Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Photos from Familientreffen V part 2

Photos of Volvo 242, Rummelsnuff, and A Split Second from Familientreffen V. The remaining photos (Guerrilla, Kommando XY, KROPP, Jäger 90, Sturm Café, Parade Ground, AD:KeY, Autodafeh, and Void Kampf) can be found in previous post. Also, check out the very nice photos from my friend blog aussagen[b]logik.org!: Day 1 and Day 2, they also include pictures of Bodystyler, Coinside, E-craft, Sequenz-E, Spetsnaz, Proceed, and Agrezzior.

Below you can also find youtube links from the festival, and other photo galleries. I update this list everyday, as I find new links, so make sure to check back!


MikeDrawback said...

hey great blog! good to see some english language coverage of this old school EBM movement. keep it up!

Fishermang said...

Many thanks! :)

intrendent said...

Hoi Jäger of the Tassen ;-) I miss some EBM YouTube links ! May check


also crosslinked Eine Tasse Jäger to:




jefcom said...

Some more stuff on video here (VOID KAMPF live action):