Monday, 15 March 2010

New EP from Spark! - Genom Stormen

The Swedish duo Spark! are back with a new EP release - "Genom Stormen", this time released through Progress Productions. It will be available on April 14th this year, and can otherwise be pre-ordered any time right here. It may also be available for digital purchase.

This new EP includes four new tracks, of which two are remixes by old EBM veterans Leæther Strip and Project-X. The new songs are "Genom Stormen" and "Tankens Mirakel". You can preview one of those on their Myspace, where it seems Spark! are continuing farther in their fashion of making hard beating old school EBM with a stronger presence of melody.

For more Spark! experience - make sure not to miss them on this year's Familientreffen! They can otherwise be seen performing on 23. April and 29. May in Sweden. Wear a blue sock on your left foot, and a yellow one on your right.

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