Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Winners of Jäger 90 CD "Wir Bitten Zum Tanz"

Dance is finished. Let feet rest for a little while.

Today the Jäger 90 "Wir Bitten Zum Tanz" CD is sent to following winners of random draw: Christophe B., András D., and Eric A. S.

Cheers to everyone who sent an e-mail, and don't take of your boots yet. They are, afterall, made for stomping, and more CD give-aways will happen in the future!


András D. said...

disc received. Thanks.


ps.: nice tracks :)

intrendent said...

Gratulation ! Nice You like the ltd. EP Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten zum Tanz

Anonymous said...

CD reçu, Merci^^
Excellent mini LP :)
Jager Power! :D
Christophe B.