Monday, 16 March 2009

Newest additions to the band list: Pact of Warsaw, Oldschool Union, and Bodystyler

There have been many new anhalt EBM bands lately, here goes some of the most recent.

The first newcommer is Pact of Warsaw. This band is a joined forces project from ELITE! and A.D.A.C. 8286. What is unique with this band is that it digs more selectively in the old school EBM scene, searching for influences. Such bands as Paranoid and Die Warzau can be heard in their music. In addition you can hear the sound of both ELITE! and A.D.A.C. 8286. Only two tracks are uploaded on their myspace, but the band says it is working with more. Pact of Warsaw is quality music all the way.

Finland isn't the first country that comes to mind when you think about old school EBM. Therefore it is a pleasure to present Oldschool Union. Entirely new band, with lyrics only in Finnish, and strong, good quality old school EBM, the way we all like it! The Finnish language fits this sort of music very well, and adds some originality as well. So far you can only hear this on Myspace, but possibly a different form of release might come soon. Now, where do I order this beer...

Bodystyler is one of the bands to appear on Familientreffen V. Altmark Elektros fans look no farther, this project apparently must be either A:E under a different name, or a new project from same people (since some of the older A:E songs are present). However, musically this is somewhat different from typical anhalt EBM. It is still minimalist and hard beating electro, but Bodystyler employs some unusual sounds and synths in their compositions. Make sure to check out for yourself on their myspace.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget schlagkraft!!!
POW r00lz!!

Ps...damn no bb or html allowed here?

Anonymous said...

I have one more band to your list. Russian EBM called Strong Product. Here is its myspace --->
For this time in russian!

Fishermang said...

Blame blogger! But it says you can use html in comments.

Anyway, thanks for the links! Will add to the band list in some moments..

Tanzbefehl said...

Bodystyler is the Altmark Elektros singer Kevins new band.

I really like your EBM blogg! Keep on the good work!

Unknown said...

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