Friday, 14 November 2008

Kommando XY: new album!

Kommando XY are coming from the North (Sweden that is) to hunt you down, the way they hunt down moose in their own cold Swedish woods. The release date of the new album is set to 1. December, it's title will to be "Welcome to Gestrikland".

In case you are wondering what moose has to do with any of this, I urge you to go and read the interview by Electric Tremor, regarding the new release.

For the unknowing, Kommando XY is Swedish old school EBM, with a good amount of humour and a greater amount of RAW sound and vocals. Coming from Gustav, who also is a member of Sturm Café, you can recognize some similarities with the latter. They have a few releases behind them already, and you can hear a collection of their older material and stuff from the upcoming album on their Myspace. This band should appeal to any old school and anhalt ebm fan, some may experience it as a more raw version of Sturm Café (which again in turn should appeal to fans of old school Nitzer Ebb and DAF).

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