Monday, 21 July 2008


The first band to receive attention here shall be KROPP. Meaning "BODY" in Swedish, it is an entirely new band.

How many worship the old Nitzer Ebb? So Bright So Strong, or particularly That Total Age album ? After listening to it to death and more, one might want to hear something similar, but the truth is, nor the old nor the new ebm music inspired by the old ever managed to pull of an album filled with such energy.

KROPP sounds as a tribute to the old Nitzer Ebb, particularly in the vocals, even if it isn't equally energy-filled as That Total Age. There will be a link below to the band's Myspace page and you can hear for yourself. Many will recognize McCarthy's vocals in it. Otherwise KROPP presents proper old school ebm, which should appeal to everyone loving the old.

The band is on demo stage at this moment (summer, 2008). One demo release has been released last year, but it almost didn't have any vocals. The real thing with KROPP is the new unreleased tracks that you will find on Myspace. The bad thing is that not all songs are present there.. But they surely can be acquired in one way or another.

One special thing with KROPP is that it is entirely 100% Swedish, and the lyrics aren't about machines, factories, war and work.. In fact it often is the opposite - kissing, love, and who your heart beats for. But when that heart beat for that special someone is presented in raw old school sound, inspired by probably one of the strongest vocals of this planet (AUGH!!!!) and very hard beats..

Judge for yourself!

I will keep it up posted here in case any news or new tracks arrive.

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Anonymous said...

Kropp has got the strongest synthlines of the scene!
So damn strong !!!!