Tuesday 24 August 2010

Bodyfest in Stockholm! The oldschool EBM festival with legendary line-up

We were told that Bodyfest, the new festival in Stockholm on 9. October, would have something big as the headliner band. It turned out to be 242 tons big, because Front 242, one of the legendary creators of EBM, was announced as the headliner just recently!

You are probably sad because Familientreffen is already over, or maybe you only remember the trip to Sandersleben and back, and the rest is blank and smells of alcohol. Here is your second chance! Bodyfest is only 1 day, but in return it makes up for it with probably the most legendary line-up that has ever existed!

No Sleep By The Machine gets the honour of opening the festival. Expect slightly harsh, Klinik-sounding, oldschool EBM with a great deal of catchy beats and synth and lots of energy! This band certainly stands out from the scene with unique sound and song compositions.

Stockholm Wrecking Crew is the second band, the crew of Swedish electropunks with a mix of anhalt ebm and pure punk in their music. Tons of energy and fun!

SPARK! brings the night farther with their growing popularity through more melodic and even "poppy" approach towards old school EBM. Expect a performance with lots of energy and scottish skirt, maybe blue and yellow socks!

AutoDaFeh provides specifically great support for the headliner this night. One of the few bands that have managed to perfectly draw influence from Front 242, they have grown to be professional performers which you can always see when they are on stage. Fuel! Of Fire!

Tyske Ludder is the fourth band, the legendary German oldschool EBM with a militaristic theme and insane energy on stage - which anyone who has seen them live in the past will acknowledge. Panzer! (the name translates into German Slut(s) )

Pouppée Fabrikk is the second big surprise in the line-up. The old school EBM legends, that have never been forgotten while they were "dead", which shaped much of modern anhalt EBM, and now are extremely welcome when they have resurrected, this is their first live performance in many years. Their new album may or may not be out before this festival, or maybe it will be released on Bodyfest itself? Oh, one can dream.. Expect 100% old school EBM with their own defined and unique heavy attitude. Plus, they promised performing their new tracks!

Front 242 is the big headliner that was just announced, and probably doesn't need an introduction. In any case, it's one of the bands that shaped EBM back in the good old 80s, and has a very varied discography, but one should probably expect tons of old school hits on a festival like this? It's perfect headliner for this night.

It is extremely well done by the arrangers to achieve such a line-up!

Bodyfest is 9th October in Stockholm, costs 40€ (or 395 Swedish money), and you can find all the information regarding where it is, what hotels to book in case you come from far far away, on their official web-site .