Monday 31 March 2014

Gabi Delgado - Eins review

..need some lipstick? Yeah? Come'n'git it.

Anyway, Gabi Delgado is an old EBM legend gone in a different electronic direction. As most into this kind of music know, Gabi Delgado was (and still is) a part of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), a band that has given us the roots of what we nowadays call EBM, but with a healthy punk attitude.

If you are looking for pure EBM or anhalt EBM, you won't get it from Gabi Delgado's new album "Eins". What you will get, however, is house music and techno. And yes, there is feeling of DAF there.

When listening to this ultra long album (20 tracks! and no, they are not fast quick tracks!), the first thing one notices is the especially good vocals by Gabi. The master of underground electro has a superb voice, deep and dark, yet melodic and clean. This is professional stuff. And this is what makes the album "Eins" good. Musically it ranges from heavy to light, always charming and sometimes pretty bad-ass. The tracks are filled with interesting rhythms and monotonic tempos, but the sounds chosen by Gabi are unique and sometimes weird, making this alternative and special electronic music.

So back to the lipstick. Lippenstift is one of the heaviest songs on this album, and also includes an even more bouncy and heavy bass-filled remix by Eisbrecher. This one is without a doubt a dance floor hit, and closest to straigth forward heavy EBM. Similarly heavier tracks are Laut and Langweilig.

A special notice goes to Sciene Fiction Liebe, which uses strange weird sounds that one wouldn't expect in either techno, house, or EBM, but rather atmospheric material(maybe dark ambient or witch house styles?). These blend in with the beats and add a personal unexpected touch, and this can also be heard in several other tracks on the album.

It is a very strong album, especially if you are into these styles of music, but generally should be appreciated by anyone into electronic (dance) music and EBM, mainly for what it is: unique, personal and simply quality filled ultra long album release.

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