Saturday, 26 September 2009

First release from Oldschool Union, and a few more coming up albums this autumn

Out of nowhere this year came Oldschool Union, a very strong and fast project from Finland. As the name indicates, this is all about old school ebm, a very quality-minded one. Faster than usual EBM, with entirely Finnish lyrics, Oldschool Union emerges as a pretty unique musical project. In addition to being featured on the Oldschool Electrology Vol 1., it has now released an official album "Vanha Koulu", which you can buy directly from Oldschool Union itself. This you can do through the band's Myspace or sending an e-mail directly. Information about pricing and details can be found here.

Additionally, this autumn will bring a new EP from Body Pleasure, which will be released during their gig in Stockholm, on November 7th. You can hear some of the songs on their myspace, and more will come soon.

And next month, on October 17th, there will be another nice old school EBM compilation released, entitled "Help Can't Wait Compilation". With quite a line-up too. View the track listhere, and the general information about this project on their myspace.

And in the end, the new Jäger 90 album "Drischne Skasal" STILL hasn't arrived from Electric Tremor, although it should have been here more than two weeks ago, and I know I am not the only one. If you are looking to buy this album, the best choice would be to look for a different shop that will eventually get it, as Electric Tremor apparently has some sort of problem with the orders.

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