Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Old school and anhalt EBM on Spotify

Old school and anhalt EBM has made its entrance into Spotify, so it is naturally about time to sum it all up and present the links here. I will update this post as new albums appear there, and you can always access it on the list of "downloads" to the right. ---->

A little thanks to A.D.A.C. 8286 for the nice stomping logo!

For those who are not familiar with it, Spotify is a free and legal program that lets you listen to music, but has some harmless commercial breaks from time to time (that after a while make you want to bash your bottle into your monitor). It is unfortunately only available in some countries, so not everyone can use it yet. In case you don't have Spotify, search google for "spotify invites" and you should find it for free.

With a little help of Afront's old school EBM playlist, here are all the old school EBM and anhalt EBM albums in alphabetical order on Spotify (this link is a collective playlist of all oldschool and anhalt EBM by clonn):

New Oldschool EBM and Anhalt EBM:

Oldschool EBM:

In case I missed something, or something new came up, write a comment, and I will cheer and drink eine tasse jäger for your help! Stompify!


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I've been working on an old school EBM playlist for Spotify, I'll update it with your links. Check it out:


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