Friday, 19 February 2010

Body Slam and Familientreffen 6

Body Slam is a newly released EP consisting of three Swedish old school ebm bands, each of their own style: Batch ID - (mixing old school EBM, a touch of punk, and synthpop), Stockholm Wrecking Crew (pure energy of old school EBM and electropunk), and No Sleep By The Machine (old school EBM with a unique slightly grim energy). Each band presents two tracks for this EP, making a total of six - in case you are too drunk to count (drink more Jäger!). More information can be gathered here (on the left side of the page, below band info, in case you are still too drunk to find it), and in relation to this EP there will be an event on 10th of April in Göteborg, naturally featuring all three bands.

And, Familientreffen 6, the best festival around in July (1-4) for fans of oldschool and anhalt EBM, already has a handful of bands confirmed: AAAK, Armageddon Dildos, Astma, C.C.C.P., EkoBrottsMyndigheten, Groupe T, Hatbrott, Octoberland, Schwefelgelb, SPARK!, T.W.A.T., and Turnbull A.C.s. Electric Tremor will publish the remaining line-up sometime during this weekend, so keep an eye out on the festival page! Notice the nifty countdown clock! (and drink more Jäger!)

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Dr.Nein said...

It would be SO cool to be officially totally sponsored by Jägermeister :D i will e-mail them right now.