Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Another good old school ebm compilation is coming: Electro Bosom.Buddies Music

Electro Arc and the "independent music maniac" Intrendent is releasing another old school ebm compilation this March 20th: Electro Bosom.Buddies Music.

Featuring mostly newer anhalt ebm and new old school ebm bands, this 1 CD compilation is a great introduction to this genre of music for those who aren't familiar with it. It holds a great variety of bands, so it should appeal to ebm veterans as well, making sure everyone is updated about the newest acts in this scene. In addition, some of the tracks appear to be exclusive.

The list:

AD:KeY - Agro's Baby
Guerrilla - What Are You
Darkmen - Accept The Pain(Cachin mix)
Dupont - Run For Protection(E-Arc edit)
Severe Illusion - Lost (Electro Arx mix)
A.D.A.C. 8286 - Sport Frei (Gymnastic Version)
Kraft - Stampfe
Ionic Vision - She Is (Masturbation Mix)
ELITE! - Mein Maedchen
Hagen's Brut - Angst
SPARK! - Boots
Body Pleasure - Dictatorship
Equitant - Koerperwaerme
UGH...! - Hauptsache Laut
Digital Factor - Dopamin
Struck 9 - Gunmaster
Judge: Dred - Wrong Respect(Slow Mix)
Standgericht - Totalitaer
Frontal - Aus Und Vorbei

The title Electro Bosom.Buddies Music certainly won't make EBM seem less gay, but it's all in the good fun. This compilation is a nice "warm-up" to the 4 CD Old School Electrology that will be released this June.


Anonymous said...

hehe, our (intren)dent is a genius :)

Anonymous said...

Is a great compilation!
Intrendent for the win