Friday 21 January 2011

Exclusive anhalt ebm promotion: Human Steel and Struck 9

The underground is growing, and it is getting difficult to keep track of all new bands that keep coming up, but here are two bands that deserve some extra attention. They are unique, not only because they originate from countries that aren't Germany or Sweden, but because they stand out musically. They are Human Steel (Poland) and Struck 9 (Colombia).

Human Steel is a newer project, making industrial EBM with anhalt ebm sound, although their latest tracks are entirely anhalt ebm both in sound and factory-attitude. Their first release is a promo EP entitled First Contact, with four tracks which all start off with a typical anhalt EBM sound with hard beats, but these tracks explode into a broader style, with more electro and industrial sounds than is usual in this genre. Do not misunderstand though, Human Steel do well in keeping the atmosphere and attitude true to the old school EBM genre. For additional fun, First Contact EP also includes an anhalt ebm tribute to Kraftwerk! Beyond this promo EP, the band has uploaded newer tracks on their myspace, of which particularly Behind The Walls is a hard hitting tough anhalt EBM beast! Human Steel also stands out through very good vocals, which sometimes remind of Armageddon Dildos, and will please those who are tired of growling in EBM, as well as those who prefer more clean ones. Words don't make enough justice, therefore make sure to check out their tracks on their myspace, and look out for a link to their music, which they are planning to upload for free in the future.

Struck 9 is also different from the typical anhalt ebm band in the same fashion - it borrows an influence from other genres, but without losing its anhalt and oldschool EBM sound. It is raw, straight forward and powerful EBM. Their latest release "Democracy" (2010) has 9 varied tracks, which range from minimalist and tough anhalt EBM, to more hard hitting and more sound-filled tracks, with some modern EBM influence, and sometimes a little techno. This release also has a great remix from Spanish anhalt EBM masters Tech Nomader. Less talk, more listening: the band has been so kind to upload "Democracy" for free download. And recently Struck 9 has released a remix album entitled "Default" which includes mixes from various bands, i.e. Equitant. You will find all info about this on Myspace.

For more latest and newest underground anhalt EBM, find "VA - Oldschool Anhalt Underground EBM 2011", that someone unknown has compiled. Soulseek is your friend.