Monday, 24 November 2008

Two upcoming old school and anhalt ebm events in Germany

December 5th and December 6th!

Those two events deserve a special notice as they actually reach a festival standard, especially if you are willing to travel between Berlin and Leipzig. That, and the fantastic line-up!

December 5th in Berlin: Headlined by the old timers Yelworc from many years ago, with their old school dark ebm. This is their first live concert after 15 years, so special it is. The other bands are newer, but still very old school: Blue Eyed Christ, Ad:KeY, Kommando XY, and Franz Riss.

December 6th in Leipzig: Headlined by Sturm Café and Blue Eyed Christ, and supported by Ad:KeY, Kommando XY, Franz Riss, and A.D.A.C. 8286. The event is fittingly entitled "These Boots Are Made For Stomping". Expect a dancable experience then!

If you aren't familiar with those bands, scroll below to find descriptions of some of them or follow the Myspace links. In any case, both concerts should appeal to all old school EBM fans. For those who are familiar with these acts, you know that you want to go! Kommando XY will by this time
have released their new album, so expect new material live! For those wondering about Franz Riss, the myspace page only presents ambient tracks. For a more fitting demonstration scroll below and follow the link to Stakkato.

There is only one negative side about this, that Eine Tasse Jäger blog won't be attending any of these two, due to economical reasons. It takes money to travel from Norway to Germany!

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