Monday, 14 March 2011

Fist Fight Night in Stockholm with Pouppée Fabrikk and EkoBrottsMyndigheten

Announcing Fist Fight Night in Stockholm, on behalf of Fist Fight Records!

Do you like Fight Club? That is not what this is about. 26th March, in Stockholm, Fabriken, EkoBrottsMyndigheten and Pouppée Fabrikk bring down the fist of solid rock and steel, the boot of leather, with maximum stomp intention. View all the details such as the address, ticket cost, and information for visitors from abroad, at the official event page.

Pouppée Fabrikk resurrected last year, and with a new album coming up and fantastic performance at Body Fest last year, their fans will no doubt be treated well during this night. The band will play a few songs from their upcoming album as well. All you have to do is watch videos from Body Fest (powerful EBM link, another powerful EBM link) to see that Pouppée Fabrikk is one of the most powerful and energy filled old school EBM bands to ever exist!

EkoBrottsMyndigheten naturally will bring the party attitude. Their half a year old album Alla Tiders Bodykallas was a superb anhalt EBM release, filled with songs about Jäger and beer. Expect maximum alcohol-energy, buy Jäger shots, and do push-ups! (Jäger-filled EBM link)

As Fight Night Records say themselves, it is uncertain if the venue where this event is taking place, Fabriken, will stand after these two powerful EBM bands.

Additionally, take notice of another Scandinavian event, in Norway Trondheim 19th March: Sturm Café ist zurück in Norwegen!


Clint said...

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the hell out of this blog. I was an industrial/EBM DJ for about 10 years and fell out of the scene; lately I've been reincorporating myself. You make me want to line up shots of Jaeger, crank Bodystyler and rip down brick walls. This site is bookmarked.

Keep this up.


Fishermang said...

Haha thanks!!

Very glad to hear it!