Monday 9 December 2013

Two new releases from Sham Recordings!

Sham Recordings go straight old school this time, and even more so than one would expect. First and foremost, the two releases are 7 inch LP only. Second, the music goes beyond what we are used in hearing when it comes to anhalt EBM. In what way, you ask? The OLD school way! Read on for details..

Swedish Old School EBM 7” ep features four previously unreleased tracks from Sturm Café, Turnbull A.C’s, Container 90, and The Pain Machinery. Sturm Café’s Koka Kola Freiheit is here mixed back to old school monotony and hardness. Turnbull A.C’s came as a big surprise with a track called Boy’s. It sounds like something taken from a later Nitzer Ebb album, but recorded with old school sound and energy, that Spetsnaz (and Turnbull A.C’s) are so good at. Previously Turnbull A.C’s sounded very close to Spetsnaz, but this track shows a direction that is fresher and different, and which I hope they will continue in!

Container 90 continue in their punk styled ebm fashion with a new track De-Evolution. It is not as fast as we got used to from their latest album, but the punk attitude is more present than ever, especially through the backing vocals. The Pain Machinery contribute with a more straight forward old school ebm track Surface.

Next up is Presto Fervant 7”, that returns after many years of silence. Did you know that this band existed late in 1980s, thus qualifying as one of the real veterans of old school EBM? This can also be confirmed by their two remastered tracks Banzai and Zymotic, which have never been released, but have existed for many years. The two tracks belong to a different time in history of EBM, but still emerge as a fresh breath of air, for those of us who keep looking for variety in the gerne. Musically Presto Fervant is closer to the 80s EBM in sound and composition, but as mentioned is is very refreshing to hear: both tracks have tons of energy and drive, and simply kick ass. Maybe this is a sign that Presto Fervant should do more digging in their archives and release more music for the old school thirsty?

Where to order you ask? Here!:

Thursday 31 October 2013

Did you know.. (A quick catch up on new releases)

Did you know..

..that No Sleep By The Machine just (on Bodyfest) released their newest album MMXIII? It has a mix of various tracks that have been created several years ago, as well as newer ones. With this release No Sleep By The Machine continue in their own unique musical style, but as always keeping some of that their own adapted The Klinik magic. Seems so far this album is only being sold whenever they play live, which luckily for you happens pretty often!

..that Sturm Café in all secrecy has made 242 copies of a double CD, called Rarities? This one has many of their old tracks released from 2002 and onwards, many of which so far had only been floating in the underground file sharing services. Some newer tracks like for example Beatclub Lied or Fegefeuer are included as well. You will also find older version of tracks that were later on Sturm Café’s debut album So Seelisch So Schön. The second CD is a live recording of a concert they held in 2005. You can order this CD by sending an e-mail to

..that Pouppée Fabrikk have remastered and digitally released their three old albums Portent, Rage, and We Have Come To Drop Bombs? The remaster is extremely well done and breathes live and punch (as in with a FIST, not the drink) in older recordings. These are only digitally available (at least so far) and each album includes some extra rarities, like different versions of Summon The Spirits. On the same note, Pouppée Fabrikk are working on EP releases featuring some of the tracks that appeared on The Dirt album earlier this year. Next up is H8 U, and will include various remixes by other bands, much like the EP Bring Back The Ways of Old.

..That EkoBrottsMyndigheten have made a new bouncy track about something called Bockwurst? Sounds like a food. This is their newest track and follows in the same hooligan-party EBM style that they are known for. Additionally, you can get their Alla Tiders Bodykallas album for free on bandcamp, but here you can also chose to give them some hard-earned monetary units, which hopefully will be spent on beer and making of new tracks that make fun of Norway!

..That Equitant is working on a remastered collection of his truly hard-hitting EBM classics? This time not coming out on his own label Black Montanas, but EK Product.

..That White Trash Wankers is a project made by Stechschritt and A.D.A.C. 8286? As the name implies, there is lots of humour and wanking included in their tracks, which so far have only been released online. EineTasseJäger has asked if there will be an album release (which definitely should happen: White Trash Wankers is a very unique and refreshing sound with some psychobilly included, in our world of EBM), and is awaiting reply.

Saturday 10 August 2013

New Old School EBM compilation: Net Ware Delight

Electro Arc never sleeps! Electro Arc looks for old school beats!

And Electro Arc has found them!

Net Ware Delight, coming September, 20th, 2013. Unsure if it will be online or CD release, so a question about this has been sent to mr. Electro Arc. EDIT: Mr. Electro Arc says that this will be a digital release online only.

The tracks list is below, and this time it is entirely old school/anhalt EBM. Among others it is especially good to see a new track from A.D.A.C. 8286 (we have been waiting for a new album for many years now!), as well as Pact of Warsaw (which is coming next year with a new album through EAR). We also have White Trash Wankers which is the new crazily awesome project from members from Stechschritt and A.D.A.C. 8286.

01 Jäger 90 - Ich Komm zu Dir (Wbzt Version) 2:26
02 Muscles On The Move - Es Wird Vorüber Gehen (Demo) 4:14
03 Invasion Of Female Logic - Essen is Bad (Oldschool EBM Version) 4:52
04 Struma - Dina Ord (Extended Klang Mix) 3:11
05 The Pain Machinery - Weekend Warrior (EBM Mix) 4:40
06 V.e.N. - Last Seconds (Cyberpsiichosis EBM Version) 3:37
07 Carlos Chaos - Hardline 1.0 ... 3:30
08 EBM Junior - Jetzt Kommen Wir 2:42
09 Analogo EBM - Leave Go 2:40
10 Toxic Green - EBM (Oldschool) 3:08
11 White Trash Wankers - T.R.A.S.H. 13 (Original) 3:38
12 A.D.A.C. 8286 - Down On My Knees  4:01
13 Pact Of Warsaw - Mental Injection 4:53
14 Akalotz - Trust (Raw Version) 3:06
15 Volkszorn - Bastard Society 4:04
16 Stechschritt - KPD - Sektion 3:43
17 Lobotomik - I'll Finish You Off 5:07

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Winners of Jäger 90 CD "Wir Bitten Zum Tanz"

Dance is finished. Let feet rest for a little while.

Today the Jäger 90 "Wir Bitten Zum Tanz" CD is sent to following winners of random draw: Christophe B., András D., and Eric A. S.

Cheers to everyone who sent an e-mail, and don't take of your boots yet. They are, afterall, made for stomping, and more CD give-aways will happen in the future!

Saturday 13 July 2013

CD give away for Jäger 90 fans!

Do you want to dance? Slam dance? Stomp dance? Polka? Walz?

Jäger 90 wants, and they would like to ask you for a dance. Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten Zum Tanz is out, and Eine Tasse Jäger has received three additional copies from Mister Intrendent The Master Of Electro Arc. These 3 copies are for readers of Eine Tasse Jäger!

To not discriminate geographically, we decided to expand beyond this little town in Norway, where 1TJ has headquarters (a bunker deep inside the woods, with an entrance built entirely of cog wheels; and it only opens once you slam a big sledgehammer into a button made of pure steel, located on the side).

So, if you want Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten Zum Tanz CD for free, send an e-mail to Fishermang @ (include your address) until next Wednesday.

On Wednesday, 17th July, we will send a CD to three random readers!

Now dance! Drink Jäger! Do push ups! And dance some more!

Monday 1 July 2013

New Album From Jäger 90 On Familientreffen 9

Limited to 299 copies, there is a new Jäger 90 EP coming.

It's called Wir Bittem zum Tanz.

Available oficially on 8th July, but it will be spreading its Jäger-wings on Familientreffen 9 already (there limited to 100 STÜCKE!).

How does it sound, you ask?

Minimalist. DAF-like. As it always has.

Here is some viewing pleasure:

Track List:

1. Sonntag ist Krieg
2. Ich Komm zu Dir
3. Eure Mütter sind Väter
4. Halt Mich
5. Stiefel bis zum Knie
6. Die Schiessen
7. Komm Zeig's Mir (Roh Variante)
8. Glücklich & Schön (Roh Variante)

It can be purchased from Electro Arc after Familientreffen:

Saturday 29 June 2013

Thursday 23 May 2013

Pouppée Fabrikk - The Dirt review

I got into old school EBM through Nitzer Ebb's "That Total Age" album. Ever since then I have often wondered why I haven't heard anything similar to this release. BANG! Muscle! BANG! BODY! AUGH!! It came in 1987, how come in 26 years since then no one has succeeded in creating something similar?

Neo-old school EBM, or what we otherwise got used to calling Anhalt EBM that especially woke up around 2003 and on wards, has in most cases been carrying the influence from That Total Age album. Many bands and projects have been delivering strong bass filled tracks with hard drums and energy-filled, sort of punk and militarist attitude, which describes That Total Age pretty well. But none of them have managed to feel so raw and alive as Nitzer Ebb did it. Their compositions were very monotonic, but felt varied at the same time. Part of it has always been McCarthy's voice that is filled with energy and power that can't be replicated unless you are him. Thinking about That Total Age, in the end I understood: it can't be made one more time. There is no point in trying to recreate those legendary sounds, because only Nitzer Ebb could do it.

However, after exploring the last 26 years of EBM scene, I finally heard an album that comes closest to That Total Age. No, not in sound, nor composition, but the feeling. The feeling that this new album has its own power, message, and atmosphere. That it has its own rhythm, bass, and energy that no one else can recreate.  Pouppée Fabrikk - The Dirt completely ignores everything anhalt EBM has been working towards during the last decade, and they do their own thing - which comes naturally, afterall Pouppée Fabrikk have been making music since 1987, and have done their part in influencing modern EBM. In 2013 we finally got to hear the long (too long) awaited full-length album which is now (right now!) being released on Alfa Matrix. The label has been so kind to send out pre-orders up to one month too early, so Eine Tasse Jäger has been blasting this beast of an album for several weeks now, and it never gets old. Only dirtier (not in a naughty way).

The Dirt is varied. After several listens, and despite that I have heard several of the songs before in both old and new versions, I keep finding new sounds in all tracks. The power of the voice that caries all 10 tracks (the 11th doesn't have vocals) is strong, energy-filled, and pissed-off only in a way that EBM can foster. The compositions are varied and every track has its own identity, but generally all of them are very heavy, tough and hard. Pouppée Fabrikk succeed very well in presenting a dirty sound, which has always been one of the their signature qualities. Their first releases back in time far far away carried the underground sound of old school Swedish black and death metal. This now more modern sound is filthy and dirty, just the way the band has been promising it would be.

Eine Tasse Jäger doesn't rate releases, but it suffices to say that The Dirt raises the standard bar for what EBM can be. Pouppée Fabrikk sends a message with this album, directed towards the EBM scene, which according to them is dead. When this message first came with the first single release of Bring Back The Ways of Old, I didn't completely agree. But after listening to the whole album, I was forced to change my mind. With some exceptions, modern EBM scene is monotonic, uninspired and repeats itself constantly (more thoughts about this, visit a friend's article about this topic, as well as an interview with Henrik Björkk: This is how I interpreted Pouppée Fabrikk's message: Thoughts keep coming while listening to The Dirt, that the EBM scene needs more inspiration, variety, and experimentation. This is what PF did, and together with their expertise, that is why The Dirt rates among the top EBM releases since 1987. (I put that in bold for the drunk working class, so they can skip the text and stop wasting time on the Internet, get the album and continue the stomping beer fest!)

The Dirt delivers as a double CD, where the first one is the main album itself. It mainly consists of new recording of some old demo tracks (which were so underground, most people didn't even know they existed). These were originally created in the very beginning of Pouppée Fabrikk's spawn. They are completely reworked and rebuilt in every way possible, and sound truly powerful. The second CD consists of old sounds, the mentioned demos, and is interesting to hear especially for those of us who have been following the band's discography.

Bring Back The Ways of Old is a growling beast that overwhelms with energy and power. Bright Light is intense and fast. I am is bouncy and grim, while Invader 39 is more atmospheric and grim, reminding a lot of some of the tracks from their earlier albums. Death is Natural is a magnificent rework of an old classic, that now sounds so much stronger, bass-filled and thus more meaningful, with great lyrics. Satan's Organism is again more atmospheric and floating, but still harsh and hard. H8 U is most straight forward on the album, particularly because of guitars (which never get in the way of synthesizers!). Stahlwerk is an old hit that most have heard several versions of, but let's just conclude that this version makes justice even to Johan Damm's powerful growling vocals. Here it's also in English. The Promulgation is more monotonic and bouncy again, and Symptom is a track that has been released a few years ago on several compilations. Slightly different on The Dirt, it is a ground breaker stomping track. Radio Disturbance is what one can call a meta-track, starting off with a what seemingly is a discussion on the radio about Pouppee Fabrikk and Die Jugend track (makes one very curious on how it ends, as it is cut off in the middle). I don't feel that these descriptions make any justice to the tracks, they must be heard:

To sum up, The Dirt is a milestone in EBM scene. With it's unique sound, never-ending power and energy, it probably means and provides many different experiences and perceptions to its listeners. But that is also a sign of great music. Eine Tasse Jäger stands by the statement that The Dirt is among the best releases in EBM scene since its beginning, not only because it reflects the influence the band has had on this scene since late 80's, but because of its own unique musical identity and energy.

Bring back the ways of old!

Saturday 23 March 2013

What's new in our world of EBM

This is going to be an informative post. Eine Tasse Jäger (1TJ) doesn't get much time to write, because of enormous amount of push-ups and pull-ups that must be done everyday, lifting bricks and pipes, and free-climbing industrial factories during weekends. Set aside a cup of Jägerrrrrr and get reading.

March 25: Update regarding Apocalypse Don't Come....We Are Still Stomping Vol. III - get the free versions in every possible quality format from bandcamp: here (remaining volumes to the right side)

The Juggernauts have released their first official release! It's Belgian EBM at its finest. The EP is called Phoenix and has three tracks, plus several additional remixes of them. The quality of Phoenix is so good, that it keeps us salivating Jäger waiting for a full-length album.

Electric Tremor has relaunched their working class store, which now has several bad-ass items like the new Pouppée Fabrikk t-shirt, and of even more legendary quality: tickets to Familientreffen, the festival where all you need and will get is beer, boots, and EBM. This year the festival runs for four total days, Wednesday-Saturday (03.07-07.07). Make sure to book your holiday from the coal mine now. The highlights of the festival this year are Dupont featuring Johan Damn (arrrrrrrr!) on vocals, Sturm Café with their additional side-project Working Puppets (which is disco-EBM). Also Jäger 90 (fingers crossed for new album as soon as possible!), and Nexus Kenosis, which is a side project from Pouppée Fabrikk. For full line-up see the link, don't be lazy.

Spetsnaz have released another hard-beating anhalt EBM album, still following in the steps of old school Nitzer Ebb. It has some more melody and is less angry than earlier releases, but still has a great punch. The album is called For Generations To Come.

Radio EBM Unidos Y Fuertes! has done a magnificent amount of work on the newest free anhalt EBM compilation. It is called Apocalypse Don't Come....We Are Still Stomping Vol. III, and has an outstanding amount of artists. There has been a small delay in the release of this collection, but the first volume is out and ready for download: here.

Container 90 have announced their newest full-length album which will be called "Working Class League". It's out on 24th of April this year, naturally. But wait, there is more! It can be purchased in limited Partykit edition. 1TJ usually doesn't like special editions, because they tend to be boring. But when it offers a bottle opener, beer coaster, 1 condom, 1 aspirin, and 1 actual Working Class Beer bottle with Working Class Beer inside (all with related Container 90 art and taste), it's something else. Note that the beer can only be claimed during wave gotic treffen (whatever that is, 1TJ had no idea there were other festivals than Familientreffen in this otherwise music-starved world).

Combat Company has released a single called Monochromaniac and an LP full-length The Minimal Us. Both are out on BRANDSATZ records, which apparently is home of electropunk (and that is a home that we like and would love to visit for bisquits and Jäger). See the link for Combat Company sounds on soundcloud!

EkoBrottsMyndigheten has a new T-shirt, and its entirely white! 1TJ found a picture of it, among other visual input of Jäger and cuttting sausages with scissors (never change!) on their facebook page. You can order this lovely t-shirt here.

Also some rumours that 1TJ has managed to fish up on facebook: Pouppée Fabrikk are often mentioning more or less finnished recording of new album with confirmed remixes from several other noteworthy band-names from anhalt EBM scene. A.D.A.C. 8286 are also offering rumours about something new coming soon (and haven't we waited long enough for more music from them??). Stechschritt is a new promising German anhalt EBM project with a release "An Die Front" coming up on Electric Tremor.