Sunday 2 December 2012

New Releases

Since Myspace turned to mock, it has been harder to follow up all the newer anhalt EBM projects and bands. But here are the newer releases.

Rebel Empire - Imperialismo. This album features newly recorded older tracks like Machinery and Action To, plus others that haven't been released anywhere yet. Rebel Empire stays as one of more unique EBM bands with a direction and forceful vocals. Auw! For the record, I can't find any info about this album online, so go to soulseek to pick it up for free..

aD:keY - Five Years of aD:keY (2007-2012). Already anhalt EBM veterans, the German duo releases a best-off album with a few to me previously unheard songs (Die Wellen Ersticken Den Wind is special!), some remixes and live versions. This is self-released, so contact the band to acquire a copy. Or do some soulseeking.

3D-pop on Sham Recordings is a LP compilation (so no downloads for you!), and features four bands: Johannes und der Täufer, Monotone DC, Soundburger and what's most interesting to followers of this blog: Sturm Café. As the compilation's title implies, this is Swedish synthpop, but our beloved Sturm Café enters with two EBM tracks: Meistermann and a new version of Voodoo Sex, which is harsher and darker than what you usually expect from the coffee-makers, but in all ways very good.

No Sleep By The Machine - Quadrilateral. This is a collection of earlier releases entitled 1, 2 and 3, but also features five new tracks. Can be digitally purchased at their homepage. No Sleep By The Machine continues into its own special road of oldschool EBM and industries, and should make all Klinik fans extremely happy.

Let's see if we can fish up more releases soon. In the mean-while there will be coming a surprise from Eine Tasse Jäger itself in nearest future! Remember to keep warm with jäger and crazy stomp-dance this cold December.