Thursday, 31 July 2008

A.D.A.C 8286

One of the many new bands from Germany!

A.D.A.C 8286 is extra old school ebm and electropunk, with their first album release 13th June 2008 (which also was the starting date for Familientreffen IV festival - entirely 100% old school and anhalt ebm festival in Sandersleben, Germany), where the band also played live.

A.D.A.C 8286 can sometimes seem more hardcore in sound, slightly more heavy and punk than a typical electronic body music band. A little bit more straight-forward and agressive. However it remains firmly within old school and anhalt emb style. The band, with two different vocals, makes music about life, girls, work, factory, muscle, cars, and so on. One thing is that I don't know what A.D.A.C 8286 means literarily, anyone who knows feel free to comment or e-mail.

"Move your arms like a generator!"

You can listen to A.D.A.C 8286 songs here:

All the photos in this blog also come from their myspace page.

Their first album "Straight On" can be purchased on Electric Tremor shop:

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