Sunday, 31 May 2009

A few more updates: The Blister Exists, Tech Nomader, Stockholm Wrecking Crew

The Blister Exists (previously known as Judge: Dred) have announced their first full length album "RAW". You can hear short demos of some of the new songs on their myspace. One of the tracks feature the vocals of Johan Damm (Dupont, Volt, newer Poupée Fabrikk, Menticide), which fit this type of music really well. From the sound of myspace The Blister Exists continue their unique style of raw, slow, crushing heavy old school EBM. The new album will be released on 22. June. Additionally, a new exclusive song from this band will appear on Old School Electrology later this summer.

Tech Nomader are also finally stepping up with their debute album "New Seed", which will be released on Electric Tremor on 12. June. Watch out for their Spanish bullfighting/bullstomping straight forward old school EBM!

And, make sure to check out the new swedish old school EBM band: Stockholm Wrecking Crew. They have a nice punkish approach, and a typical Swedish sound. Check their first three songs on Myspace, or download one of them (Revolverman): here which SWC were so kind to upload for free.


Anonymous said...

Bomb Likör was a nice recommendation, Fisher. This Thoralf's side project shows the awesome creativity of this guy. I really like the sound, specially on "Du bist anders", deep into the D.A.F. vein. Cheers, bro, take care.

Diode Fetish

Anonymous said...

they sure are amazing, go SWC!