Friday, 4 December 2009

Bodystyler with a new release, and a few upcoming old school EBM events

Some of you may remember the good old Altmark Elektros (or Projekt A:E), and the several other projects which were spawned from it. One of these is Bodystyler - the playful and catchy, yet hard beating old school EBM band, which definetly stands out in the modern EBM scene with its own special sound. Time has come for their first album release, which will come this December 14th on Electric Tremor. The release is entitled "Your Boots" and includes a remix by the legendary old-schoolers Escalator from
Hungary. For a demonstration of Bodystyler's sounds, make sure to check their Myspace or one of their videos on youtube.

And a note on an event in a farther future (March, 6th). It presents two of the newer bands that have recently been released by Electric Tremor: Camping Im Keller (headliner) and the first ever concert by Human R3source, in Beatclub Dessau. Watch this blog for more detailed introductions to those bands in the near future. The concert
itself will also include a performance from Rummelsnuff. The event is in addition a part of a special occasion: a festival dedicated to Kurt Weill, a famous and leading German composer of the 20th century, who was also a close friend of the poet Bertolt Brecht.

Otherwise, if you are near Stockholm this weekend (that is Saturday 5th, tomorrow), make sure not to miss the last concert of Bodytåget this year. Three quality bands are lined up: Armageddon Dildos, AD:keY, and Stockholm Wrecking Crew. This does not bode well for structures in Stockholm, but it without any doubt will be a great old school EBM experience! Make sure to check the collection of free songs from SWC (link on the right).

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