Sunday, 9 May 2010

Out Of Line release "EBM" (old school compilation)

Simply titled "EBM", this newly released compilation is the ultimate collection of old school EBM tracks. It features all the legendary pioneers (Front 242, DAF, although there is no Nitzer Ebb), and some of newer most skilled and unique bands that had recently revived old school EBM: Jäger 90, Spetsnaz, Pouppée Fabrikk, etc.

For someone familiar with this genre of music, only tracks from Jäger 90, Pouppée Fabrikk, Nordarr, Container 90, and Rummelsnuff (remixed by Leæther Strip) will be new. The remaining ones are old legendary hits, which is in a way slightly disappointing: new tracks from these bands would definitely be a treat! However, if this compilation is meant to draw more attention to old school ebm and its newer still very underground bands, by using the popularity of Front 242 and DAF, it can be justified. If anything, this 17-track collection is the ultimate choice for a old school ebm drink-beer-Jäger-and-dance/stomp fest! Uh..!

Especially noteworthy and entirely new tracks are Jäger 90 "Wir Brauchen Kein Feuer (Flagge Zeigen)", which continues to show off their skill at creating their own sound and a great catchy track, although staying entirely minimal through the whole process. Pouppée Fabrikk "SYMPTOM (Hard Cut Mix)" is another one, which does justice to old tracks by this band, as well as Volt, CAP, Menticide, and so on. Probably, this is a taste of their new album that is going to be released sometime in the near future, in which case we are in for a hard-beating treat (100% guitar free too!). "Straight Jacket" from Container 90 is another great and fast electropunk track, and "Pumper (Leæther Strip Remix)" from Rummelsnuff is very bass-filled and hard beating track with distinctive clean vocals that we have come to expect from this muscular man.

The complete tracklist:
01. Front 242 “Operating Tracks”
02. Container 90 “Straight Jacket”
03. Rummelsnuff “Pumper (Leather Strip Remix)"
04. A Split Second “Mambo Witch (Single Cut)” 
05. Spetsnaz "Apathy“
06. DAF “Alle gegen Alle”
07. Dupont “Run For Protection”
08. Vomito Negro “Stay Alive V.2K9"
09. Leæther Strip “Japanese Bodies”
10. The Klinik “Quiet In The Room”
11. Cabaret Voltaire “I want you”
12. Jäger 90 "Wir brauchen Kein Feuer (Flaggge zeigen)“
13. Pankow “Me and my ding dong”
14. NordarR "Craving"
15. Pouppee Fabrikk “Symptom (Hard Cut Mix)”

16. Signal Aout 42 “My Dream”
17. Turnbull A.C's “We can drink without having fun”

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