Thursday, 4 February 2010

EkoBrottsMyndigheten in Italy this Saturday

This is a recorded message coming directly from EkoBrottsMyndigheten. *Beep* "EVERYONE READY TO STOMP?! See you guys in Naples on saturday! Boots on and beer in hand!" *beep*

Add at least one "eine tasse Jäger" to boots and beer, and you will be 100% ready. The event is this Saturday, February 7th, at Club House Europa, Naples. The opening band is Blood Shot Eyes, which is Italian anhalt EBM. If you do shamefully miss this event, you will get another chance to see EkoBrottsMyndigheten on Familientreffen this year.

Go to their Myspace to check out some of the new songs that haven't been released yet, like "Jimmy" or "Extremsport".

Remember to do push-ups if they play "Dolph Lundgren" song!! Jäger! Jäger!

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