Monday 9 December 2013

Two new releases from Sham Recordings!

Sham Recordings go straight old school this time, and even more so than one would expect. First and foremost, the two releases are 7 inch LP only. Second, the music goes beyond what we are used in hearing when it comes to anhalt EBM. In what way, you ask? The OLD school way! Read on for details..

Swedish Old School EBM 7” ep features four previously unreleased tracks from Sturm Café, Turnbull A.C’s, Container 90, and The Pain Machinery. Sturm Café’s Koka Kola Freiheit is here mixed back to old school monotony and hardness. Turnbull A.C’s came as a big surprise with a track called Boy’s. It sounds like something taken from a later Nitzer Ebb album, but recorded with old school sound and energy, that Spetsnaz (and Turnbull A.C’s) are so good at. Previously Turnbull A.C’s sounded very close to Spetsnaz, but this track shows a direction that is fresher and different, and which I hope they will continue in!

Container 90 continue in their punk styled ebm fashion with a new track De-Evolution. It is not as fast as we got used to from their latest album, but the punk attitude is more present than ever, especially through the backing vocals. The Pain Machinery contribute with a more straight forward old school ebm track Surface.

Next up is Presto Fervant 7”, that returns after many years of silence. Did you know that this band existed late in 1980s, thus qualifying as one of the real veterans of old school EBM? This can also be confirmed by their two remastered tracks Banzai and Zymotic, which have never been released, but have existed for many years. The two tracks belong to a different time in history of EBM, but still emerge as a fresh breath of air, for those of us who keep looking for variety in the gerne. Musically Presto Fervant is closer to the 80s EBM in sound and composition, but as mentioned is is very refreshing to hear: both tracks have tons of energy and drive, and simply kick ass. Maybe this is a sign that Presto Fervant should do more digging in their archives and release more music for the old school thirsty?

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intrendent said...

Great releases !

Thanks also for "Der Containerklang"

intrendent said...

Great releases !

Thks also for "Der Container Klang"