Saturday 13 February 2016

New load with new and free hardcore electropunk & anhalt EBM

Since Eine Tasse Jäger hasn't been able to report or review anything recent because of reasons, here we give you a gift of some prime and fresh hardcore electropunk, otherwise known as anhalt EBM. Or actually we aren't giving gifts here, the bands are. We just a messenger. Behold new releases from Stechschritt, Werksfront, and Zweite Jugend. All of them EP's with new material, with free downloads.

Werksfront - The Max Stahl Chronicles.
A recently emerging project with a frisky mix of anhalt EBM, punk, and even some roots in rock and metal. Werksfront draws some influence from Container 90. This here is a free release, while we await the finalizing of their debut album (which should be very soon!). This free EP is hosted on zippyshare right here.

Zweite Jugend - Hoch Die Tassen!
Another recent project, on the more minimalist old school EBM side. With an insanly tasty cover art. This is a side project from Combat Company, and this time sounds quite much like Jäger 90's less heavy stuff. And since we aren't hearing anything new from the latter, Zweite Jugend do just fine for that catchy minimalist feel. Their EP "Hoch Die Tassen!" is freely downloadable from their official site here.

Stechschritt - Kulturgut Vol. 1
Last but not least, always very difficult to spell, Stechschritt releases a free EP called "Kulturgut Vol. 1". Does this mean that there will be Vol. 2? I hope so, because this is some prime stuff. All tracks are covers of various old german classics, remade with true Stechschritt spirit. They are not just covers, they are interpretations of old songs, the way mister Peter sees and hears them. As always, this is some harsh, raw, quality hardcore electropunk and anhalt EBM. Enjoy the free download of this EP on Bandcamp.

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