Sunday 23 February 2014

New music from Stechschritt

Among all the strong EBM releases last year, there was a new band that showed truly energetic and insane attitude both on stage and on album: Stechschritt.

Now Stechschritt returns with both on 22. March. An appearance on stage at "12 Jahre Electric Tremor" event. The album is called Die Neue Jugend and is released by Electric Tremor. It is mastered by Pouppée Fabrikk themselves.

See the track list:

1. Seid Bereit
2. Die neue Jugend
3. Auf dem ersten Blick
4. Die Arbeit
5. Macht kaputt (featuring Rummelsnuff)
6. Ein letztes Mal
7. Wir Sind Die Elite
8. Meine Jugend
9. Harte Liebe
10. Soldaten von morgen

It will probably appear on Electric Tremor shop soon. Stechschritt will no doubt feature some of the most raw and hardcore anhalt EBM that we have been exposed to. Let's at the same time cross fingers that Stechschritt will appear live on Familientreffen this year (in addition to White Trash Wankers).

The artwork for CD below is not yet official and may change before release. 

(and you thought Eine Tasse Jäger didn't know how to make a text post with different italic font! HA!! It's not all just muscles and jäger..or is it?)