Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Old School Electrology Vol.1 (4-CD Box-Set)

Something very EBM, exclusive and exciting is coming soon.

The previously mentioned huge box set with vari0us old school EBM acts (see post with new year greeting) has finally revealed the bands and track list. It holds many surprises, especially since all the tracks are exclusive. This looks like something every EBM fan would enjoy, as well as a nice introduction to this style of music for a newcommer.

View the official track list here.

The 4-CD box set is actually a mix of oldschool EBM, anhalt EBM, and authentic dark electro. Many of the bands this blog promotes are included, such as Astma, Darkmen, Agrezzior, Ondska, AutoDaFeh, Tech Nomader, ELITE!, Judge: Dred, U.M.M., EkoBrottsMyndigheten and many others. In addition some bands that have been silent for a long time are included, such as Presto Fervant and Pouppée Fabrikk and Controlled Analogue Programming (CAP). These bands are only a few of the whole line-up, so view the link above for more details.

To tease you a little, there are two surprises in the track-list that will be revealed sometime later. (Eine Tasse Jäger crosses it's Jägermeister smeared fingers that one of those will be Jäger 90.)

Release date isn't specific yet, but spring 2009 is the approximate date. Eine Tasse Jäger blog awaits patiently!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the CAP release!

Fishermang said...

Can't wait for many of those :D But especially curious about the old timers as CAP, Pouppée Fabrikk, Presto Fervant etc

soillodge said...