Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Updates on Jäger 90, KROPP, and SPARK!

Jäger 90 have recently released their third album "Muskeln & Küsse" on Electric Tremor, although it has existed as a CDR release for quite some time. The band has been silent otherwise, except for occasional live shows and side projects such as Franz Riss and Stakkato. It is thus good to see that Jäger 90 are still releasing new stuff: a new track from them will be appearing on Advanced Electronics 7, along with material from other various ebm and electro bands. The song is called Meine Angst, and the compilation should be released on 28th November, which is not far away from here. Needless to say, this blog is hugely and "fanboy-ishly" favouriting Jäger 90, claiming that it is the best thing that has happened to EBM in last 10 years. Carying the old school german originality and vision of DAF farther, Jäger 90 have released three albums, the last one (Muskeln und Küsse) being quite original and different, this band is strongly suggested to every EBM fan, not only the old school. Look at their homepage, although it hasn't been updated for a while. Or head over to myspace for song demos.

Other recent updates regard KROPP: you can now see it live in Sweden, in Klubb Kalabalik in a town called Växjö. This will be happening on 28th November (eek). Bring knife, wine, or red lips (kniv, vin, röda läppar). For info on the location and similar, go here. Or else, you can hear a newer version of an older song Aldrig Utan Dig on KROPP Myspace.

And a quick reference to SPARK! again! Kick me! They have two new very nice songs put up on their myspace: Ett Lejon I Dig (a lion in you) and Glassbilen (ice-cream truck), both being quite fresh and nice takes on old school ebm.

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