Sunday 5 October 2014

New music from NZ and NordarR

New EBM releases incoming from Records:

NZ - Aggressions: NZ came out with a debut release earlier this year, which sometimes sounded more Nitzer Ebb than Nitzer Ebb themselves. We can now see if this fresh project keeps it up. Once again it is an EP release with just 5 tracks. If it is anything like the previous release Raw and Pure, it will definetly be worth a listen. The CD can be bought directly from the label or digitally from bandcamp. Eine Tasse Jäger is waiting for the CD in mail at the moment before an eventual review can show up.

NordarR - Ein Mann Mehr: Another EP from NordarR as always sounds really bad ass, and with this release (as you can hear in the trailer) continues in the same fashion of old school EBM. NordarR is different from the majority of electronic body music by choosing different composions and rhythms. For that reason it can sometimes take a little bit longer time to get to know and like the music, but once you do, there is no way back. Ein Mann Mehr EP is out on 7th of November this year, and can be pre-ordered directly from the label. Will probably show up on bandcamp too.

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