Thursday, 14 January 2010

New releases from Ionic Vision, Sturm Café, and live events in Italy

Elektro Kommando presents two events this winter and spring, both taking place in Italy.

Ionic Vision (accompanied by Halo Effect) will perform this Saturday (January 16th) in Club House Europe in Napoli. This event will also present the newest release from Ionic Vision, entitled "Complete Isolation". Exclusive to this occasion, the band will bring the special very limited version of the album, including an additional 8 track EP. Details about the event can be viewed here.

Some months later (April 3rd) will present another old school EBM event in Rome, at Traffic Club. Headlined by Sturm Café and KROPP, this will be a great opportunity for those who missed those two "last" concerts by Sturm Café last year. The band was announced dead last February, and after 1 year's silence it has reborn with a new energy and is here to stay (hopefully forever this time!). The fresh and optimistic announcement from Sturm Café themselves can be read here.

Expect the release of 7" vinyl single "Koka Kola Freiheit" during January or February. The band otherwise promises more gigs and releases in the future, which will be spawned from their own label "Sturm Café Records". Take Café!

Watch this blog during the next few days for T.W.A.T. interview and a review of the magnificent old school EBM compilation "Der Arbeitende Mensch".

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HMS AKA Dr.Nein said...

Great news and nice blog-entry! Italy is up and coming as a live-ebm-nation. :) EkoBrottsMyndigheten will also play in Napoli 6 February.