Friday, 2 October 2009

Jäger 90 - Drischne Skasal: a review

Do you miss the really old school electronics and keep looking 30 or so years back in time for your musical pleasures, for Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft with its playful Neue Deutsche Welle influences and the originating sound of EBM, but feel that you have heard it too many times already? Look no further! The answer lies in the new release from Jäger 90 - Drischne Skasal. The sound, the lyrics, and the attitude of this album remind of DAF and everything that is oldschool electronic quality.

Drischne Skasal has 12 new songs, of which some feel like a natural continuing from their previous album "Muskeln und Küsse" (i.e. Richtung Westen and Dessau), while others are of a slightly different style which reminds a lot of DAF (such as Zu Jung or Unsere Jugend) through use of certain sounds and instruments, as well as tempo, vocals, and attitude. It must however be noted that Jäger 90 do not simply copy this style, but are rather strongly influenced by it. This album is less aggressive than their previous release, but it is energetic and catchy, with melodies that only Jäger 90 can create. Words will not make justice in describing, so listen to song snippets for yourself on their myspace page.

Jäger 90 have created a masterpiece that fights against the killing of oldschool EBM! Drischne Skasal will appeal to every fan of old school EBM, and certainly to everyone who misses the real good old Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft sound. Through this it really stands out as a unique release in the scene of modern EBM. If I had to rate this album it would get top score right away: 10+


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Dessau on youtube:

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