Saturday, 13 July 2013

CD give away for Jäger 90 fans!

Do you want to dance? Slam dance? Stomp dance? Polka? Walz?

Jäger 90 wants, and they would like to ask you for a dance. Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten Zum Tanz is out, and Eine Tasse Jäger has received three additional copies from Mister Intrendent The Master Of Electro Arc. These 3 copies are for readers of Eine Tasse Jäger!

To not discriminate geographically, we decided to expand beyond this little town in Norway, where 1TJ has headquarters (a bunker deep inside the woods, with an entrance built entirely of cog wheels; and it only opens once you slam a big sledgehammer into a button made of pure steel, located on the side).

So, if you want Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten Zum Tanz CD for free, send an e-mail to Fishermang @ (include your address) until next Wednesday.

On Wednesday, 17th July, we will send a CD to three random readers!

Now dance! Drink Jäger! Do push ups! And dance some more!

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