Wednesday, 4 July 2012

UH! (Familientreffen 8)

It's time for the family meeting again. Have you done all the neccessary work-out for Pouppée Fabrikk moshpit? If so, remember to warm up. We suggest a healthy dose of beer and Jäger while doing push-ups.

For those who are taking the train to Sandersleben, here is an extra challenge. Only tools required for it is beer. Everytime the train passes an abandoned industrial building, you drink beer. You can consider it as a warm-up too. Apparently the weather is going to be very warm, and everybody knows it's important to drink liquids, so here you go.

Apparently that green stuff is pretty good. 

Enjoy the world's most awesome festival and see you there! Come back here for videos of hard beats, bad-ass moshpits, and fat bass-lines next week. SKÅL! (cheers!)

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