Friday 24 October 2008

Some news about Container 90, Sturm Café, Kommando XY, SPARK!, and Franz Riss or Stakkato

Whoever thought that this new wave of old school ebm wasn't to stay, was wrong!

Today (which is 24, October), the good old stomping masters of Container 90 release a new album "
World ChampionShit". Sure, they sold themselves out to Out Of Line records, and no longer can we quote the intro to their previous album: "we are no fucking sell-out", and there being no future.. But who cares now? We have another nice album from punk-influenced Swedish EBM masters. I will follow this up with a review of World ChampionShit once I get it.

More new Swedish stuff to come. Sturm Café and Kommando XY are working on new material and have finished quite some of it apparently, and by the end of this year there should be albums released from both. There are concerts lined up for both in Germany (5th and 6th December), so one can hope for the albums to be released before that time.

SPARK! are also working. Early 2009 should be the time for their new album. So far you can hear a new song on their myspace.

And more EBM news, as if this was some nice news channel. Franz Riss has a new project called Stakkato, and has moved some of his new songs under that name, probably because of style differences between the new material and the debute album. Both those bands are side-projects from Jäger 90. Stakkato is releasing a CDR album right here.

You can also hear song samples there. Stakkato should appeal alot to fans of DAF, especially newer material. It is not as hard hitting stomping as a typical anhalt EBM band, but extremely good nonetheless. Hear for yourself!