary old band returns with a new release during summer 2010. The band has shown a few in-the-works sounds from the new album on youtube, and a new very informative official web-page has been launched.

Old School Electrology Vol. 1: The Great Steelworker informs that this beast of oldschool EBM and electro should reach its fans in early 2010, as the pre-orders have picked up, and if they keep the same rate. This project depends entirely on its fans, because a release of such size (four CDs with 81 exclusive tracks) in the underground scene is entirely non-commercial.

Bodytåget: The Swedish oldschool EBM festival, always located in Sugar Bar in Stockholm has a few dates lined up for this winter and spring. Watch their web-page for specific information. Here are the bands of varying genres that will perform at different times this half-year: Mergel Kratzer, Mechatronic, Sturm Café, No Sleep By The Machine (remember this name!), Astma, Restricted Area, Project X, The Pain Machinery, Tyske Ludder, and The Blister Exists.

Familientreffen VI: The best festival around is lined up for July 1-4th this year and already has a great line-up. One extra day with foreplay, and a mix of old school ebm legends and newer bands, as always. Bands lined up so far are: Armageddon Dildos, Schwefelgelb, EkoBrottsMyndigheten, C.C.C.P., Astma, T.W.A.T., Groupe T, aaak, and Hatbrott. This is only a small handful of the total line-up, which will be revealed by Electric Tremor as summer approaches. Watch out for updates!