Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New album from Jäger 90

Carying the vision of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and early Nitzer Ebb farther, one of the most important and skilled bands in recent ten years of old school ebm, Jäger 90 announce that they are working with their fourth album.

The announcement only says the band is working with composing new tracks, and any potential recording and release date is impossible to define yet. However, the title for the new album is decided upon, and will be "Drischne Skasal".

Jäger 90 are otherwise lined up for several concerts this spring, so let's hope the album comes before then, although that doesn't seem likely. They will appear live in Sweden: Klubb Kalabalik in Växjo on 1. May, and on Bodytåget Club on 2. May. Farther, you can also see them in Germany during summer - 18. July on Amphi-Festival, 24. July on Familientreffen 5, and 4. September on Nocturnal Culture Night.


Anonymous said...

fucking yes
EBM heroes

Anonymous said...

Only wish they would hurry! More Jäger 90!!!